There are two different ways to pursue happiness. The first way is to change yourself. Maybe you’ll get a new job, move to a new city, learn a hobby, start a sport, or practice new techniques that get you laid more. It involves making changes on how you do things in order to aim for an ideal result.

The second way to pursue happiness is to change the world. Instead of changing yourself, you decide to change a culture of millions of people to an endpoint that you think will make you happy. This takes time. The initial person who starts this change will die before the end goal is achieved.

The founders of most human ideologies envision some sort of utopia in which they and their followers will be happy, and go about molding the environment to make that happen. Feminism, and its liberalism brother, are no different. A bunch of women got together and asked themselves what would make women the most happy. Their list:

  • no more cooking
  • more cash
  • no judgement from men for acting bad or looking fat
  • ability to work alongside men and monitor their behavior
  • ability to fuck anyone
  • ability to end marriages because of uncomfortable feelings

The feminists got everything on their list, things that they thought would make women happier, but women are less happier now than they were 40 years ago. What went wrong?


First, they didn’t understand that happiness is an individual sport that depends on a person’s nature. If I were a god and somehow made every guy in the world travel constantly and fuck random European women, there would be a sizable percentage who wouldn’t like it. You’d get some guys that prefer relationships with Asian women and some guys who prefer staying in one location. The gays wouldn’t like it either.

The second reason feminists failed their followers is that they were lesbians and bisexuals who deeply hated men. I’m not joking. The things that made them happy are generally the things that are more likely to make men happy, not women. Women were led by those who made big promises without actually doing the research or introspection to see if there was a real-life benefit to heterosexual females.

Humans are lazy. In their search for happiness the last thing they’re concerned about is self-improvement. A woman will spend four hours to attend a SlutWalk but won’t spend four hours on a treadmill to have a body that increases her confidence. She will spend all day posting comments on Jezebel about how there is still an unequal wage gap while neglecting her job and therefore a better chance at promotion.

You know you’re dealing with an ideology when happiness for someone else means YOU need to change. When YOU need to man up or when YOU need to start doing behaviors that serve others. If your approach to happiness is trying to changes the masses, then the bad news is you can change everyone in the world and you still won’t be happy. Work on changing yourself instead.

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