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I’ve been a graduate student in psychology for the past four years. And every day I become more dumbfounded by how unhelpful if not damaging the field has become.

Every criticism of psychology you’ve heard, or expressed yourself, is correct. It’s unscientific, it’s driven by feminism, it views masculinity as toxic, it perpetuates subjectivism through identity politics, and it would sooner validate our problems than help us solve them. It’s Hillary’s campaign platform in academic form.

If a civil engineer conducted himself like a psychologist, he would write a book about how bridges are impossible to build and then insist anyone who has built a bridge only does so by oppressing minorities.

But each one of these problems with psychology is connected—each is rooted in the field’s two main problems.

1. Psychology is run by women

Aussie women 2

Psychology is a soft science, so it has become overrun by soft people: women. They have turned the field into a barrage of gratitude lists, emotional indulgences, and safe spaces. This is great for women—not so great for men, because now we have come see psychological health as becoming feminized. A rabbit may as well teach a wolf how to hunt.

2. It’s based on post-modern philosophy

Medieval philosophy

Psychology, as it’s studied and practiced today, has been deformed since it was a sapling. It grew out of the philosophy of the 1800s, the century that started by ending the Enlightenment and ended by starting Communism. The field’s fertilizer has been critical theory in which freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, and a man can be a woman if he puts on a wig. Psychology is the abused stepchild of a century that couldn’t appreciate its potential.

The Reformation

At Animus, we’ve developed a system of psychology that looks past the 200 years of post-Enlightenment philosophy to the philosophy of the Ancient Greeks. We were able to do this because we’re men and so able to comprehend philosophy.


As Plato unified philosophy by its fundamental components, we’ve unified psychology by its fundamental components. We distill the pseudoscientific mess of today’s psychology to its purified form.

After hundreds of essays, five ebooks, and 120 pages of notes on the history of philosophy, we’re releasing a magazine. You can pre-order your copy of the first issue. Yes, it’s a Kickstarter page, but not a donation page. (You can donate if you want, but we’d rather give you value for value.)

Psychology can be a powerful field, a force to help men with, as Aristotle would say, the form of their issues. And this magazine is the next step in making that happen. As such, it’s more than a magazine—it represents the obliteration of a field that has tried its best to usurp masculinity and turn everything that makes life enjoyable as men against us.

Why this matters

Every problem in our lives is psychological.

No career path? We haven’t developed our identity to the point where we’re the kind of man who can choose a career path.

Not getting laid? We have avoided or unacknowledged anxiety around women, and we don’t know who we are in relation to women.

No friends? We prefer isolation because our neurology hasn’t acclimated to social interaction.

Spend all day browsing the internet and complaining about women? All of the above.

Every problem comes down to psychology.

When we grasp psychology in the same way we grasp any other science, like botany, then we can understand, elucidate, and so overcome our problems. Consequently, cultivating a healthy psychology is as easy as cultivating a garden—it may take time, but principles make progress measurable and guarantee our eventual success.

Pre-order your copy of the first issue of Animus.

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