Oh Canada, why you so lame? At a time when free speech has been under repeated attack from Vancouver to Newfoundland, the Canadian Supreme Court has ruled that bestiality falling short of penetration is legal. The decision was not even close, with seven justices outnumbering the sole dissenter. Inasmuch as the outcome of the case in question, which involved a man accused of sexually abusing both his stepdaughters and a dog, came as a shock to many, such lunacy has been brewing in Canada for many years. Meanwhile, Roosh was hunted down by rabid feminists and SJWs in Montreal in particular last year for daring to talk about gender relations!

Although people having all kinds of sex with animals is not unheard of, and is probably more common than we imagine, laws for or against bestiality are not the sort of things that should be occupying society’s attention much. Concepts like free speech, appropriate levels of policing, what misdeeds warrant criminal prosecution, and related matters are actually the bread and butter of making political and legal systems work. Yet instead of strengthening provisions protecting those who speak their mind without inciting violence, Canada has persecuted and/or prosecuted those who dare to espouse rightwing opinions, or even criticize people such as feminists.

Many of those who reveled in the possibility that Roosh would be seriously injured or killed in Canada in 2015, including drug smuggler-cum-politician Cheri DiNovo, have said nothing or very little about the oral bestiality ruling by the Canadian Supreme Court. (But I do notice far too many shots of DiNovo trying to wear tight clothing on her Twitter feed.) I have not seen negative social media comments about the decision from fellow Roosh haters John Tory, the Mayor of Toronto, and Norm Kelly, Toronto Councilman and acting extra from The Walking Dead, either. Rather than focusing on Canadian issues, like the bestiality legalization, which directly affects their country, the trio are too busy trying to score electoral points from the Orlando gay nightclub shooting more than a thousand miles away. But that Roosh guy? Yeah, let’s pick on him!


Roosh is just one of many persecuted for his non-violent speech, while sick people who want sex with animals are protected

It’s a good thing that members of the Canadian Supreme Court dress like Santa Claus because Christmas just came early for those who like oral sex with animals.

An international sex tourist targeting animals for oral sex would have far less problems in Canada today than Roosh did when trying to give lectures to fellow men last year. This is the very sad reality that confronts “modern” Canada. And he is not alone. Take, for example, the deplorable treatment meted out to Gregory Alan Elliott, who was prosecuted for daring to disagree with and hurt the precious feelings of some feminists. Even after he emerged victorious, the ordeal has probably eviscerated his finances for the next decade, shaved years off his prospective lifespan, and ensured he will be the recipient of future, serious harassment. But any John Smith wishing to be orally pleasured by a domestic goat will have no problems with Canadian law now, thanks to the Supreme Court ruling.

Then we have instances where outright slander and perjury disguised as “free speech” and “testimony” is enabled by the Canadian court system. Despite lie after lie after lie after lie from false accuser Lucy DeCoutere and her fellow rape fantasist to both police and in the courtroom, no criminal charges will be laid. Whereas Jian Ghomeshi’s career is over and will never be resurrected, DeCoutere and miscreants like her are able to carve out lucrative professions as victims ad infinitum. They are as untouchable as the Canadians now legally engaging in oral sex with all manner of canines, felines, bovines and numerous other animal categories.

Canada is in undeniable free fall


It would seem that pedophilia is the next domain of the depraved to be given protected status in Canada now oral sex with animals is fine. American publications like Salon are already going into overdrive to “humanize” and justify self-confessed pedophiles and the crossover between Canadian and American SJWs does not know any national border. Just make sure your politics are not right-of-center, though. Otherwise you’re in for a very tough ride and probable criminal prosecution if you don’t keep your mouth shut.

The relationship between Return Of Kings and Canada is staggering, to say the least. We have numerous American and Australian contributors, plus European correspondents, but inordinate amounts of writers’ time are consumed by a single country north of the mainland US, one that is presently trying to out-Sweden Sweden. When the world ends, people will say the inspiration for the cataclysm was Canada.

If you are unfortunate enough to be in Canada as this social and political disaster unfolds, the following advice may help and console you in your dark times: get out of Canada. Period.

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