One sad fact of the world today is that the single earner household is all but dead and gone. While in the past a man could graduate high school and find a job that would give him enough income to support a family, have nice vacations, and buy a new car every five years, this is no longer possible even with both husband and wife working. And many career choices are no longer good long term options for men graduating today. With that in mind I encourage anyone planning their career to strongly consider working in the mental health field.

1. 25% of American women are mentally ill


As we previously reported, at least a fourth of all American women are mentally ill. Many unsuspecting men will become involved with these women, which will cause at least a few of them to go crazy as well. With a considerable portion of the population needing your services, that’s what we call job security.

2. Increase in mentally ill behaviors


Tattoos, piercings, skrillex haircuts, one night stands, double digit abortions, and neon hair dying are all on the rise. These types of behaviors have a hive-like incubation effect, which spreads rapidly to other women. These behaviors are signs of a future lifetime of severe mental illness starting in the woman’s 30s. The market for this will be huge, and the industry won’t have enough staff to take on all the new patients.

3. New disorders are created all the time


In 1952 the first edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, aka the DSM, was published, with 60 different categories of mental illness. A committee of psychologists, mental health experts, the World Health Organization, and others collaborated and came up with 60 precise, definite different types of mental illness that one could diagnose. Fast forward to 2016 and the 5th edition of this manual lists a whopping 300+ disorders, including such new additions as hoarding, caffeine withdrawal, and disruptive mood dysregulation disorders (temper tantrums). Meanwhile, homosexuality was removed in the 1970s.


Additionally, the authors openly state they plan to accelerate the publication of new editions and will be adding more and more disorders. If you are a mental health worker, more diagnoses = more patients for you and more money.

4. Restless leg syndrome


Hippocrates ALMOST included these in his early medical diagnoses

With over 300 mental illnesses, it is incredibly easy to qualify for mental illness. If you are a mental health worker, you have more freedom than a police chief with a brand new ticket book to create a disorder to fit whoever is in front of you. One of my favorite examples is restless leg syndrome (formerly known as fidgeting).

Congressman Henry Waxman recently criticized this saying “I don’t think there is such a thing as restless leg syndrome. I thought that restless leg syndrome was a disease that was created by a drug company that wanted to sell a drug for a disease they had created.”

Indeed, side effects of the drugs used to treat tapping your feet include causing you to fall asleep during normal activities such as driving, causing you to faint or fall asleep while standing up, increased gambling or sexual urges, nausea, vomiting, anal bleeding, dizziness and drowsiness. I’d take a pill to get rid of all THOSE symptoms if it made me tap my leg!

5. Your income is guaranteed by the full force of the U.S. government


The Affordable Care Act was ruled by the Supreme Court to be Constitutional, and forces most Americans to buy a private health insurance policy from a number of well-connected for profit insurance companies, which includes mental health care. Your customers are literally forced to pay for your services. And you have an array of disorders which you can label them with. Easy money.

There is a huge untapped market out there, as sadly, many women are suffering from multiple mental disorders but have not even been diagnosed. Be part of the solution. Sign up now and be ready to treat all the casualties of feminism, which should provide you with an income big enough to enjoy any sane woman—providing you can find one.

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