One benefit of certain strategies of “game” is that men are allowed easy access to an endless supply of promiscuous women who can be rather easily bedded with an easily patterned set of vocal and behavioral cues that men can learn.  And yes, if one intends to merely “enjoy the decline” there can be large amounts of hedonism and physical enjoyment to be had.  But civilization, if anything, is looking at more than mere reaction to physical stimuli and western civilization developed the philosophies, art, architecture, science, religion, and culture that it did precisely by limiting and controlling primal urges and desires, and channeling them to proper areas.

What we have witnessed over the past 50 years is a rapid unwinding of centuries worth of civilization.  Easy access to promiscuous women can be fun on an individual scale, but it is certain suicide for an entire culture or society.  Indeed, much of the current decline can be attributed to our lack of social unity.  As religions, families, men’s clubs, and social organizations have been destroyed, men in the west have become atomized, looking out for their own interests with no sense of group unity.  ROK is one step in uniting men together for goodness and progress.


Control of Basic Desires is what separates man from animal

The internet age has provided new tools for women to act on their hypergamous sexual desires and to experiment with multiple men with relative privacy.  As recently as the 1970s, there were strict social rules for relations between the sexes.  At many universities in the U.S., dorms were strictly segregated, and indeed many entire schools were segregated by sex.  When potential suitors visited, they were required to sign in, where they could then meet in a semi-public dating parlour to converse with their dates.


1970s Dating Parlor

Women interested in more racy activities would need to travel off campus (in a time where a woman traveling alone would have been questionable at the least, and most did not own their own automobile), and would need to invest time and effort into seeking out a discreet encounter.  Often, the woman would need to obtain clothing that visually identified her as a person of loose morals, and travel to certain areas or establishments that catered to a certain clientele.  Hotel rooms would need to be rented, and considerable time and effort was required by both parties.


Today, a woman can sit in the comfort of her dormitory or apartment, paid for by daddy or daddy government, and, using the recent advances made possible by the internet and smartphones, sort through hundreds of men in mere minutes by sliding her finger across a touch sensitive screen full of possible suitors.  She need not dress up in any certain way– sweatpants and a dirty t shirt taken at a proper angle to minimize the appearance of her excess poundage (both literal and figurative) will easily attract one hundred thirsty men over a 24-hour period, who will inflate her ego and shower her with affections, gifts, and money in exchange for attention, and the possibility of sexual congress.


She has similar products to distort her mind and body

Beauty products, mood altering psychotropic drugs, contraception medication, and makeup, along with plausible deniability of a discreet encounter that was easily arranged with a few movements of her index finger, all conspire to hide the long list of dirty encounters she has in her past.  Indeed, many men would be too disgusted to accept her offer of free sex if they truly knew her past.


Not an ad for prostitution

In addition to hookup apps and craigslist or backpage prostitution, which for the most part were used by the minority of women who throughout history occupied the World’s Oldest Profession (an honest and useful one at that), rampant promiscuity has gone mainstream over the past few years.  SeekingArrangement, a website connecting mostly young, attractive college girls to older men willing to spend money on them in return for intimate and sexual favors, had over 1.5 million student members in 2016.  Considering there are approximately 17 million students in public and private 2-4 year institutions, including men and retirees, the fact that a single website promoting pseudo-prostitution attracts almost 9% of college enrollees is quite impressive, assuming the numbers can be trusted.


Those are NOT breasts, they are a purse for holding money from my J-O-B

Vanity Fair recently published an article examining the mainstreaming of the New Prostitution Economy, and interviewed many participants in this new sexual free-for-all.  One 22-year-old Texan stated she wasn’t attracted to any of the older men she started boning for pay, but it’s a job, and not everyone likes their job, right?  After all, as she says, “What right does anyone have to judge you for anything you do with your body?”

I will judge a woman for anything and everything she does to her body, including the kinds of food she puts into it, the amount of alcohol she consumes, the amount of exercise, the shape and genetics, the looseness of the sexual organs, and the mental damage done by a promiscuous past that she innately knows is wrong, or she wouldn’t hide it.


Another 21-year-old who signed up for Seeking Arrangement, but claims she has not yet used it, was held back because of “the stigma if anyone finds out.”  In other words, she has no concerns about the health, safety, or moral and mental side effects of her actions, but merely doesn’t want others to know the dirty things she has done.  This confirms that without repercussions to their behavior, most women will behave in a wildly irresponsible manner.  As the influence of their fathers, their church, and social shaming, all declining, women ramp up promiscuous behaviors that will leave them as poor wives, or more likely, single mothers, in the years to come.


Mainstream media articles further normalize prostitution

And in the past, where streetwalkers needed a specific wardrobe, a pimp, and a jurisdiction where prostitution would be tolerated, today women have all the tools they need to sell their bodies, without splitting the funds with anyone, and risk almost no social shaming or danger of police intervention.  As one 22-year-old stated “I could always just get a sugar daddy.  I guess I could just start camming… It’s not like you need a pimp anymore.  You just need a computer.”

What’s one of the early steps in legitimizing destructive behavior?  Renaming it.  A 20-year-old Canadian student stated “People don’t call it prostitution anymore.  That sounds like slut-shaming.  Some girls get very rigid about it, like This is a woman’s choice.”

So Prostitution is no more.  In 2016 anyone arrested for prostitution is simply Doing It Wrong (still using a pimp and using the wrong vocabulary).


NY Magazine explored the idea earlier this year in its article “Is Prostitution Just Another Job?”  which documented several freshman girls who began selling their bodies on Backpage or Craigslist after leaving for college, and hearing about the exciting stories of other sex workers.  A 22-year-old who recently moved to NYC and started sex work at the age of 18, grew up in a conservative family, who found out, cut her off, and no longer have anything to do with her.  (Her response? “It was a big deal.  It was hard then, but I’ve definitely gotten over it”).

Any woman who can so easily write off her father and family as something she “just got over” is not going to make a pair bond long enough for the ink to dry on the marriage certificate.  But these girls will marry.  Thirst is high, and men who have no idea what kind of past these women have will wife them up just as their ability to extract money from men based on their looks is fading.  And a side effect of servicing hundreds of men is she will know how to please him physically, and will know precisely how to lie and manipulate a man, after testing out little white lies on her customers for years.

As prostitution and fornication with hundreds of men becomes the status quo for the typical American teenager, an entire generation will be lost.  As bad as the typical reader may think things are today, at least you grew up in a society where there was a stable family (even if it wasn’t yours), where government maintained some minimal amount of ethical education in the public schools, and where the church enforced some amount of moral restrictions on unfettered sexual behavior.  But the next generation is growing up entirely without these limits.

The single mother prostitutes of tomorrow will be unable to raise the next generation of children to be anything but weak, stimulus responding attention seeking hedonists.  And all the past struggles, battles, ideas, philosophies and culture that we call western civilization will be thrown into the garbage bin.

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