I have no idea how a new book of mine will be perceived before I release it. When you edit a book multiple times, you become so familiar with it that you can’t really judge it, similar to how a parent who loves his daughter assumes that she’s beautiful (even if she’s not). So I’m happy that early reviews from those who received a review copy are positive.

Here’s the first review of the book from a forum member:

Free Speech Isn’t Free is a riveting first-hand story about how the media establishment and some government officials tried to shut down one man’s speech — and failed miserably. Roosh starts with a historical lesson by Quintus Curtius on how freedom of speech evolved over time, and how shaming and intimidation tactics are used to limit speech today in the age of the Internet.

He tells a compelling and honest story on how his idea of a world tour about neomasculinity was born. While the book is entertaining, it is also a humble read. During his tour, Roosh shows how he learned from the men attending his lectures. He built upon what he’d learned to create a fast-growing neomasculinity movement without allowing his own ego to get in the way. Reading about the growth and evolution of the man behind the world tour is nothing short of extraordinary.

In chilling prose, Roosh connects the dots between seemingly unrelated issues such as sexual harassment, gay marriage, declining birth rates, single parenthood, open-borders immigration, welfare, abortion, gun control, etc, to expose a depopulation agenda — to destroy the family unit — being pushed deliberately by the globalist elites. He also describes how these elites are using the media and feminists as foot soldiers to help further their globalist agenda, and to prevent strong men from fighting back.

When Roosh recounts his experience in Montreal, Toronto, and the Meetup Outrage, strap in your seat belts. You’re in for quite a ride.

Roosh tells his story in a timeline full of bizarre plot twists, comedy, shocking revelations, disinformation campaigns, and touching displays of unwavering loyalty from his followers at their own personal risk. You’ll not only discover how the media, social justice warriors, and even government officials fight information wars against ordinary people, but also how you can fight back.


The way he describes his journey allows you to imagine that you’re right by his side the whole time, living vicariously through everything he had experienced: overcoming the fear of public speaking, the enlightening discourse with intelligent men he’d met, the incredible stress resulting from getting smeared with outright lies propagated by the media, having beer tossed on his head by a mob, and even graphic death threats that prompted him to hire a bodyguard service.

Most importantly, as you read Roosh’s new book, you feel the author’s gritty determination and resolve to fight back against the feminist-controlled media by enabling like-minded men to congregate with each other without a politically correct filter. His brutally honest and courageous writing does not fail to hold the reader’s attention and keep the pages turning.

Finally, if you believe in protecting your right to free speech and pursuit of the truth, get this book. Today.

And here is a brief video review from Davis Aurini:

My new book, Free Speech Isn’t Free, gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with an agenda that promotes censorship and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against leftist attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help fund our operation.

This post was originally published on Roosh V.

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