As SJW Europeans, including men in relationships most weirdly of all, respond to mass rapes and other crimes by inviting ungrateful migrants into their homes, yet another civilian airliner has been blown up by a suspected Islamist bomb over Greek waters. Luggage and human body parts from EgyptAir flight MS804 continue to be found in the Mediterranean. Instead of showing solidarity with the victims and their families, we can expect that SJWs will double down and say that the only way to fight terrorism is to force open Europe’s external borders even further. The solution, however, is for Europe to demand that its population maintain a minimum level of nativity and unconditional integration, just like the terrorism-free societies of Japan and South Korea.

At the heart of this issue is the fact that there is no fundamental difference between the non-terrorist criminal proclivities of young Arab and North African migrant men on the streets of Europe and the actions of actual Islamic terrorists. Both varieties represent cultural attitudes that are savagely opposed to any assimilation into European societies and even the concept of Europe itself. Moreover, most of the Batalcan attackers, for example, transitioned from lives of regular crime to wanton destruction inspired by religious terrorism.

Rather than being assuaged by promises of homes, livelihoods and welfare-on-tap for millions of new arrivals over the coming years, a plurality, if not majority of Muslim immigrants and their descendants consciously see this as an opportunity to erode Europe’s indigenous base and make it more amenable to Islamization.

The more Europe gives out concessions, the greater and more onerous the additional demands it will face from migrants.

Should MS804’s bloody end be shown to have been the work of extraterrestrials, the Flying Spaghetti Monster or God, the argument above still stands. SJWs’ exaggerated rejoicing when a deadly or otherwise violent event is not the work of Islamic terrorists or migrants shows just how many unacceptable incidents involving foreigners and their progeny are occurring right now.

Let’s fight terrorism and “racism” by me being cuckolded!

The body language here says it all, sadly. If he’s already looking like he’s about to get kicked out of a photo, what about his relationship?

Insofar as MS804’s demise will matter to SJWs, it will be used as a pretext to batten down the hatches. Expect them to insist that only the reason why previous attempts at letting in over a million “refugees” failed to achieve peace and “tolerance” is because those efforts simply did not go far enough. The so-called racism of a majority of the German, French, British and other European populations will be to implicitly, sometimes explicitly rationalize MS804. That the biggest number of victims were Egyptians does not obscure how the airliners and cities invariably targeted are either European or directly linked with Europe, such as leaving a major European airport. The Egyptian passengers and crew were seen as traitors to Islam, plain and simple.


How will these SJWs excuses crystallize in real life? German and other governments will pump out more propaganda encouraging migrant men to copulate with and impregnate local women so the chances of them returning home fall from 20% to practically 0%. Welfare desperately needed for Europe’s legitimately sick and old, who have worked all their lives, will be reallocated to migrants whose refugee status is dubious at best. All in all, austerity will be felt by the rest of the population, while millions of new and recent migrant arrivals live on what limited largesse Europe has left. Oh, and more men with poor body language will feature in photos of a migrant man about to steal his European wife.

Some of the more common cries from SJWs after MS804 and similar happenings are bound to be something like:

  • “The most popular party ahead of the Dutch elections is racist Geert Wilders’!!”
  • “Too many people in France are supporting Marine Le Pen, particularly after the Bataclan attacks!!”
  • “More than half of migrant crime [everything from petty theft to rape and murder] is because of racism!!”

As you can see, the same crowd opposed to any form of “victim-blaming” for those alleging rape are surprisingly open to condoning the deaths of Europeans and other Westerners at the hands of non-Western terrorists and migrants.

Europe faces an existential threat it is either too weak or too cowardly to fight

Common sense politicians like Marine Le Pen are perennially labeled as extremists for pointing out that Europe is destroying itself with moronic immigration and other social policies.

Europe is afraid of younger, more fecund and audacious peoples both within its territory and outside them. Being European, notably a white European, has become a wellspring for self-hatred. The tragic circumstances behind MS804’s loss will paradoxically exacerbate this feeling amongst many Europeans, most of all SJWs. Many will blame Europeans for this event. Meanwhile, those firm enough to demand changes to the lunacy of Europe’s border policies will be again castigated as racists and extremists ad nauseam, despite being the only group without blood on their hands.

The Bataclan massacre did not steer Europe away from self-made disaster. Neither did the mass rapes in Cologne and other European cities. Unless Europeans are prepared for drastic changes in government and are not only prepared but incensed enough to take to the streets, more attacks like the one on MS804 are going to happen. It is not a matter of if, only when.

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