The German parliament has passed an new law redefining rape. “No means no” is the new ground rule which means that a rape could have happened even if the victim didn’t fight back. Saying no is enough.

Sweden is set to have a similar law in place very soon. The government’s investigator has announced that she will propose a new law where it will be enough that the person says no for it to be counted as rape. With our current self-proclaimed feminist government, it seems likely that the new definition of rape will find support.

Sometimes it’s necessary to change laws


Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

Recent sexual assaults committed by immigrants have affected the debates in both countries. We’ve lately had several cases in Sweden where groups of asylum seeking boys molest young girls at music festivals. The attacks on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve have without a doubt brought the issue to the fore in Germany.

The MPs in the Bundestag stood up and cheered when the vote was passed by a large majority on Thursday. The new German law also classifies groping as a sex crime, and makes it easier to prosecute assaults committed by large groups. It also makes it easier to deport migrants who commit sex crimes.

It’s certainly important to change laws that do not sufficiently apply to the crimes they’re supposed to combat. In the new European reality, with immigrants enriching our societies with rape games like taharrush, we should do what’s necessary to make them pay for their barbarism.

But the question is if this new “no means no” law will actually make any difference. The reason they wanted to change the law was that many men allegedly got away with raping because the evidence wasn’t enough to convict them. Assuming that premise is true, will the new law put more criminals behind bars?

Won’t bring new proof to the table


As many experts have pointed out, you’ll still be left with cases of he said, she said. The woman will claim she said no, the man will say she did not. In some rare cases, there might be video or audio evidence confirming her story. But most of us don’t videotape ourselves at every point in our day.


A new law won’t magically bring new evidence to the table. We’re still left with the problem of proving something that only two people, the supposed victim and perpetrator, can really know the truth about. That’s why we’ve traditionally required physical evidence like bruises or a black eye. But even then, we can never know for certain what caused those injuries. A mentally ill woman might have inflicted them on herself.

I don’t expect the new law to really make any difference when it comes to proving that a rape did or didn’t happen. What I do expect is that it will make German and Swedish men more cautious and hesitant when they’re going to have sex with a girl, especially one they don’t know very well. Questions arise like, what if the girl says no first and then changes her mind? Does a yes after a no negate the previous no? What if she says no in a playful way, pretending she’s hard to get, and afterwards claims that she was being completely serious?

You can’t even expect them to fight back


Common sense will also tell you that a woman who doesn’t want to have sex with you will physically resist you if you cross the line. If I was a woman being attacked by a rapist, I can’t imagine simply laying back and taking it. I would do anything in my power to stop that from happening, including fighting and taking a beating. At least I could say that I did all I could.

But apparently you can’t even expect women to fight back anymore. You can’t expect them to really react in any forceful manner when a perpetrator tries to penetrate them. In 2016, women are so independent and strong that they let themselves get raped without fighting back at all.

My suspicion and fear is that more men will be convicted of rape under these new laws, regardless of whether they’re guilty or not. Feminists have made it very clear that they want us to take a woman’s word as fact. If she said she was raped, it would be misogynist to doubt her. With feminist ideas seeping into universities and curricula, it’s only a matter of time before judges start putting these ideas into practice (if it isn’t already happening).

That’s why I’m calling this a trap set for men. I expect that there will be more cases in the future where the judge simply trusts the woman’s testimony, not demanding any further proof. No need to show bruises or any other observable evidence—whatever she says, it must be true. After all, why would she lie about something so horrible?

If German women themselves don’t kill your boner, this new law will surely do it.

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