Dating a virgin of legal age may give the best opportunities for securing long-term, satisfying relationships. Many, many men, and certainly not just those familiar with Return Of Kings, deplore the state of modern, slutty “femininity.” But what are you doing to both avoid the emotionally and/or physically diseased female population and find the better women? This is the question you need to be asking yourself every day you seek, spend time, or cultivate a connection with women you might bed.

Regardless of whether you’ve already bedded zero virgins or twenty, you should still be chasing them, if you have not already taken one as a girlfriend, fiancé or wife. Your priority should be to find a woman who has either had no sexual partners or very few. This can be a relative thing, depending on the woman’s age (four partners for a 25-year-old is most often better than three for a 20-year-old).

What my relationships with virgins have taught me

Though it has been easier to find regular sexual relationships with girls who have had a few sexual partners, these relationships often lasting years, my longest serious romantic relationships have been with virgins or near-virgins.

These women shared three characteristics:

1. They paid for their share of things. They knew I had traveled and still traveled extensively. They knew I had a penchant for jetting off somewhere for months at a time, eating out at restaurants (I deplore cooking), and new clothes, all of which pointed to the ability to pay for them (the girls) as well. All this said, they did not even try to manipulate the situation in their favor. Of course, I would have dumped them if they had, but the fact they did not is a trait too rare found in today’s women.

2. In many cases they put themselves into debt or sacrificed very heavily to do things with me. If we planned a trip, whether in Europe, Australia or elsewhere, I made it clear I would pay only half. Anything lent to them would have to paid back with inflation. The same went for any living arrangements we had. There was one exception to this, where I offered to pay two-thirds for my girlfriend at the time when she was working as a shop assistant (I consider it a mistake that I did this, but the one third was still a lot harder for her to get than the two-thirds was for me). With these girls, I was always paid back, even if we had broken up before all the funds were returned.

3. They went out of their way to help me, in the way men should be able to expect. Lunches were made when necessary, dinners were prepared, and they performed serendipitous acts like gift-giving, other surprises, and generally helping me day-to-day. Everything in life is transactional, remember, but the best things feel the least transactional. This was the case, in large part, with these girls.


The general profile of virgins in contemporary times

The virgins you seek are more likely to be:

  • Younger, in their mid to late teens and early twenties. Attractive girls can certainly be older virgins, but your prospects greatly diminish after 22 and even 20. You may as well presume any decent-looking girl who has already hit 18 is not a virgin. You will be right most of the time.
  • Religious or previously impacted on by a religious code or religious-style morality. Do not be put off by this if you are not a religious person yourself. Plenty of girls have abandoned the formality of religious practice whilst not deciding to whore themselves out to the world. Lapsed or ex-Mormons I have known from Brigham Young University in Hawaii are an excellent example of these girls. After leaving their church days behind them, they were somewhat “slow” in moving onto sex.
  • Politically conservative or nationalist. Again, do not count on this. It should be tattooed on your brain that women vote leftwing in greater proportions than men.

It is up to you to locate the places where these women are more likely to be. More factors can be at play, either hindering or enhancing your search for virgins or near-virgins. If you live in a university city, your options will be better. If you live in an oil rig town, they will be harder. Be aware of and act with an appreciation of your social environment, but do not be controled by it.

Act before time runs out

You only have a limited amount of time on Earth. As you get older, unless you have somehow accumulated the fame, body or material resources that will attract the quite young and other women more likely to be virgins, your window for finding a purer girl to marry, mix your seed, and have children with will diminish.

So act now. A regressive modern culture will not permit you as many good women to choose from as you would like, so it is your responsibility to find them in a very competitive sexual marketplace. And find them you must, as before too long either other men will have them or they will not be worth your desire once they become whores.

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