We all know how bad Western women have it today with daily misogyny and sexism. I therefore propose a solution that will satisfy all parties while liberating women once for all: All Western women, especially the wealthy white feminists who face the worst oppression ever in the history of humanity, should wear niqabs, burqas, or other forms of veils to empower themselves. Read the following seven reasons and you’ll see how they’re the greatest weapons ever against the evil patriarchy.

1. It’s not oppressive at all

First, in spite of what many in the West might say, the veils are not oppressive to women at all. If anything, they’re quite liberating as we shall see later on.

The key is to wear it because you want to while rationalizing that it’s empowering. Just as men giving you attention for looking feminine is harassment while dressing like a slut to attention-whore is empowering, all that matters is the intention and the justification you spin out of your emotional mind.

But don’t you have to be a Muslim to wear one?

Not necessarily. And who cares if it means stopping daily misogyny? Some women have already experimented and described feeling “liberated.” You should also know that many Muslim women wear the veil and identify themselves as feminists at the same time. So, drop your prejudice and don’t be afraid to give it a try!

2. Overcome patriarchal air conditioners

What other female fashion can be worn in both desert and snow?

Did you know that the patriarchy has been employing an invisible weapon to put women down in corporate workplaces? That’s right. These pesky sexist men have been trying to undermine your work performance by keeping the air conditioners at a room temperature to make you feel uncomfortable when you decide to wear your tank tops and shorts to the office.

By wearing a veil to cover yourself, you’re giving a big collective middle finger to your sexist male co-workers by keeping yourself nice and warm. Take that, patriarchy!

3. You won’t have to shave or take care of yourself anymore

Just enough slit on the eyes to do your all-important texting.

Feminists complain about having to shave their legs, armpits, as well as having to maintain their hair, put on make-up, and so on even as they rationalize that they’re not doing it to impress men. Why bother wasting your time with like that when you can just wake up in the morning and put on a niqab instead? It will save you enormous amount of time each day which you can then allocate to your precious texting and social media time.

4. You won’t be objectified


Feminists complain that women are being sexually objectified all the time (yet don’t mind marching around in their underwears with “slut” written all over their bodies). If you don’t like being sexually objectified, why not simply cover yourself? A simple burqa on you means no more street harassment, no more workplace harassment, and no more being judged based on your looks. Us men will benefit too by not having to look at your ugly and hate-ridden faces.

But sorry fatties, it won’t make you look slimmer.

5. It’s the best anti-rape defense

You think these women get cat-called and raped by evil Western men?

How about a using it as a way to survive our rape-apocalypse where one in four women are raped every single day (no exaggeration, it’s all supported by feminist data)? What man would dare jump you and try to rape you when they don’t even know what you look like on the inside? What man would get turned on just by looking at a drape of curtain? It will even prevent drunk rape where you wake up feeling like a slut and decide to ruin a man’s life by accusing him of rape because no man would even hit on you to begin with. It’s the best anti-rape defense ever for women concerned for their own safety.


6. Be unique without self-mutilation

So many colors to show off your unique identity!

Far too many Western women are mutilating themselves to show how unique and special they are. Why damage yourself to meet patriarchal standards of uniqueness? So, instead of getting silly tattoos (that you’ll likely regret in the future), chopping off your hair to look like a punk rocker, or getting piercings like some African tribal warrior, why not just wear a veil? Tattoos and colored hair are so mainstream now, you can do much better to show off what a special snowflake you are with your unique fashion.

7. Attract the right man

You probably wouldn’t get as many Tinder matches though.

Tired of losers and douchebags who just want you for sex? By wearing a veil, you can attract your own Mr. Perfect. Instead of being judged by your body and looks, you’ll attract men who will value you for your… uh… um…

Education and career!

Yes, men will finally ignore your aesthetics and whatever little femininity you have and appreciate you for your hard-earned college degree and desk job. You’re guaranteed to have a line of men waiting for a chance to date you.

So, will the Western women do it?

“Is my Pussy Pass still valid if I’m covered up?”

No, of course not. Who are we kidding?

Western women, even the feminists, intrinsically understand that their women card is too valuable to throw away. They still want to whore for attention and feed their egos over on Instagram and Tinder (even as they complain about sexual objectification); they still want thirsty men to worship them just for not being a land-whale; the ugly ones will still want to engage in reaction-formation and purposely augment their ugliness to disgust men; they want to slut around with all the sexist and masculine men they claim to despise; they still believe the burden of rape is solely on the entire male gender while they themselves lead irresponsible lives; and so on.

The very thought that they should even make an ounce of effort to keep themselves accountable for themselves without blaming and controlling men is completely alien and unacceptable for them; they’ll just come up with excuses after excuses to avoid taking responsibility for their own lives.

The feminists have no solution to any of their complaints, and that is by design. Feminists need to keep their torch of victimhood burning forever so that they can continue blaming their problems on men and society at large while they themselves want an impossible dream of being able to eat their cake and have it too. Feminists of today will never stop complaining and whining until stronger men come to put them in their places. Maybe then they will gladly consider wearing niqabs or burqas to submit to more masculine men with powerful ideology (like they already do in Europe).

In cucked Sweden even the men wear veils.

After all, feminists are still women; they will always submit to the strong and repudiate the weak. Why would they respect feeble Western men who can’t even defend their own culture and family values? Why would they be attracted to insecure men who are afraid of their own masculinity and sexual attraction? Perhaps that was their goal all along: to filter out the weak men with their tantrums and see which men will overcome their giant shit-test.

A test which the majority of Western men failed miserably by trying to be nice and reasonable.

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