Proving that feminist politicians believe in following their feelings as much as their non-politician contemporaries, a female Canadian government minister has ordered Canada Post to stop delivering a controversial right-wing newspaper. Depending on how desperate the publisher and staff are to keep Your Ward News going, the decision is tantamount to a ban. Judy Foote, who serves as the national Public Services and Procurement Minister, said she believed the publication violated subsection 319(2) of the Canadian criminal code. Tellingly, police who had investigated the newspaper and its staff found no evidence of hate speech.

Censorship in Canada, whether official or unofficial, legal or illegal, should be as surprising to you as rain is to England. The fulcrum of Roosh’s new book, Free Speech Isn’t Free, comes from his experiences of literally being hunted down by rabid SJWs and their mainstream political and media enablers. Like in many other jurisdictions, the concept of “free speech” has become an empty vessel that the powers-that-be conjure up from time to time to pretend that they are classical liberals like Montesquieu, rather than the fascistic far-left ideologues they really are.

Your Ward News may not be the sort of fare we at Return Of Kings would consume, but the newspaper is not encouraging violence and is yet to be taken to task by a court faithfully interpreting Canadian law. Having outspoken opinions about the self-serving, anti-male nature of feminism, the Islamization of Western society, and the way in which any criticism of Zionism is spun into accusations of anti-Semitism is not hate speech. It is free speech. Likewise, inasmuch as I find this form of historical revisionism factually erroneous, questioning whether the Holocaust occurred, which Your Ward News does, should not be (pardon the pun) a trigger for government intervention, censorship or criminal prosecution.

Unsurprisingly, Canadian politicians have been far less enthusiastic about combating leftist hate speech directed against men, most notably the idea of “rape culture”. Why are they only going after people like Roosh and publications like Your Ward News? By using bizarre euphemisms, feminists, many of them on Canadian university campuses in cushy tenured positions, have been able to declare that masculinity itself and men in general should be held to account for rape, rather than an absolutely tiny male minority.

You never see a public rape, yet you and I are apparently responsible for the relatively few private ones that take place without our knowledge. Even supposedly “neutral” takes on the issue like this one find no fault with the proposition that a group of angry women and their supporters should be allowed to tarnish the entire male gender with the same broad brush.

What happened to the courts?


In this “case” involving Your Ward News, a member of the executive, who also serves as a member of the legislature (the norm in Westminster system countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada), has made a decision that really belongs in the judicial system. This is not to say the executive arm of government has no place in making decisions that need to be made quickly or with more leeway. Laws are much more complex and copious than they used to be. But for a country like Canada, which constantly rants on about people possessing inalienable rights, having a minister like Judy Foote decide on what is and is not free speech is a very, very slippery slope. This is especially so when she is saying it involves a crime for which police found no evidence and Foote herself comes from a party (the Liberals) vehemently against anything resembling rightwing philosophies.

Plus, legality does not mean that a law is right or correct. Courts themselves can become mouthpieces for leftist policy through laws that give them no room not to convict someone for certain speech or behavior. And, though it is hard to change certain important rights in federal systems like Canada’s, Australia’s and America’s, due to protected constitutional provisions that require special, much higher thresholds for alteration or repeal, it is more than possible.

Constitutional provisions nominally enshrining equality, for example, have been reread to give all manner of special, undeserved privileges to women, minorities and others in these countries. Consequently, with a sympathetic, oftentimes wholly supportive media and backed by powerful corporate interests, center-left or plain left-wing governments are more than capable of restricting, outlawing and imprisoning those on the right with whom they disagree. You should consider the hit on Your Ward News as merely one of the opening strikes. Before too long, something as innocent as questioning transgender bathrooms will be hate speech, if it is not already in Canada.

When free speech starts to crack, mob rule follows soon after

Those of you familiar with my work for Return Of Kings over the past year will remember that my articles went into overdrive last August, when Roosh found himself at the center of a 1984-style “Two Minutes Hate” in Canada that lasted a whole lot longer than in Orwell’s book. The same thing happened earlier this year, when proposals for law-abiding, concerned men like ourselves to meet were met with serious threats of violence that were condoned by establishment interests in multiple countries. Your Ward News‘ apparent demise is another opportunity for a new Canadian government to flex its censorship muscles.

Roosh’s role in the free speech movement, as groundbreaking as it is, do not come from nowhere. Prior to him becoming a pariah to be conveniently spat on by SJWs and those others they managed to manipulate, free speech had been under sustained assault by SJWs and other leftists. After years of conditioning, leftists are primed to react savagely when a viewpoint they do not like is put before them. Where possible, they will opt for the more sanitized mechanisms of government executive decisions, gerrymandered court judgments based on very restrictive laws, and media attacks on divergent opinions. When that fails, violence or its threat, just as Roosh discovered, will be unleashed as well.

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