Quite frankly, all this talk of society’s decline and how we should prevent its course towards self-destruction bores me. It is true that the economic situation around the world is becoming more and more unstable. It’s also true that cultural upheavals are flipping our society inside out, causing widespread degeneracy and demographic upheavals. And who knows what future diseases and environmental catastrophes lie ahead? A major global war may even break out as resources become scarce while our population continues to explode out of control. Collapse in the near future appears to be a matter of when, not if.

This sort of population growth always leads to the one and same ending.

But fear not, for there’s no need for worry and pessimism. While you may not have any power to avoid the eventuality, the destruction of the world as we know it could be the best thing that ever happens for us men. Think I’m crazy? Read the four reasons why and see how it won’t be as bad as you think it might be.

1. Collapse is only a single stage

It has already happened many times in the past.

First, know that the “progress” of society is cyclical, not linear. Collapse would only be a single and eventual stage of a cycle that will do away with the current stagnation and clear the path for a new era of human prosperity. Sure, things will likely be brutal and ugly in the beginning, but it would take a pessimist to think that chaos and destruction will reign forever. We humans have an innate proclivity towards creation and order, and new social orders will soon rise with greater strength and vitality.

Every civilization that collapsed throughout history brought about the golden age of newer ones and rotting empires collapsed to bring about fresh national independence of peoples. Civilization is not the same as human race; man will march on while civilizations rise and fall. We have already survived countless famines, plagues, and wars—and we will survive again.

2. No more Big Brother

We’re supposed to believe that this is for our own good.

When shit hits the fan, the governments will either disintegrate into oblivion or drop all pretense of freedom and democracy to declare a police-state (thanks to the terrorism hysteria the people bought into, Western governments already have the means of implementing a permanent martial law). But in spite of it all, I believe that the people will eventually prevail in their fight against the state. The oligarchs and their dreams of a globalist super-state will go the way of Pharoahs, Cesars, feudalism, imperialism, the Third Reich, and the Soviet Union. They will face their demise while we ascend to fill the vacuum.

With the Frankenstein centralized governments no longer around to dictate people’s lives and use them as lab rats for their social experiments, you will have all the freedom in the world. No more taxes, no more surveillance, no more PC policing, no more divorce courts, no more forced multiculturalism, and so on. You alone will be responsible for your life with no one to bail you out and no one to blame. That, my friends, is true freedom.

3. Freedom and self-determination for everyone


Lack of globalist states will also mean that you’ll be free to create the society you want. Still think Communist utopia is possible? Good luck. Want to start an all-white Aryan state? Be my guest. Want to create a progressive rainbow society without all the racist-sexist-homo-transphobe-Nazi-bigots? Great, get out of my sight. Want to form a Christian cult where creationism will be never challenged by evil science? May God be with you. Think all men are rapists and want to live in a lesbian tribe? Have fun trying to build anything or defending yourselves (assuming you even have something worthwhile to defend.) The basic idea is that you can create or join any society you want without interference from the overlords above.

But the caveat is this: 1) Your society must be practical and functional, 2) People must be willing to join and remain in your society, and 3) You must defend your society against external threats. If you fail in any of the three, you and your tribe will perish. It’s funny how those who worship the free-market can’t seem to apply the same principles of their religion to society as a whole. This arrangement is so perfect for everyone that the only people I can imagine opposing it are statists from both left and right who love to impose their values upon others. They are the leaches who suck other people’s money through the nanny-state or the toady “patriots” who blindly support their morally bankrupt government even as it robs them of their freedom (and that of other nations).


So, if a collapse means total freedom and responsibility for all, I’m all in.

4. The return of primal order

You want patriarchy? Then you better fight for it.

The collapse will mean the restoration of natural order: the rule of the jungle. In fact, I think it would be wrong to call the destruction of our so-called civilization as a “collapse”; it would simply be a return to the way things were. No more corporate serfdom, no more putrid consumerism, no more technological slavery, and no safe spaces for the cry-babies to hide and cry in. Wimps, complainers, and the weak will not survive. People will once again be naturally selected instead of being artificially sheltered.

One of the best aspect of the new order would be the return of masculine virtue. As I’ve said, any new society that people form must be defended against external threats. This is not an option. And only an organized group of men with strength, courage, mastery, and honor (as per Jack Donovan) will prevail in the post-apocalyptic world. Men will be men again.

Who knows what savage energy is begging to be unleashed within that man serving as an office drone? Who knows if that guy flipping burgers for a minimum wage will become the future tribal leader? How many men today are living jaded and unfulfilling lives when they could be fighters and warriors instead?

Can’t wait until men are allowed to be men again? Then you better be ready for the war for survival.

How “oppression” of women got its start before our current civilization.

And guess what? There won’t be feminist harpies demanding “equality” when strong men are needed to rebuild civilization and defend against gangs and rival tribes. They’ll be begging for some of that “toxic” masculinity to come and protect them. They’ll kneel in submission to a patriarchal order faster than they would have screamed “rape!” in the previous world. Suddenly, with their government boyfriend gone and the internet white knights nowhere to to be found, their whole feminist charade will shatter and the ridiculousness of it all will become apparent. The unstable and fat ones will likely disappear first as they offer no value to anyone.

Also in the new world, the SJWs and the rest of the progressive freaks will die faster than a gay snowman in Saudi Arabia. No more bitching and insulting each other on the internet, no more trying to censor or ruin other people, and no more crying for sympathy and victim privileges. There won’t be anymore idiotic debates about who is right or wrong: only who survives and who doesn’t. The struggle for life without civilization will be face to face and man to man. I would love to see how well the loser male-feminists fare against the very men they love to bash without a computer screen to hide behind.

The future without the gynocentric system is a future where men will dominate.


I find it amusing that many people enjoy watching movies and television shows about apocalypse and survival, and play a number of video games along the same theme. There’s clearly a masculine drive within them that wants to escape the stagnant conditions of our modern world even if they don’t want to be ushered into an anarchy in real life.

So much for everyone just wanting love and eternal peace.

Men today who fantasize about living in a different world are dreamers. They dream of a world without degeneracy, world without foreign invaders, world without feminism, and world without big government. Deep inside, even as they indulge in today’s material comfort, they long for true freedom and heroism. But none of that will happen as long as the current order is intact. Nothing will change if these men insist on eating their cake and having it too by clinging onto civilization and hoping to haggle with it.

The change you want to see is not going to appear peacefully through some online arguments, petitions, protests, or asinine ‘democratic’ processes. You cannot fix a rotting society; you must tear it all down and start from scratch. You must wake up and face the reality of our world.

Now, you don’t have to like the idea of a collapse; whether you want it or not won’t change the course of the future. But the real question you should ask yourself is this: Am I prepared for it?

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