I summarized a lot of major problems in Australia in a previous article, and now some deep issues which are inherent to New Zealand need to be addressed.

As a native Kiwi (New Zealander), we tend to be inundated with a bit too much Joe Pesci syndrome (little guy who likes to beat up on the big guy) and always want to poke fun at Australia, our larger neighbor across the Tasman Sea. However, we need to look within to our own country’s shortfalls as well. Because unfortunately we have a major one.

As an experienced traveler to all continents of the globe except for Antarctica, I can say beyond all reasonable doubt that our women are probably the least desirable among all Western countries. Explanations follow below.

1. They Are Painfully Average

Women in New Zealand are incredibly average looking overall. Ladies who would merely be rated a soft “7” have incredible power in the nation’s sexual marketplace, while they wouldn’t even bother getting a second look in countries such as Argentina, Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, Poland, the Netherlands, or Japan.

Hell, even women among fellow Anglosphere countries like Australia, Canada, and the United States are consistently better looking than Kiwi girls. The website World Tinder Women even commented about how sub-par the women were in Auckland, insinuating how often they needed a left-swipe before good enough talent was found.

Case in point, just take a look at some of the women on offer from the first season of “The Bachelor: New Zealand.” Producers of the show said that “the caliber is very high” and that “our first bachelor will be a very lucky man.” What kind of mind-warping drugs were they on? Datura?

new zealand women

new zealand farmer

Kiwi blokes gotta take what they can get…

2. They Are Sluts

New Zealand women are considered to be the most promiscuous in the entire world. A survey by the condom maker Durex has reported that Kiwi women had an average of 20.4 sexual partners in their lifetime. And remember, that’s just an average. It means that friggin’ Cruise liner loads full of New Zealand women are getting banged up a LOT more than that.

By comparison, the global average was 7.3 sexual partners per woman. Astoundingly, New Zealand was the only country in the survey where women had more sexual partners than their men, a reflection of the huge twentysomething backpacker culture this country has on top of their general sluttiness.

The long-term consequences of rampant female promiscuity can be serious, and any women who has a notch count higher than 10 is a major red flag, especially for men who wish to have a healthy long-term relationship or marriage.

The higher the notch count a woman has, the less likely they will be able to pair bond well with a single man, especially after they have been repeatedly plugged in every hole by dozens of obnoxious alpha male bad-boy cocks throughout their teens and twenties (or beyond).

This shows in the personalities and traits of a lot of New Zealand women, who simply lack warmth, outward compassion, and good old-fashioned tender loving care to a lot of their men. In short, New Zealand women make extremely poor marriage prospects. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

3. They Are Aggressive And Profane

Excessive and shameless use of profanity is what I would consider one of New Zealand’s major social flaws. In fact, I would say it’s a toss up squarely between the Kiwi’s and Aussies who uses the word “cunt” per capita more than any other English-speaking country.

However, having traveled extensively in all of the six core nations which comprise the Anglosphere, I can say without doubt that New Zealand women have the worst language I have ever heard. Schoolyard insults like “fuck off ya dick” or “fuckwit” (a popular Kiwi insult) stay tried and true well into female adulthood, and it’s amazing how often they use the C-word as well.

Profanity amongst women is one of the most unfeminine and ungraceful things they can do, and it has been mentioned before that profanity is quite frequently a precursor to physical violence, or at least threats of physical violence.


The following animated video captures the spirit of, unfortunately, far too many New Zealand women whose femininity hangs by an extremely thin thread. For some minor background info, a woman named Karen got the wrong number and left this message on a receptionist’s phone who works for a large company, and the recording soon went viral in the country.

4. They Have Poor Style

New Zealand women, by and large, dress horribly. Teenage girls and even young adults often dress in ill-fitting attire, and many wear entirely unfeminine “wigger” style clothing such as hoodies and beanies for a greater part of the year.

Things don’t improve significantly once women are past age 23, and women will rarely ever be seen out in high heels or attractive skirts outside of business hours. Quasi-fashionable slut attire is generally just reserved for Friday and Saturday night, when they are anxiously awaiting to add to their stratospheric notch count with another cock.

Lots of New Zealand girls are also wannabe hippie types as well. These chicks tend to be dressed pitifully and often have thick (and incredibly smelly) dreadlocks. With all the other options men have in the world, give em’ a miss.


What happens when your country is the largest producer of Reggae music outside of Jamaica

5. They Are Too Masculine

What do you get when New Zealand women’s poor fashion, sailor talk, aggressiveness, “meh” looks, and a little bit too much feminist indoctrination get all rolled into one? The absolutely horrifying sight to behold which is New Zealand Women’s Rugby.

No other country on Earth pushes the most masculine of team sports, Rugby Union, onto it’s female youth than in New Zealand. The results of this obnoxious feminist “we can be just like the boys!” experiment are truly hideous.

Who in the right mind would ever find short-haired and butch women who are blurting out the Maori Haka chant to be either feminine, graceful, or alluring? New Zealand would like to try and tell you so, but I’ll see you on the next flight to Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, or Miami. You know, places where women actually look and act like women.


Tēnei te tangata pūhuruhuru! Nāna ne I tiki mai whakawhiti te rā! (This is the hairy man, who caused the sun to shine again for me!)

6. They Are Feminists And SJWs

Finally, as the country who first (and therefore first in idiocy) gave women the right to vote in 1893, is it any surprise that New Zealand women have been force fed via butt-chugging so much feminist and “social justice” juice their whole lives?

Try bringing up the inherent lack of virtues of diversity, immigration, and multiculturalism with a New Zealand lady and see how much time passes before you are called the dreaded r-word, followed by a colourful Kiwi insult of choice.

Like many other Western countries, the cancer of anti-white and white-guilt rhetoric is also growing in New Zealand, and such sentiment was demonstrated in how the “Pakeha Party” Facebook Page creator, David Ruck, was lambasted in the media and even accosted in his personal life by a rambling and foul-mouthed female SJW.

(Note for Non-Kiwis: “Pakeha” is the Maori word for white people, and the Pakeha Party was founded as a counter-balance for far too many race-based parties in New Zealand who look out for their race only. But of course, only white people can be “racist”.)


Women who come from literally anywhere else in the Western world are more attractive, more feminine, more graceful, more stylish, less profane, and less slutty than New Zealand. The only thing Kiwi women beat out on some of their contemporaries is on obesity rates, which is lower overall than in the United States. However, American women win out by being far more pleasant, feminine, and warm (can you believe it?). Especially the southern and mid-western girls.

It is truly eye opening for a lot of young New Zealand men to go abroad in their early 20s and find out that the overall quality of women is substantially higher than at home. This is quite sad, considering how New Zealand otherwise has astounding natural beauty and a quality of life which is squarely in the top 10% of the world.

In closing, for Kiwi men who believe in traditional masculinity and have more paleo-libertarian or conservative values, they are much better off finding a higher quality partner abroad. In fact, many men simply don’t come back.

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