In 2016, it’s normal for a father to be in the delivery room when his child is born. It’s now become so commonplace that a man who refuses entry will be perceived as a failing father.

However, if we do a quick review of the topic, an opposite view becomes apparent. For most of Western history, as well as Eastern, it was unheard of for expectant fathers to enter a delivery room. The birth of a child was overseen by doctors and midwives. And a man’s presence in the middle of this moment was seen as a dangerous intrusion.

This all changed in America in the 1970’s during the feminist movement. In the name of naivete equality, women began insisting that their husbands enter the delivery room. The trend gained so much momentum that it is now practiced in many countries. The fact that this trend began with feminism should be enough to raise a red flag. But, for the benefit of the doubt, I did an objective analysis of the topic. I found that there is a growing body of opinion–from both liberal and conservative voices–that men do not belong in the delivery room.[1] [2] [3]

1. It makes the delivery more difficult


This is taking a long time and it hurts like hell…but at least we’re adhering to the feminist narrative!

Michael Odent was a British obstetrician. He delivered children for over 50 years, and performed close to 15,000 births. In a 2008 article he wrote for The Daily Mail, Dr. Odent argued vehemently against the presence of expectant fathers in a delivery room. He points out the ways in which it can complicate a delivery:

First, a laboring woman needs to be protected against any stimulation of the thinking part of her brain–the neocortex–for labour to proceed with any degree of ease…motivated by a desire to ‘share the experience’, the man asks questions and offers words of reassurance and advice. In doing so, he denies his partner the quiet mind that she needs.

Odent goes on to say the following:

The second reason is that the father’s release of the stress hormone adrenaline as he watches his partner labour causes her anxiety, and prevents her from relaxing.

And a third reason to boot.

Their interference at this key moment is more often than not the main cause for a difficult delivery of the placenta, too.

Summary: Women need to relax during a delivery, and the doctor needs to concentrate; subsequently, having a father present will complicate the process.

Unfortunately, Odent insinuates that men are the ones to blame for the problem. His word choice is telling and it reeks of political correctness—the husband “denies his partner her quiet mind,” “prevents her from relaxing,” and he commits “interference” at a key moment. Apparently, Dr. Odent can write a pussy pass just as well as he can a prescription. Newsflash, good sir: it was the feminist badgering of soon-to-be fathers that led to the change—not vice versa.

His bias aside, the point still stands. A man’s presence in the delivery room can prevent the woman from relaxing—thus making the delivery more difficult.

2. It Can Lead To Depression In Men


God, there he goes with his “feelings” again…Loser!!!

This one is ironic, because we so frequently hear of postpartum depression in women. The United States is filled with postpartum centers, meant to assuage female grief. But we never hear that men can—and do—suffer a postpartum depression.

Dr. Odent points out that it’s quite common:

I have seen something akin to post-natal depression in many men who have been present at the birth…men often take to their bed in the week following the birth, complaining of everything from a stomach ache or migraine to a 24-hour bug.


If women are reading this article, I expect an avalanche of empathy regarding male postpartum depression. I expect a wave of hashtags, flooding the social media landscape. I expect hospitals, in the name of equality, to start opening male postpartum depression facilities in hospitals throughout the country. Most modern women are obsessed with equality, so they will be vocal in this fight for social change!

Wait…who am I kidding? The average woman is indifferent to male suffering. Notice how silent she is regarding the high rate of male suicides, incarceration, or prostate cancer. Remember that most women do not fight for male causes—they couldn’t care less.

3. It Harms The Sexual Intimacy Of The Couple


The solution to seeing her vagina part like the Red Sea.

I should have put this number one. This is age-old wisdom, passed down from our grandparents and their grandparents: When a man sees his wife giving birth, he could lose sexual interest in her.

Odent again confirms his firsthand experience with this phenomenon:

When men first started standing at their partner’s side during labour, I remember my mother’s generation saying, very matter of factly, that the couple’s intimate life would be ruined as a result… And, given that the key to eroticism is a degree of mystery, I am left believing they had a point.

*Manosphere Bonus: She is Preparing you for Twenty Years in Baby Jail

Let me add something that medical professionals have not mentioned. There are two reasons that a woman would urge a man into the delivery room.

  • She is following the social trends of the day, unaware of its origin or potential harm.
  • She is quite aware of the potential sexual damage that her actions will entail; but her ultimate goal is to destroy the relationship, so that she can pursue a partner with a higher SMV.

We no longer live in the 17th century, where a woman’s moral character was monitored by the whole village. We live in feminist Bablylon, where females who divorce their husbands are celebrated. They receive book deals, public support, and have “divorce parties” thrown for them.

Once you realize this, you will understand why so many women want their beta-provider husbands in the delivery room. They are trying to destroy the intimacy of the marriage. What better way to do this than to have her beta provider (a man she has no passion for anyway) watch her vagina open bigger than the Holland Tunnel?

Remember, she never wanted to marry the beta provider in the first place. She was 38 and having baby rabies, so she grabbed the nearest shlub she could find. Deep down inside, these women know the marriage will not last. Their eventual plan is to cheat on him with alpha cock (perhaps Raoul, the personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness). Then, they will hook him for eighteen years of child support and lifetime alimony if she is lucky.

She is betting that beta husband becomes repulsed in the delivery room, losing his sexual interest in her. That way, five years later, she can blame him for the demise of the marriage. She can say, “you lost interest in me” and that’s why the marriage is over. Really, she planned the divorce all along, planting the seeds of destruction by insisting he enter the delivery room in the first place.

Let me repeat what I just said: inviting a man into the delivery room is a passive aggressive way to destroy a marriage.


For the few of you who have found a decent gal, let reiterate my advice. The wisdom of ages arrived at a universal conclusion—men do not belong in the delivery room. Only until the 1970s, and the feminist revolution, did this thousand-year old practice change.

It’s time to turn back the hand of time. If you plan to have a child, educate your wife. Do not let yourself be trolled by second-wave feminism.

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