While polling has shown that the majority of Republicans have fallen in line behind Donald Trump now that he’s secured the presidential election, the shrinking #NeverTrump contingent continues to bark and woof on Twitter. Chief among the recalcitrant is notorious neocon and Weekly Standard founder and editor Bill Kristol, who announced earlier this week that National Review contributor David French would be the presidential nominee of his new third party, the Renegade Party.

French’s selection was roundly mocked by both leftists and conservatives, with his relative obscurity, creepily protective relationship with his wife and fondness for multiracial adoption singled out for scorn. The fact that Kristol was unable to convince any well-known anti-Trump Republican politicians—such as 2012 failed candidate Mitt Romney or Ben Sasse—to join his party shows the weakness of the #NeverTrump movement. Nobody wants to sacrifice their political career for a long-shot candidacy that, at most, would deliver the White House to Hillary Clinton.

The very branding of Kristol’s party is an absolute disaster: beyond the questionable implications of the word “renegade,” the name suggests an out-of-touch old man trying to be hip. For the past year, cuckservatives have desperately tried to reverse-engineer Trump’s popularity among young people and use it for their own ends; for example, Marco Rubio began insulting Trump in the final weeks of his campaign, thinking that the reason people like Trump is because he insults his opponents constantly. It’s because of this that the Renegade Party is doomed to failure.

Who Is David French?


To his credit, David French has a few merits to his character that put him a cut above the average cuckservative. For example, he’s a military veteran who served a tour in Iraq, a stark contrast to other neocons who agitate for war despite having either weaseled their way out of the draft or never volunteered to begin with. He also (presumably) has a good relationship with his wife, which will appeal to the dried-out evangelicucks salty over Trump’s supermodel wife.

However, French is far too much of a cuck to make an impact in the American political landscape. During the lead-up to the Republican primaries, he was a loud-and-proud member of the Church Lady brigade, fainting on the couch every time his delicate ears heard the word “cuckservative.” Like many cucks, he also has an unhealthy fixation on multiracial adoption, having adopted a black baby in a desperate attempt to avoid being called racist. French and his ilk lack the backbone to make an impression on voters.

A good historical comparison to French and the Renegade Party would be the independent candidacy of John Anderson in 1980. An obscure 10-term Republican congressman from Illinois, Anderson ran for president as an independent with the backing of portions of the GOP establishment who found Ronald Reagan unpalatable due to his “extreme” views. While he initially did well in the polls, Anderson’s numbers slid as Election Day approached and Republicans united behind Reagan. In the end, he only won 6.6 percent of the vote, concentrated in left-leaning states like New York that might otherwise have been won by Jimmy Carter.


Similarly, Kristol and French have massively overestimated the Republican and conservative angst against Trump. With the exception of a few talking heads and some intransigent members of the Cruz cult, most GOP members have united behind their presumptive nominee. The fact that the Renegade Party has only gotten about 5,000 followers on Twitter in a month shows this. We are in a realigning election, where political certainties of past decades are being rewritten, and the success of Trump’s candidacy shows this.

#NeverTrump Means #AlwaysHillary


We saw another third-party cuckservative failure over the weekend when the dumpster fire known as the Libertarian Party nominated has-been GOP flacks Gary Johnson and William Weld as their presidential ticket. Ever since Trump clinched the Republican nomination last month, cucks had been threatening to vote Libertarian because they view him as insufficiently conservative, oblivious to the fact that libertarians are not conservative by definition (due to their support for social liberalism and opposition to the foreign wars that cuckservatives love).

Ever since Ron Paul left the national stage four years ago, libertarianism has been progressively taken over by leftist attention whores such as Julie Borowski and Cathy Reisenwitz, who’ve subverted it into another outpost of social justice. Similarly, the Libertarian Party has become a coffee klatch for failed Republicans like Johnson and 2008 presidential nominee Bob Barr, who received fewer votes than also-run Ralph Nader despite being hyped up as the Libertarians’ strongest candidate to date.

Gary Johnson’s strategy for fighting Donald Trump is to call him “racist,” because that line of attack has worked so well in the past. Choosing William Weld—the former governor of that bastion of liberty and small-government conservatism known as Massachusetts—as his running mate has also alienated traditional supporters of the Libertarian Party. I anticipate the Johnson/Weld ticket will massively underperform in the general election.

The simple reality is that Donald Trump is the new face of the Republican Party. The Israel-obsessed, warmongering, corporate tax cut wing of the GOP had their time in the sun, and all they’ve done is give us eight years of Barack Obama. The future of the GOP is protectionist and nationalist. Anyone who doesn’t climb aboard the Trump Train will get crushed beneath its wheels.

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