Earlier this month, an altercation occurred at the House of Commons that the Canadian media did not hesitate to describe as a “mêlée”. During a session, Justin Trudeau brushed female MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau with his elbow, while trying to pull the Conservative Whip through the crowd in order to start the vote. That is it.

The Conservative Whip was trying to regain his seat, as the vote was about to take place. His way was intentionally blocked by members of the opposition (a well known maneuver to slow down the voting process when unfavourable). Premier Justin Trudeau left his seat in order to assist him. He did not see the female PM behind him and pushed her unintentionally.

The “elbowgate”

It is a scene that anyone witnesses on a daily basis in any crowded place.

But there, all hell broke loose. Cries of “misogyny,” “molestation,” and “violence against women” start to fly around. What is a feminist like Trudeau to do in this situation? That’s right: Say sorry many times.

So there goes the weakest beta boy move I have seen Trudeau do. He grovels in apologies. He stammers and sweats. He is not guilty, it is not his fault but it sure does not look like it. Adding insult to injury, he carries on apologizing while the harpies and white knights turn the blade in the wound.

How not to say sorry

He could have done things differently. Leaving the House. Denial. Scoffing. Flipping her the bird. Anything would have been better than this display of utter humiliation. It is the textbook version of how not to apologise. His apology is not accepted, the faux outrage seems real and his enemies are in a stronger position than ever.

Not only did he look fragile and helpless that day, but he kept going in a cringe-worthy display of public humiliation the next day. By god, that man has a severe lack of testicles.

By all the gods, will you stop being such a doormat!

By all the gods, will you stop being such a doormat!

Even that would have been better

Even that would have been better

The irony of fate

His feminist political image comes back to bite him in the arse. One cannot help but feel the irony. But although I am far from sharing Trudeau’s political views and I am convinced that he is incompetent as a politician, I feel for him as a man. What good can possibly come from such an act of surrender? Let it be a cautionary tale for those who think you can reason with the terrorists of feminism.

Gomeshi and Trudeau, cannibalized by their feminist allies.

Gomeshi and Trudeau, cannibalized by their feminist allies.

Trudeau crystallizes what is missing in today’s men. A severe lack of strength, self-worth and self-respect. Men living in a bubble where they believe that touching someone with their arm by accident is a war crime. How do you expect these people to lead?


Far away are the days when Trudeau had the minerals to challenge a male MP on the ring, even if it was for charity

Who is Ruth Ellen Brosseau?


Standard “problem glasses”. Nothing out of the ordinary

Ruth Ellen Brosseau, 32, that “had to leave the House” because it was “very overwhelming.” She “could not vote because of this.”

A chubby 6 with an almost cute face but no arse, gets hit unintentionally by a skinny man that is probably lighter than her judging by her rump. She probably has rougher sex at least twice a week, and she used to work as a bartender and was probably exposed to drunk men and bar fights.


“That’s how my b-hole looks like now. Thank you, feminism!”

Was her reaction excessive when Trudeau shuffled her? Could she be crying wolf for attention or in order to destabilize her rival over a “violence bait”?

She has a familiar profile


Two years ago, a single mom working as a bartender at Carleton’s Oliver’s Pub shocked herself and everyone else by getting elected as an MP.

Oh, Canada. You so silly. “Vegas girl,” “accidental politician,” “phantom MP”. She has been lampooned for years for her incompetence but if you dare criticize her presence in the House of Commons and her competence as a politician, you must be a cis-gender, sexist frat boy.

The question remains. Can we trust this woman or is she lying? Her lies have been exposed before, regarding her university degree for example, as she dropped out before completing it. What better way to test her integrity and seriousness than to index it on the universal indicator, her level of slutiness? As we know, sluts cannot be trusted.

