It only took only one day for Reddit losers to mobilize against me, which is much faster than their previous efforts against my lectures and meetups. I must assume they’re following my work more religiously than my actual supporters.


The reviews are worthy of literary merit:


Last week I did a video where a bird pooped on me while I was filming. An SJW is the human equivalent of a bird that poops on you because mommy and daddy didn’t raise them right, but it’s too bad that their activism is becoming increasingly impotent. Not only did their earlier petition against me not result in my books being banned, and not only does my operation remain 100% functional after their multiple DDOS attempts and a million “rapist” comments, but Free Speech Isn’t Free is slated to be my biggest book launch ever. It has been consistently at number 1 or 2 in the censorship category.




Based on a word cloud analysis that a reader performed, it’s clear that the fake reviews are a projection of nothing more than their own abnormal sexual fantasies:

Of course it’s a pity that a quality work is tarnished by losers, but it’s called “culture war” for a reason, and I seem to be at the front lines. Just like I state in the book, sacrifices have to be made if you want to exercise your free speech, and I’m prepared for 1,000 more fake reviews that will surely come in the next outrage. I’m also prepared for them to yell at me from their safe spaces this July in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention.

Three fresh reviews

Vox Day, author of SJWs Always Lie, has made Free Speech Isn’t Free the book of the week at his blog. I expect both of our books to be companions in understanding and defeating social justice warriors.

Free Speech Isn’t Free: How 90 Men Stood Up Against The Globalist Establishment — And Won is a fascinating look behind the scenes of Roosh’s notorious speaking tour, which culminated this spring in one of the biggest, most unjustified attempted media lynchings I have ever witnessed. Roosh walks the reader through the entire experience of the tour and its aftermath, from conception to conclusion, in remarkably honest detail. He not only bares his thought processes, he bares his hopes and his fears in a way few writers would dare.

Seth from Masculine Books writes a thorough review:

The lengths to which other men were willing to aid and stand up for Roosh was profound and admirable. It’s something all men should take to heart. Although Roosh did much of the grunt work on his own, his dedicated band of followers was able to implement maneuvers as means of disrupting SJW communication.

What really stood out to me was that SJW’s are incapable of doing the same. They don’t care about each other. They have no concept of loyalty, and if one of their own gets picked off, they’ll cry foul, but then move on.

The SJW mob is weak. Their true power, when measured individually, is quite laughable. As Roosh routinely mocks: Tens of thousands of Canadian SJW’s, aided by parliamentarians and mayors, could not stop Roosh from giving his happy hour speech.

Lastly, Bernard Chapin does a video review on the book where he wasn’t shy to point out the errors that he thinks I made.

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