Race, religion, and politics are uncomfortable topics in our political correct world, which is why the topic of Jews, Zionists, and Israel always seems to spark a flame war where everyone is either a flaming Nazi or the evil Jew. Even some readers here at ROK seem to be wondering why such sentiments are so prevalent as it’s hard for most people to remain neutral or reasonable (I fully expect the shills and knee-jerkers to call me an anti-Semite and cry that ROK has turned into Stormfront without even reading this article—all because they saw few words that triggered them). So I will try to explore this topic for all to understand in this two part article.

And due to the nature of the topic, I will go through extraordinary measures to make my points here. I will also have to resort to generalizations for the brevity of this article, one of which will be to describe social currents in terms of general tendencies. Exceptions will be assumed, but not necessarily mentioned.

To start with, I’m not a Nazi, white-supremacist, Alt-Right or any of their other variants. I also don’t consider myself a Leftist, Rightist, nationalist, or socialist. Next, for the purpose of this article, Jews will be considered anyone of Jewish ancestry. Whether they actively practice Judaism or not will be irrelevant. (Some people will accuse you of being an anti-Semite just for saying “Jews” instead of “Jewish people.”)

Zionists, on the other hand, will be referred to as the Jews of prominent social status who are actively influencing the culture and policies of Western nations (especially the US) to favor the Jews and the state of Israel. A non-Jew with Jewish connections who shows exceptional devotion to Israel’s cause may also be considered a Zionist (The “far-right” Geert Wilders of Netherlands, who once called other European nationalist parties “fascists,” is one example. The neo-con George W. Bush may also qualify as a Zionist).

The “Antisemites”

Now, before we even talk about the anti-Semitic sentiments, let us start by asking what qualifies a person as an anti-Semite. The answer is: it really depends on who you ask. “Anti-Semite” is one of those vague words that gets thrown around by those with political agendas, so there is no clear definition that everyone can agree on. Let us take a look at the different levels of antisemitism that are present today based on how it is used:

Level 1 – Shows insufficient devotion for Israel.

This is usually reserved for people in power who are expected to offer unconditional support to Israel but don’t. Obama, for example, would be considered an anti-Semite by some Zionists.

Level 2 – Is critical of Israel’s policy

I will discuss this more in Part II, but today’s surge of liberals who sympathize with the Palestinians has been described as a rise of “new antisemitism.”

Level 3 – Points out the profound Zionist influence on politics and policies.

Yes, simply using the word “Zionist” in politics without singing praise for Israel will also get you labeled an anti-Semite.

Level 4 – Talks about a conspiracy by the Zionists to alter the political and cultural landscape of the US and other Western nations for the benefit of Israel and the Jewish people.

You don’t even have to believe in the conspiracy. Simply talking about the subject to open a discussion will earn you the swastika branding. Roosh was called an antisemite by ADL just for reviewing a book.

Level 5 – Full Nazi. Similar to Level 4, but makes no differentiation between Jews and Zionists; believes they’re controlling everything of significance and are plotting the destruction of White race.

Pretty straight-forward. These are the individuals who have fully embraced the anti-Semite label.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to be called an anti-Semite by those who want to silence you by bringing up the Nazi connotations. Note I haven’t said whether the above sentiments are true or not; I’ve merely pointed out what will get you labeled as an anti-Semite.

Reasons For Anti-Semitism

With the definitions of Zionism and anti-Semites cleared, I will now state simple facts that lead people to the various levels of antisemitism that I’ve listed above. And to keep the article concise and focused, I will only list facts that are current and relevant; Medieval history and some of the more outlandish conspiracy theories will not be mentioned.

1. Overwhelming Jewish representation in Communism and Leftism

Think this is a Nazi propaganda poster? It’s actually Polish.

The big names in the history of Bolshevik revolution, including Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky, all had Jewish backgrounds. The other prominent Jewish Communists are: Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, who were involved in the Communist uprising in Weimar Germany (which may have scared the German population into supporting the Nazis); and Béla Kun, the short-lived dictator of Hungary who unleashed Red Terror in the country. Even Albert Einstein, the Time magazine’s “person of the century” was a Communist sympathizer.

For a complete list of Jewish Communists, refer to this link.

We are continuing to see the legacy of Jewish involvement in the Leftist movements with many prominent Socialist, Progressive, and Liberal Jews playing an active role in American politics. But of course, not all Jews were Leftists and many have switched over to the Right following the betrayal of the Left, which I will discuss more in Part II.

2. Overwhelming Jewish representation in feminism

Here is a list from Wikipedia, which has a strong bias against anything they consider anti-Semitic.

We even published an article last year on the same topic, so I won’t delve further here.

3. Overwhelming Jewish representation in culture, finances, and politics

Jewish intellectuals of the past were pretty much the early SJW’s who promoted progressive ideas in the West. Jews today continue to be influential in all areas of Western society, and especially the US.

Prominent historical family like the Rothschilds to the modern globalists such as Henry Kissenger and George Soros, just to name a few, are also Jewish.