Place your bets, please

Let’s see how she scores on the slutiness card, using Tuthmosis’ lists of 50 slut tells (1), (2) and her various biographical elements:

1. Has tattoos

Fortunately for her, the national media missed all five of her tattoos, her pierced lip (…) ottawamagazine.com

2. Piercings outside of the traditional earlobe placement Yes. See above

3. Has the “slut face”

It was the House of Commons or amateur mommy porn

It was the House of Commons or camgirl porn

4. Cusses a lot

Watch out, Cicero! A real orator is in da house

Watch out, Cicero! A real orator is in da house

She resents the way the media singled her out — “I thought it was shit, real crap,” she said — but accepts it.

Seven words. Two profanities. It was an official public interview between her, an MP, an a journalist that took only a few minutes. Yet she could not refrain from swearing.

5. Not ticklish She is not ticklish indeed. Except when you use your elbows. Then, boy are you in for a treat!

6. Broaches the topic of illegal drugs (even marijuana) without prompting

illegal drugs

7. Has big tits

Yes. Even if it is mainly due to body fat.

Yes. Even if it is mainly due to body fat.

8. Shows excessive skin for weather conditions No, but she lives in Canada. It could be risky, with all the cold and the rape culture.

9. Has extra body hair (arms, girl-sideburns, girl-mustache) and/or a low speaking voice

Yes. Deep voice.

10. Associates with confirmed sluts

She went to Vegas with a girlfriend to create distance from the ritual her life had become

11. Shows interests in girls, has “hooked up” with girls, or claims to be “bi-sexual.” N/A

12. Is currently, or was at some point, in a sorority N/A

13. Has traveled alone, or with only girls, to fuck-fest locations (e.g., Jamaica)

Vegas. The City of Sin nonetheless. This gem:

She went to Vegas with a girlfriend to create distance from the ritual her life had become: taking care of Logan, her beloved son, a fifth year of living back at home with her parents and working days and nights in a bar, serving drinks

Playing the mum is to hard. Time for a cockfest in Vegas.

14. Was a cheerleader in high school N/A

15. Went, or goes, to a known party college (e.g., Arizona State, USC, UC Santa Barbara)

She dropped from St. Lawrence College before working as a bartender on Carleton University’s campus in Ottawa.

Carleton viewed by its students

Carleton viewed by its students

16. Lost her virginity on the younger side (15 and down)

The boy is 14. Ruth Ellen Brosseau is 31. Do the maths, she became a mum at 17, an age where you are still a teenager. lapresse.ca


Mum at 17. Child most likely conceived at 16. Lost her virginity before that

17. Likes tequila shots or party drugs (e.g., Extasy/MDMA)

Yes. She was a bartender. That is almost a requirement.

18. Is “friends” with DJs, promoters, or other small-time pseudo-celebs

Yes. And it will only get worse from now on.

19. Is an artist, or a wannabe “model” who has done “photo shoots.”

Now that she is an MP, getting her picture taken is all she does. Apparently, her campaign poster sample photograph was one of her selfies.

20. Broaches the topic of sex first

That is pretty much all she can bring to the table, being a single mom, you go grrrl party wench. So yeah. A man that meets her will have the prospect of a bang advertised early.

21. Has a bad relationship with her father and/or has divorced parents

Yes. Teen mom. Dropped her kid on her parents to slut it up working in bars. Left the child behind to slut it up in Vegas. How would you react as her father?

22. Describes herself as a feminist or with any of its jargon (“pansexual,” “demi-sexual,” “cis-gendered”)

Capture d’écran (547)

“Happy Woman’s Day!” Letters read “We are feminist politicians!”

23. Has an even, nice tan that she maintains 

Yep, that's defo natural

i am suspicious of your tan

24. Hair dyed a nontraditional color (e.g., blue) N/A

25. She smokes (cigarettes)


26. Has mostly “guy friends.” Yes. She always had and despite her government’s effort to kick out white males from the House of Commons, the Sikhs, Muslims or Aboriginal males will still be around to have coffee break fun with.

27. Wears color contacts N/A

28. Has slutty role models like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, or any of the Kardashians N/Akk

29. Wears hoop earrings N/A

30. Grew up with multiple brothers, especially if they’re older N/A

31. Went to Catholic- or all-girls school (during or after puberty)

But by the time R.E. got to be 16, her world was about to change. For months, she had been dating the most popular boy in school; for once, she had missed taking her pill and became pregnant with Logan.

