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Left, Right, And Zionism


We are at an important transition point where the political spectrum of left and right is being reshaped and redefined. Along with populism, globalism, nationalism, and anti-establishment trends, Zionism is also changing and adapting. And I believe that the general movement of Zionism today is the shift from the left to the right.

Zionism And The Left

To understand Zionism’s move to the right, we need a brief historical context.

In much of the 19th and 20th centuries, the left served as a useful vehicle for the Zionists to defy the white, Christian societies of the West that was often hostile to the Jews. The leftist ideas of progressivism, tolerance, and social equality was beneficial to the Jews who lived in Europe as aliens. In Russia, the Bolshevik revolution was led mainly by Jews (as mentioned in Part I) to overthrow the repressive Tsarist rule. (Again, I’m generalizing a trend. There were, of course, Conservative Jews in Europe like the British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli).

In the United States, Jews became especially prominent after many fled Europe with the rise of Nazism. Stalin’s rise to power and Trotsky’s downfall also meant that the Soviet Union was no longer a haven for Jews that it used to be. America was the future for the Jews to thrive. After WWII, for the rest of the century, Jews continued to play a prominent role in the leftist movement of America including the civil rights movement, feminism, multiculturalism, etc. And at an official level, the Zionists influenced both parties of the US, but generally leaned more towards the Democrats.

But then, around the turn of the century, something happened.

The Left’s Betrayal And The Zionist Move To The Right


Even though they were the ones that helped foment the modern leftist movement, a new generation of young liberals emerged that sympathized with the Palestinian cause against Israel. The leftist monster turned against its creator once again (the first being the Soviet Union). This also coincided with the rise of the Bush administration and Neo-cons who proved to be more than faithful to the Zionist interests. This was the first turning point.

I should note here that there are still many leftist Jews in America. But they are mostly remnants of the old left and are more of leftist Americans who happen to be Jews than Zionist Jews—a distinction many anti-Zionists fail to make. I highly doubt that some no-name liberal journalist with a Jewish background is actively collaborating with globalist Zionists even if their views overlap in certain areas. As prominent examples, Noam Chomsky and Glenn Greenwald are both leftist Jews who, to their credit, have been openly critical of both Israel and the globalist elites. And it is with this generalization and counter-reaction that is making the leftist Jews and anti-Semites feed each others’ stereotypes.

More recently, Obama’s administration hasn’t exactly been too supportive of Israel (making him a level 1 anti-Semite) and caused great offense by signing a deal with Iran instead of destroying them like Netanyahu wanted (he of course wants the US to do all the dirty jobs for Israel). In Europe, the growing number of Muslims in the West, who have no love for the Jews—along with their leftist sympathizers—are also seen as a grave threat to the Zionists. These recent trends is what I believe is causing the Zionists to shift to the right.

Zionism And The Right

The Zionists are currently capitalizing on the right’s hatred of Islam to re-establish themselves in their base—they can’t afford to alienate both left and the right. They need to convince the dumb and naive among the conservatives that Israel is the greatest ally for the West in their fight against radical Islam (I’m not saying that anti-Islam sentiments are right or wrong, just that it is being exploited). And considering the number of “conservatives” who can’t shut up about their undying love for Israel, I’d say the Zionists have been quite successful in their efforts.

But to say that having Israel as an ally is great for the West is a complete joke because:

(1) Zionists couldn’t care less about what happens to the West as long as they get their financial and diplomatic support from the US. They want us to keep a straight face and nod when the same individuals are promoting strong ethnic identity for Israel while attacking Europeans who do the same. Even if Europe bans all Muslims from entering the continent, it will still be flooded with other non-Muslim migrants. The multiculturalism experiment (along with feminism and progressivism) will continue and Israel will not bat an eye as Europe’s identity becomes erased.

(2) Israel has a history of telling the US to knock out secular Arab regimes that keep Islamists at bay. Knocking out Saddam and Ghaddafi while trying to destabilize Syria has led to massive number of migrants to flood Europe while giving rise to various Islamic terrorist groups. Do you think Israel and the Zionists really care if another terror attack happens in Europe? No, they’ll see it as another opportunity for exploitation—they won’t even wait until the blood is dry to tell you that Israel is also a victim of terror attacks that requires sympathy and support of the West. Their national interests always comes first before that of Europe or the US. Really, what has Israel ever done to be considered an ally?


