Patriarchal nationalism is a political and social framework based on red-pill wisdom, articulated by ROK’s own Roosh Valizadeh and Michael Sebastian. This framework is an antidote to the poison that has corrupted virtually every facet of Western civilization, now drawing ever closer to systemic collapse. If you haven’t already, you should read the article on patriarchal nationalism now.

The Foundations For Practicing Patriarchal Nationalism

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The various positions contained within patriarchal nationalism are evident to anyone who has taken the red pill, to anyone who can look and see what made societies healthy in the past and what is making them unhealthy now. Unfortunately, many in the West have indulged in the luxury of setting aside reality in favor of an alternative, one that begins as pleasant-sounding ideology, then sinks into wishful thinking, and finally collapses into delusion.

There is a natural tendency for people to synchronize their outward actions and their ideological understanding of the world, so that the practical and the ideal can reinforce each other in harmony. If people lack an ideology behind a practice, that practice becomes demoted to merely a habit or custom. If a practice and an ideology are out of harmony with each other, one or the other must change to restore balance.

In times past, pressure on this practice-ideology system came primarily from necessity and hard reality. With reality as the final arbiter, practices were continuously shaped to the necessities of the world as it is, and people adjusted their ideologies accordingly. In the safety and prosperity of the modern West, pressure on the practice-ideology system has come primarily from desires and feelings. With fancy as the final arbiter, ideology has been shaped to a vision of the world as it ought to be, and people have adjusted their practices accordingly.

For patriarchal nationalism to be implemented, its rational basis must be articulated in ideological terms that justify, guide, and refine its practice. Furthermore, if patriarchal nationalism is to supplant the current system of social and political practices, it must have a corresponding ideology that can supplant the current ideology of liberalism. The first step toward this is to identify the myopia of liberalism, its fatal flaw, and to articulate a fuller understanding of human nature.

The Myopia Of Liberalism


Liberalism in the most general sense is an ideology of individualism, in which the individual is paramount. For classical liberals, a man’s active self is sacred, such that individual labor, opinions, speech, liberty, equality under the law, and safety from others are valued by society, which serves as a policeman. For modern liberals, a man’s passive self is sacred, such that individual needs, desires, feelings, equality of outcome, and safety (including from natural consequences) are valued by society, which serves as a nanny.

Liberalism is an ideology in which society exists to serve individuals; how adult or childish those individuals are expected to be is merely a secondary consideration. The first sin of liberalism is its myopia, its doctrine that individuals are the only fundamental, essential units of the human species.

The second sin of liberalism is its idealization of individual morality and reason as the foundation of society, the faith that the individual as an institution is strong enough of mind and character to hold as the center around which all other facets of society revolve. Such an idealization grossly underestimates how much people can value taking over contributing, being over doing, feeling over thinking, and wishing over seeing. Sufficiently degenerated, men will beat their plowshares into televisions; they will forgo the sowing season to glut upon seeds.

The Three Fundamental Units Of The Human Species

Through the myopia of liberalism, individuals are seen as the fundamental units of the human species, while all larger units are merely groups in which individuals participate in order to achieve useful results. Families are formed in order to secure companionship and to share burdens. Tribes and nations arise in order to facilitate trade and collective security. For the liberal, the larger units are only utilitarian arrangements for individuals.

The benefits of larger social units are obvious. However, a more careful analysis reveals that these larger units, the family and the tribe, are not just useful, but are essential to the survival and thriving of both human individuals and the human species.

The Individual



The individual is the most obvious unit of the human species. Without individuals, the species would cease to exist. Furthermore, an individual can be a wellspring of benefits to the rest of society. A man’s good ideas, his productive labor, and his virtuous character enrich those around him. In general, when individuals flourish, families and tribes flourish as well.

The Family Or Clan


The family is also essential for the human species. A man comes into this world helpless and ignorant, without the ability to defend or provide for himself. Without a family to protect and feed him, he will perish. Furthermore, a man’s uncultivated instincts and potentials serve him little. He requires a family to teach him language and skills, to teach him over the course of many years how to survive. An extended family (clan) is able to provide even more guidance and support.

Even when children’s material needs are met by other means (usually the welfare state as surrogate father), those children experience worse life outcomes. Traditional families are still the best system for producing healthy and successful people. In general, when families flourish, individuals and tribes also flourish.

The Tribe Or Nation

Signing Declaration

A tribe is made up of many families or clans, and a nation is more or less a vast tribe. Although an individual requires a family to survive into competent adulthood, after that he may not require a family or tribe to survive. Similarly, a family may be able to survive on its own with the effort of its members, without being a part of a tribe. However, this tribe-less survival can only occur for a limited time, and it is biologically unsustainable.

If the human species were only a single man, the species would die out in a few decades because a man cannot reproduce alone. If the human species were only a single family or clan, the species would die out in a few generations. This is because a man may be able to reproduce with a member of his family, but incestuous reproduction in the long term leads to biological degeneration and extinction.

The tribe is the smallest unit necessary for the long-term survival of the human species. Furthermore, the tribe provides a myriad of benefits to its constituent individuals and families. The collectivization of security, the specialization of knowledge and labor, and cooperation all benefit members of the tribe enormously. In general, when tribes flourish, individuals and families flourish too.

Beyond Liberalism

New Dawn

Patriarchal nationalism rests on an understanding of the tri-part nature of the human species, that the individual, the family, and tribe are all essential. These three units are so fundamental that they existed even before the evolution of modern humans. The family and the tribe are not products of humanity; they are its prerequisites. A fitting name for this ideology is Human Trinitarianism.

Liberalism has a single focus, recognizing a single valued component of the human species which must be prioritized above all else. In contrast, Human Trinitarianism has three foci, recognizing three valued components of the human species which must negotiate with one another. The interests of each part sometimes overlap, and sometimes are at odds with one another, but their relationship with each other is synergistic. In conflict, they degenerate. When each is healthy and they act in harmony, they all flourish.

Just as physical reality is the highest arbiter of practice, objective truth is the highest arbiter of ideology. To survive, the West must realign its practices and ideologies according to an objective understanding of nature and an unclouded assessment of which practices actually work. Part of this task means developing a clearer understanding of how a healthy society negotiates the congruent and the conflicting interests of the individual, the family, and the tribe. However, the details of such negations are for another time.

Ultimately, the ideas presented here are not a conclusion, but a beginning. I offer them as a small contribution toward the development of patriarchal nationalism. As I continue my own work developing these ideas, I look forward to your comments and your ideas as well.

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