ROK has always carried a good number of articles on game, but I think the problem facing men today is not getting a woman, but being able to find one that is worth the bother. One of the biggest contributors to this phenomenon is the fact that modern women act like little children. Here are four things they display which prove that.

1. Attention whoring

Little kids want attention. My son can’t wait for me to get home from work so that he can tell me about his day and so that we can spend time playing together. As we get older, we come to recognize that we are not the center of the universe so we don’t mind if we are not the sole focus.

Well, at least some of us grow up. Lots of modern women never mature emotionally. They remain stuck in the phase where they are constantly struggling for attention. Women seek attention everywhere but it is most evident on social media. This takes many forms. It could be inappropriate photos, trying to puff up their lifestyle, or preaching on the latest leftwing (always leftwing) issue of the day.

In children, attention seeking can be endearing at times, but it is generally annoying. In grown women, it is always obnoxious.

2. Having your cake and eating it too


Svelte Lena Dunham eating ice cream.

Children need to be taught that sometimes they can’t have it all. If I go to buy my three-year-old a toy car, he understands that he can only select one of them. It seems that young women were never taught this basic truth. The body positivity movement is one example. Everyone should know that if you overeat and avoid exercise, you will become an unattractive, unhealthy hambeast. Yet the body positive movement tells women that they are just as beautiful and healthy as fit women. And women believe it!

It’s the same with “having it all” when it comes to work and life. Modern women have been indoctrinated to believe that they can work 10-hour days while climbing the corporate ladder while still having strong marriages and healthy children. The hard truth is that the first five years of a child’s development are crucial and that expensive daycare institution that calls itself a school can’t take the place of a dedicated mother.

3. Feeling like they are missing out


Free rides on the carousel

If you watch a bunch of toddlers playing, one kid will stop doing what he is doing because he sees another kid doing something else. He wants to do the same thing because he feels like that other activity might be more fun.


A few of the people I follow on Twitter were having a conversation about their ex-wives. One guy said that his mistake was marrying a slut. My colleague Donovan Sharpe has written about this mistake of trying to turn a ho into housewife. Another guy said his mistake was marrying a pre-party slut. A pre-party slut is a girl who might have a semblance of virtue when you marry her, but it is only by circumstance. Maybe her parents were strict or she otherwise didn’t have the opportunity. In reality, she may feel that she is missing out by not riding the cock carousel.

A fellow co-worker of mine went through this type of harrowing scenario. While he was in his mid-twenties, he met a girl who had just graduated high school. She came from a devout Christian family so on the surface she had good values. But after a couple of years of marriage she started cheating on him with not just one, but several random men.

I’ve also seen this “missing out” effect play out in the life of one my wife’s friends. As I wrote in an earlier article, this woman started to look outside her marriage for male affection, and is now in the process of transforming herself. She has become an attention whore on social media where she posts selfies of herself at the pool and advertises that she goes to concerts and bars without her husband. She dresses inappropriately for her age and body composition and she seems to be trying to erase all association with her husband and children.

This is all done to recapture the fun that she thinks she is missing out on. Modern women feel this way because they’ve been indoctrinated into believing that promiscuity is empowering. This flows from egalitarian doctrine: if some men sleep around, women too must be able to sleep around to be equal. Of course the feminist purveyors of this false doctrine don’t care if their false narrative makes it impossible for these women to ever become fit wives and mothers. That is what the feminists intended all along—to destroy marriage by making women incapable of staying married.

4. Having no skills


Source: Alpha Reboot

Small children have no skills. Even when they want to help, they don’t have the muscular coordination to do anything except the simplest of tasks. Like small children, most modern women have no skills.

Back while I was in the dating market, I noticed that most girls were useless. Men should not expect women to have the same marketable skills that men have. Women are supposed to be complementary. In the past, this meant that girls would have the skills necessary to be homemakers. But most modern women are not able to boil water, much less cook a meal. They are often slobs. They often do not want children and those who do want children think motherhood consists of laying by the pool while sipping Kahlua mudslides.

Most modern women don’t have the skills that would allow them to earn a lot of money. They might have a degree, but it is in something useless like avant-garde poetry, or gender studies. On the other hand, the few women who do have marketable skills have jettisoned anything that made them feminine: charm, the capacity to nurture, and the ability to be receptive. In other words, most modern women, like very small children, have no skills. The only thing they bring to a relationship is their vagina. Unlike children though, they have no excuse.

Conclusion – What can be done?

There is not much that we can do to remedy the situation for the present generation of young men. Some of the childishness of modern women can be fixed by a strong husband. For example, a girl can learn to cook and clean house if she loves her husband. And while lots of women have bought into the whole “lardass is beautiful” messaging, there are still a large number of thin, attractive girls working in the city.

Even attention whoring can be fixed if you call your girl out on it. It has become so common that she may not even be aware that she is doing it. But if she has pictures of her cleavage or ass on Facebook, it may be time to move on.

Unfortunately, some things are not fixable. Marrying a seasoned carousel rider is never a good option. And the only way to remove the modern woman’s feeling of “missing out” is constantly keep your game extremely high—even then, some women are so emotionally immature they will cheat on an alpha. The childish attitude of modern woman is one of the biggest factors in why it is so difficult to find and keep a woman these days.

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