Much of the importance of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has come not from his specific policy positions, but what he represents. Much in the same way that Trump’s brash, outspoken style has helped roll back political correctness and shift American political dialogue to the right, his unabashedly masculine personality has (in the words of my friend the Bechtloff) been an injection of testosterone directly into the nation’s bloodstream.

The left has taken notice of this: in the past week, there have been a wave of MSM stinkpieces deriding Trump as a “mens’ rights activist” (a catch-all term for any anti-feminist man) and “sexist.” This past weekend, the New York Times attempted to lambaste Trump for acting like a normal, heterosexual man by publishing an “expose” of his relationships with the women he’s interacted with over the years:

Donald Trump and women: The words evoke a familiar cascade of casual insults, hurled from the safe distance of a Twitter account, a radio show or a campaign podium. This is the public treatment of some women by Mr. Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president: degrading, impersonal, performed. “That must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees,” he told a female contestant on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Rosie O’Donnell, he said, had a “fat, ugly face.” A lawyer who needed to pump milk for a newborn? “Disgusting,” he said.

If any other conservative candidate was attacked in this manner, he’d immediately drop to his knees and beg for forgiveness. Instead, Trump has refused to apologize, and with the revelation that one of the interview subjects had her words twisted to make it look like she was attacking him, the story—and the New York Times—has been completely discredited.

Similarly, writing for New York Magazine’s new “Beta Male” blog (no, I’m not making that name up), Jonathan Chait attacked Trump for pointing out obvious realities of life for men in America:

About a week ago, Donald Trump managed to say something noteworthy even by Trumpian standards, and unusually revealing. “All of the men, we’re petrified to speak to women anymore, we may raise our voice — you know what, the women get it better than we do, folks, they get it better than we do.” This was remarkable not only in its ignorance of well-established inequalities between male and female pay and household burdens, among other things, but also in Trump’s bizarre political thought process. Trump had casually reverted to discussing men and women as “we” and “they,” as though he were addressing a men’s-rights rally rather than competing for an electorate in which women will compose some 53 percent. “Us versus them” is a standard trope for demagogues, but demagogues usually grasp that the “them” is supposed to be an unpopular subgroup, not a constituency that will cast a majority of the ballots.

Chait derisively refers to Trump’s vision of masculinity as a “cult” instead of what it actually is: the normal state of men in the world. For years, Return Of Kings and other anti-feminist sites have tracked the decline of masculinity and femininity in America due to leftist brainwashing and government social engineering, culminating in the rise of social justice warriors, transsexuality and other sexually dysfunctional subcultures. Merely by being a masculine man in a sea of whiny androgynes, Trump is inspiring a rejuvenation of manliness in America.

Cucked Up Beyond All Reason


One of the massive contradictions of mainstream conservatism is that while it purports to advocate for traditional values and gender roles, its leading figures are all sackless losers. An illustrative example is Ben Howe, an editor for RedState and one of the loudest voices of the slowly-dying #NeverTrump movement. Howe’s wife divorced him and flaunted it in an editorial for the leftist Huffington Post, which combined with his Tweet referring to Trump’s wife Melania as a “whore,” gave rise to the #CuckHowe hashtag on Twitter.


GOP cucksultant Rick Wilson is another fine example of the overly feminized nature of mainstream conservatives. Last summer, Wilson had a public meltdown, claiming that a Breitbart reader had threatened to rape his daughter after the site attacked him for his views on Donald Trump. After conservative pundit Ann Coulter made fun of Wilson’s hysteria, he responded by asking her if Trump paid her for anal sex, backing down after he was the target of an online backlash.

But no man better exemplifies the testosterone-deprived nature of modern cuckservatives than their standard bearer, former presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Cruz is by far the biggest whiner to ever run for high office, blaming the failure of his campaign on media bias and threatening reprisals against those who “supported” Trump’s rise. Similarly, Cruz’s cult-like supporters respond to attacks on him by acting like crybabies, sniveling about “bias” and acting like nerds who’ve been pantsed. Contrast this with how Trump supporters defend their candidate by trolling his enemies and making funny memes.

Dad vs. Mom


Trump’s masculine persona is an invaluable asset for the general election given the creatures that the Democrats are putting forth to oppose him. Hillary Clinton, the presumptive nominee, is a shrill harridan who irritates men and women alike with her obnoxious voice and phony persona. Bernie Sanders, her erstwhile opponent, is a sackless chump who lets angry black women steal his microphone and dumps a load in his diaper when protesters heckle him at his rallies. The contrast between them and Trump could not be starker.

In a country threatened by illegal immigration and Muslim terrorism, voters are looking to a strong leader to protect them, and Trump is the only one who fits the bill. Early polling showing Trump gaining on Hillary shows this. In particular, polls have begun showing that Trump has an unusual amount of strength among Hispanics, with one poll showing him winning a majority of Latino voters, his stance on illegal aliens notwithstanding. This shouldn’t be too much of a shock: anyone who thought that Latinos, steeped as they are in a culture of machismo, would vote in huge numbers for a shrieking termagent like Hillary Clinton is smoking something strong.

Again, while it’s too early to say how the election will unfold, Donald Trump’s shamelessly masculine persona has been a massive boon to the American social fabric. He may not be able to make America great again, but he’s helping make men great again.

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