(3) Even as the US government gives them billions of dollars in aid every single year and go to war with countries that Israel tells them to, Israel won’t stop spying on the US and has already been caught few times stealing military secrets. Yes, they’re the greatest ally the shills can’t seem to stop praising. The entire relationship between the two nations have been extremely one-sided ever since modern Israel came into existence.

(4) Given their history, Zionists will most likely shift back to the left if white nationalism ever becomes prominent in the West. This will especially be true if the globalist Hillary Clinton becomes president after she practically gave the AIPAC a blowjob. A performance that was criticized even by her own supporters. The fact is this: the Zionists have no loyalty except towards themselves. Heck, they’ll even help out Islamic militants if it means taking down a stable and secular Arab country. No one should be surprised if they suddenly decide to ally with Islam to defeat rising European nationalism. Divide and conquer is their favorite strategy that they’ve used effectively thus far.

The Pro-Israel Cucks

Pro-Israel “conservatives”: They’re all about freedom of speech until it’s their Zionist overlords who are doing the censoring, then you won’t hear a peep from them. Let’s face it, these lapdogs will sell out their own country at a blink of an eye if it means pleasing their masters—and they do.

While I accept that Zionists are simply doing what is in the best interest of their group, I can’t comprehend the listless pro-Israel “conservatives” who don’t even realize they’re being toyed as the useful idiots (and these are not just the Christians who listen to Pat Robertson religiously). These naive and petulant individuals are probably just going along with the enemy of my enemy (Muslims) is my friend logic after gobbling up some Zionist propaganda.

You can easily recognize these shills by the way they try to manipulate you into brown nosing Israel as much as they do—they essentially use the tactics their Zionist masters taught them. For example, if they sense that you’re a Christian, they’ll tell you that Israel is such a great country for Christians. If they sense that you have a thing against leftists and Muslims, they’ll tell you to support Israel because Israel is such a sorry victim of anti-Semetic Leftists and Islamofascists. And we all know that Zionists and Jews in general would never do the same to defend these pawns who pedestalize Israel.

The degree to which these shills white-knight for Israel is actually downright pathetic. They’ll jump on you on topics that barely have anything to do with Israel and accuse you of being “Stormfront” or white supremacist just for mentioning Zionist influence on US foreign policy. They will not stop in their efforts to appeal to your emotions by telling you what a victim the poor Israelis are.

At a fundamental level, the pro-Israel lackeys are no different from white people who support Black Lives Matter or the self-hating male feminist patsies in spreading victim narrative on behalf of another group. They openly mock liberals for screaming “racist!” and “Islamophobe!” but they don’t seem to realize that they do the exact same thing to anyone who dares question the glory of Israel by crying “Nazi!” and “anti-Semite!”

These cucks for Israel are so brainwashed and out of touch with reality that you can show them proof of Israel supporting radical Islamists destroying secular Syria (which protects Christians and has Christian soldiers fighting for it) and they’ll still parrot the same propaganda about how Israel is the greatest protector of Christians in the Middle East. And if you tell them that Israel is allying with Saudi Arabia, a brutal and corrupt theocratic state that spreads its radical Salafist ideology around the world, they’ll come up with dozen excuses on behalf of Israel to justify its alliance with the “Islamofascists.” Actually, the cowards probably wouldn’t even acknowledge it. Just note how empty the Breitbart article’s comment section is as these “conservatives” can’t face the fact that their dear Israel would ally with the evil Muslims.

The pro-Israel shills must be called out and shut down like the lunatic social justice mob. In fact, both groups are equally rabid and damaging to Western societies as a whole: both are enemies of free speech, both support an outside group above their own, and both resort to defamation and hysteria to control other people’s views. If the SJW’s are puppets for the globalists bringing about disastrous cultural consequences, the pro-Israel zealots are puppets for the Zionists bringing about disastrous social and political consequences for the world.

The Future of the Right and the West

Along with the “Cuckservative”-“Paleoconservative” divide, I foresee a pro-Zionist and anti-Zionist conflict to soon arise within the right. The two are simply not compatible and there is not enough room in the right for both to co-exist. Whatever the outcome, the synthesis of that conflict will be crucial for the future development of the right-wing ideology. In fact, that conflict may have already begun.

I’m not really sure about Trump’s stance on Israel, but I don’t have any great reason to believe that he will be different from the previous presidents (assuming he even gets elected). America just can’t seem to get loose from the Zionist grip. But if the people of the West want sovereignty and place their own national interests above that of Israel and globalism, they need to have an honest and open discussion about Zionism and decide whether its influence is positive or not—a discussion that is currently forbidden.

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