Here’s also a list of Jewish American politicians and actors.


4. AIPAC and US foreign policy that strongly supports Israel


Do I even have to lay this out? Both American parties are heavily dictated by Zionist lobbyists and every presidential candidate must prove their loyalty before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to be considered acceptable presidential material. Just look at what happened to Ron Paul in the last election. He was lambasted as an anti-Semite for suggesting that the US should cut foreign aid to Israel, which was something Netanyahu himself expressed when he said that he wanted to reduce Israel’s dependency on the US.

5. Draconian censorship and attack against anyone critical of Zionism

Nobody likes being silenced. So if the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and other Zionist organizations are trying to dispel the idea of Jewish-Zionist conspiracy, they’re not doing themselves any favors with their extremely repressive efforts to censor and defame others (including other Jews). People will simply recall what Voltaire said about knowing who rules over you.

I can’t even list all of these censorship and defamation efforts because there are too many, but here’s one good example: According to ADL, simply mentioning significant Jewish presence in Hollywood is considered anti-Semitic, a fact one Jew was able to boast openly to the world while Gary Oldman had to apologize for a passing mention of it.

As another example, for all the complaints about the liberal media being too friendly to Muslims, and with many people defending Mohammed cartoons as free speech, no one seems to care about how draconian the laws are against Holocaust denial (I’m not making a commentary on the Holocaust, just the laws surrounding it). And remember Charlie Hebdo? The satirical magazine that had the balls to make fun of Muslims? Guess what, a cartoonist back in 2009 was fired for “ridiculing Judaism.” Where are all the warriors for freedom of speech?

The Zionists even operate an army of internet trolls and shills called the Jewish Internet Defense Force, or JIDF, towards their cause. If the SJW’s are an angry mob that attacks whatever gets their attention, the JIDF is an organized army for defamation and censorship.


Again, the above points are just pure facts. How you interpret that information should be what matters; but no, the Zionists don’t even want you to talk about them or know about them. By simply mentioning the above facts, you will automatically be marked as a level 5 anti-Semite. The fanaticism and the zeal to which they try to repress information and discredit you makes the SJW’s look reasonable in comparison.

I could list much more information and elaborate on them, but that would turn this article into a book. I suggest anyone interested in the truth to do their own research and draw their own conclusions.

White genocide?

In Judaism, Jews are God’s chosen people. In Christianity, everyone is equal in the eyes of God. Guess which group guards their identity more zealously.

You can’t talk about Zionism and anti-Semitism without discussing the supposed white genocide and the destruction of the Western civilization. The oft repeated conspiracy is that Jews or Zionists are actively plotting to decimate the white population and destroy Christianity.

Honestly, I just don’t see it. I will briefly summarize why.

First, it is true that historically, the Jews preferred the European societies to be multicultural and tolerant so that they themselves could thrive without persecution. The more influential Jews may have changed the course of the culture, but I don’t see it as a white “genocide.” Especially so today when multiculturalism is already achieved in all the major Western nations.

People use this short clip as a proof of this genocide conspiracy, but all I see is one old lady talking about Jews helping to spread multiculturalism. That’s not enough to prove an insidious genocide. Presence of Jews in prominent positions in society doesn’t necessarily translate to conspiracy; by using that logic, feminist idea of the “patriarchy” would also be true. Going from anti-white, multicultural propaganda to white genocide is just too big of a leap. But I guess it really depends on how you define “genocide.”

Can it not just be that white population is declining because educated and affluent population prefer to delay marriage and have less children? Low birthrates are witnessed in Japan, where there is almost no Jewish influence and no multiculturalism. It’s hardly a Jewish conspiracy to depopulate Japan. And compared to Japan, Europe was always relatively open to foreign cultures; the recent ethno-nationalism is a rather recent phenomenon.

Ethnic and religious tolerance in the Occident goes back as far as the ancient Rome (which later converted to Christianity and openly invited a horde of foreign invaders to their lands). Let’s also not forget that Alexander the Great promoted race and culture mixing as well. Open-door immigration may be criminal incompetence on part of the European leaders, but if you think that’s a white genocide, you’re going to have to prove it.

The same goes for Christianity. The more that nations are industrialized and the more they embrace the cult of materialism, the less likely they are to be religious. There are exceptions, but that is the general trend that can be witnessed in other non-Christian nations as well. I fail to see how Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and millennial punks rebelling against their upbringing is a Jewish conspiracy to undermine the West.

Instead of obsessing over a specific group, it would be more productive to fight against the tide itself by looking after your own tribe. Because whether you believe in a Jewish conspiracy or not, that’s how they operated to thrive as a group. As it stands, there are more white people engaging in the so-called white genocide than the “Jews” can ever hope to achieve—and constantly pointing to the Jews as the source of all problems will not stop that.

If you really care about the white race, you should have at least two white children; no one is stopping you. In Part II, we will discuss the current trend of Zionism as it relates to the Left and Right.

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