The day was too busy for me to notice it at the time, but in retrospect I had a very interesting client. He faced a problem that is increasingly present in college campuses:

He was accused not once, but twice of making a girl feel “uncomfortable.”

No formal complaint was made to the cops (so it didn’t happen), no attempt to personally tell him he was bothering them was made, but a complaint was filed with the increasingly defacto (though illegitimate) fourth layer of government – the college. He didn’t get in trouble (because I believe his offense was so slight and unintentional even the school management deemed it not worth pursuing), but the experience obviously disturbed and concerned him enough that he thought it wise to seek and pay for my counsel.


However, while I was more focused on trying to figure out if he just naturally looked creepy, failed to read their signals, or truly was the victim of an increasing feminist-anti-male-rape-hysteria-drama, a solution recommended in the comments section to my consult hit me as it is a depressing portender of things to come.

“Don’t date girls on your campus.”

Forbidden Fruit


This was not recommended once, but thrice, which prompted me to see if this was now becoming mainstream advice as a way for men to battle the false rape accusations of today’s Mattress Girls. It hasn’t, but the manosphere and neomasculinity community has a tendency to be on the cutting end of developing advice and wisdom. And in 2-5 years time (especially if these false rape accusations and anti-male college environments continue) I can see this becoming standard basic advice we elder brothers of teh interwebz pass along to our younger incoming freshmen brothers. This advice will become mainstream.

The sad thing, however, is what this says about the state of male and female relationships on college campuses.


The truth is the vast majority of men look forward to college as a place to met and bang chicks. I would honestly assess that for the majority of them, their degree is a close….or perhaps maybe distant…second reason they attend college. Additionally, for biological and marketing reasons, women and college are hyped up to be the most important thing in every high school boy’s life. So not only do they have hormones driving them to chase tail on college campuses, but all of the movies, shows, and media point to college as one huge parentless orgy of loose women with big tatas and poor decision making skills. And while most men’s college experiences fell drastically short of this, this dream that every high school boy has, will be completely destroyed if the threat of false rape or harassment makes dating women on campus too risky.

College women will also suffer. I simply cannot believe that the majority of young women today on college campuses swallow whole the anti-male, everything is rape, feminist hysteria. Some of them may vote left, some of them may like Hillary, but only those with mental damage can I see filing false rape accusations. Of course, I am no longer on a college campus, nor date college age girls (and those of you on the front lines please correct me if I’m wrong), but I don’t see 80% of the girls looking like Triggly Puff and slapping false rape accusations against a guy who sits next to her in class.

But you don’t need 80% of college campus girls to be male-hating feminists. You just need 2-3% and that’s enough to poison the whole lot because a man simply cannot afford a 2-3% chance of getting kicked out of school and being falsely accused of rape. And so if the rape hysteria continues, women may have to get used to having even worse chances than they do now of finding a boyfriend, let alone a husband.

Why Can’t I Find A Man?


Logically, with their lives, future husbands, and future families on the line you would think these women would call for a stop to false accusations, fake rape claims, and insist all claims be investigated by police (not the college). They would also reject the leftist-feminist brainwashing they receive on college campus, insisting a man merely trying to kiss a girl at a party or asking a girl out is not harassment, let alone rape. Unfortunately, however, while the majority of college age women would not falsely accuse somebody of rape, they have been so steeped in leftist indoctrination they are unable to make the connection between this self-destructive ideology and how it ruins their chances of a happy life with typically the only thing that can bring them true happiness—the love of a man. So it is unlikely this trend will be reversed within our collegiate lifetimes.

In the meantime boys, if your campus is particularly pro-feminist or the women’s studies department claims officially “1 out of 2” women is sexually assaulted on campus you may want to look down the street at that small little private college and see if there are any honies you can date over there.

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