Much better than that. Her highschool consisted in banging the popular jerkboy, then changing diapers.

32. Has a loud voice and/or a loud laugh Yes

33. Is an athlete, especially at the elite level No. Her physical shape confirms that she is not and has never been

34. Drinks manly drinks


35. Is an inveterate online attention-whore (i.e., has thousands of Facebook “friends,” regularly uploads tons of sexy “selfies,” includes herself in pictures of everything she “shares”) 

images (1)

Yes. Whoring for attention is her raison d’être and explains why this whole storm in a teacup started.

36. Majored in psychology No. She did not major. She had a child out of wedlock instead.

37. Doesn’t object to, or outright proposes, unprotected sex early on Yes. See previous answer and find a correlation

38. Is good at giving blow jobs She’s 32. Started fucking around 16. With a career of 16 years with no husband, few years at university and a job that involves bonding with drunk people, I am pretty sure she knows how to give a decent blowie.

39. Claims to be “good at dancing” but doesn’t do any formal dances (e.g., tango) N/A

40. Is a single mother. Yes. Yes. Ten times yes

Hush, hush! Daddy government will take care of you now

Hush, hush! Daddy government will take care of you now

41. Describes herself as polyamorous, “into kink,” sex-positive, or simply as being “sexual.” N/A

42. Moved to New York City at some point in her life but isn’t actually from there Moved to the equivalent capital city to live alone with her son while occupying a position in a male-dominated environment

43. Has fake tits or, worse, a fake ass. No. If they were, I’d ask my money back to the plastic surgeon.

44. Is a “fag-hag” (a.k.a. “fruit fly”)

Capture d’écran (542)

“Love is a hundred times stronger than hate. Well done, Google!”

Her party, The NDP

Her party, The NDP

45. Is into “cosplay.” N/A

46. Is on birth control, but not in a relationship

After one unwanted child, she probably takes the steps to avoid it again. Although she has proven to be irresponsible

47. Is always late to things 

Yes. She was late to vote after the elbow nuclear attack and had to leave. Was also late on her menstrual cycle a couple of years back.

48. Has an oversized man-jaw or a big mouth

Hellz yeah! Manjaw!

Hellz yeah! Manjaw!

49. Is somewhat overweight. 

Girls who dance around the 6 range—especially if it’s because of their dumpy, unfit physiques—are sufficiently attractive to participate in the sexual marketplace, but not cute enough to compete with the real hotties. They’ll make up the difference by being easy.

Right on the money

Right on the money

50. Her mother is a slut. Like mother, like daughter. N/A

Verdict: 34 out of 50

Solid results. Not the Queen of Sluts, but a prime lying slut indeed.

Feminists do not have allies, they have tools


It is simply the Michelle Fields case all over again. A plain woman in the shadows that recognizes an opportunity to be in the spotlights when she sees it, no matter the consequences or how she might destroy a man’s world.

In Brosseau’s own words: “I am a tough woman, I know how to stand up and deal with situations,” she said. “I was just shocked … I was overwhelmed.” She completely contradicts her statement. This woman should not be in a position where she can take decisions.

But people are not as stupid as the power hopes they are. The world quickly reacted to Brosseau lies.


Conclusion: If you ever apologize, do it correctly

Trudeau made one fatal mistake: play by the rules of his foes. But once in a lifetime, there is no other option but to apologise. But there is a way to do it.

Enter Trump and his feminist nemesis Kelly. He has to apologise. And he does it brilliantly. Starts at 6:08. It is all in the formula.

He does not believe a word of it. He uses the fact that he will benefit from this apology more than it would cost him. Using disbelief before that, then two words: “S’cuse me” *cheeky grin*.

Case closed. Tingles on overdrive. Megyn is hooked. She has never smiled like that when interacting with a man on air. You could hear the sploosh from a mile away.

Trump decided to apologize for something that he believed in and knowingly did. Trudeau was forced to apologize for something that he was not guilty of.

Saturday May 21, 2016

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