So, you’re about to finish high school and you’re wondering what you should do next to start off your journey into adulthood. You look around at your peers and they’re all preparing to head off to colleges and universities for higher education. Maybe you’ve already been prompted to apply for post-secondary education as it seems like the most logical next step towards securing your future.

But wait, unless you know what you’re doing and making all the right decisions (highly unlikely considering you’re still a teenager), you might be setting yourself up for a trap. What seemed like a good idea at the time can end up wasting your valuable years of youth and get you stuck in a pile of debt. Just look around you to see all the hapless young adults without proper jobs and still living with their parents after they’ve been handed their useless degrees. The student loan in the US alone is over $1.4 TRILLION. Do you want to be part of that number?

And let’s not forget that college campuses today are hotbed of social justice degeneracy where you won’t even be allowed to have your own opinion. These are institutions where you pay money to be indoctrinated with leftist thoughts, where you’ll be on the hook with a false rape accusation if you’re unlucky enough to cross paths with some mentally ill woman like it happened in UVA.

So, before you decide to take the plunge with the biggest money grubbing scam in history (really, it’s criminal what these “schools” get away with), here are some alternatives to consider.

1. Take a year off

The number one regret. Note how number two is also directly related to number one.

If anything, take a year off after your graduation so that you have time to make the right choice. A single year is not going to set you behind too far in any meaningful way. It’s far better than making an impulsive decision which you’ll likely regret in the years to come. I’ve met far more people who either dropped out of school, switched majors, or ended up nowhere than anyone who actually gone through with their plans and made it to a career in the end.

With your free time, you can save money or try any of the below to see if further education is actually necessary or not.

2. Learn on your own

I’ve actually met people who said they were going to university not for future careers, but just for the experience of learning. When I heard that, I was completely dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say.

If what you want is knowledge and wisdom, you can learn much more effectively at your own pace, and without all the indoctrination, through self-study. There is the public library, online courses, and so much more that you can use—and all for free or at a reasonable price than what you’ll ever be expected to pay in institutions.

I could probably learn everything I remember from my five years in university within one year for free just by using the library and the internet.

3. Volunteer

Some of you may cringe by the idea of doing labor for free, but you can learn valuable skills and gain important experience that you’ll never have by sitting through overpriced lectures—lectures starring professors who do it because they have to (I’ve had professors who were practically reading summaries of the textbook for two hours straight).

Just make sure you choose a volunteer work that will actually develop you and can later be translated into a job.

4. Go into trades


Everyone thinks they’re too smart and precious to be working with their hands until they end up back with their parents or working in Starbucks. Do yourself a favor and get into trades.

5. Go into sales


Apparently there aren’t enough people in sales because the youth today don’t like to face rejections. Sales not only have high potential reward, but it will also teach you valuable interpersonal skills.

6. Join the army


I don’t like the idea of risking my life for some globalist wars or be pawn to some feminist country like Canada, but I wish I had gone to join the military when I was younger just for the experience. It certainly would have been hell of a lot more rewarding than some soul-sucking school.

7. Start making money now


Why go through years of school only to get a minimum wage job? Just work now and save cash and think of ways to make money on your own. Go straight for success without taking a detour.

8. Explore the world

You already wasted years of your golden youth trapped inside classrooms. Get out and explore the world to gain a new perspective in life. Even if you insist on going for the higher education, it can definitely wait a year.

9. Teach English

Demand for English is growing around the world, especially in China where it is bound to become a huge market. You’re practically traveling the world and making decent cash at the same time. Most of the time you won’t even need a university degree to teach English, just a TEFL, TESL, TESOL, or CELTA. If you’re lucky, you won’t even need those either.

10. Go to the country

You obviously don’t want to romanticize the country life too much, but I think living outside of city is something all men should experience at least once in their lifetime. And depending on where you are now, your countryside can be a wasteland or a vast stretch of corporate factory farms. But if you can find a place to live and work, it would be a nice welcome away from the urban insanity.

11. Join a monastery

Another option to escape from today’s degeneracy is to join a monastery. You’re not going to find austerity and spirituality in college campuses.

12. Stay home with your parents

Just make sure you’re keeping yourself busy.

Screw it, it’s not your fault that the economy is a mess. You don’t have to prove anything by leaving home. Just stay and keep yourself busy by learning and figuring out ways to be financially independent. It’s better than returning home in shame after you’ve graduated from college.

13. Try living without money

Mark Boyle, the moneyless man.

You’d be surprised by how many people are living (and traveling) entirely moneyless life. I obviously don’t think it’s something you should do permanently, but it’s another idea if you’re looking for something extreme. I know I’d rather live moneyless for a year than have more than $300,000 in student debt—and without a real job—like someone I know.

Bonus: Go to prison

Unlike college safe spaces, it’s not going to turn you into a pussy. That’s for sure.

I’m obviously half kidding here (maybe not), I know prison is a hell that no one wants to end up in—not to mention the criminal record you’ll carry for life. But considering just how awful my five years in university was, I sometimes wonder if I would have ended up a better man had I spent my time in prison instead and gotten toughened up. Hypothetically speaking (and assuming I don’t get raped or killed), had I spent five years in prison working out and reading books, I would have undoubtedly be in a better position than when I graduated from university as a weak and clueless man not knowing what to do in this world.

I did meet one man who was few years older than I who ran away from home and went to prison twice for selling drugs. After he got out, he went to get a job in sales. And by the time I met him, he reached a high position in the company making a six-figure income. Not bad for someone who never spent a day in higher education (not surprisingly, he was also the most red pill man I’ve met before I even knew what red pill was). In fact, he actually made fun of all the bumbling guys with university degrees who would line up at his door for an interview—they have a formal education and a paper to prove for it, but nothing else; no leadership skills, no people skills, and no confidence.


I’m not the one to dwell in regrets, but I know for a fact that my life would be much better now had I taken any of the above paths instead of pissing my life away in a horrible university. I’m just glad that I at least worked diligently and lived frugally to pay off all my student loan.

Now, I’m not saying you should completely reject formal education, but that there are other options out there that you may not have considered. You’re still young and we live in a volatile world, so be wary of your choices.

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