Tuthmosis’ seminal ROK lists paved the way in matter of divining slut tells. While the signs are generally applicable to most girls under the sun, I noticed that they had a pronounced American flavour. So it is now time to expose the sluts of the East.

Eastern European girls are lovely but they remain women. I love their character and idiosyncracies. But as I am a cynic by nature, here is are some signs that you should look for that I gathered after years of observations.

1. She exposes her belly button (without being in bikini)


This one is especially relevant if the temperature is quite low. More skin exposed, more attention wanted. It is generally the mark of an especially childish and irresponsible girl.

For Eastern European girls it is quite normal to show cleavage or wear skirts, as it is a traditional feminine attribute. But the slutty belly show is quite recent as it was considered indecent (if not on a beach) in the Socialist era.

2. She is past 25 and is not married

EE considers girls over 25 who are not engaged or married to be social failures. The family members, especially the female ones, constantly remind them of it. I have observed firsthand on a few occasions girls that are in a state of depression because they did not manage to secure a husband at that age. They are significantly easier to lay as well, as they have usually a higher notch count and some kind of a despair for a cock that comes with a prospect of relationship.

3. She declares that she does not like to clean


If you see her as potential relationship material, reconsider right now. EE girls are natural at cleaning and expected to do so. “You are the man, you need to rest” is what i often hear.

If you go to hers and she says her place is a mess (and not the euphemism one) and you discover that she has clothes on the floor and everything is out of place, beware. She is careless and has probably the same behavior towards sex and protection. Also she will transmit this poisonous absence of discipline to her offspring, guaranteed. See this A.V. Yader piece for more info.

4. She can’t cook for shit


Same as above, it is expected of them to take care of their man. Their mothers have prepared them since their childhood for this. She does not need to be Gordon Ramsay, but she needs to be able to cook varied, healthy food for a long period.

5. She is well traveled, even if it is just in Europe

The only excuse she has if she traveled around is if she did it with her immediate family. The other options are previous boyfriends (loads of places, rarely with the same guy), her girlfriends (worse) or alone (the worst). If she is decent looking, she got hit on by the local guys and she did not spend her Friday nights at the library.

6. You banged her on the first night

No matter how bloody smooth you are, you should always tick when it happens and should definitely leave her in the “easy girl” box. Slut points if she was drunk (frowned upon in the East for a girl to be anything more than “very slightly tipsy”).

7. The names from her social circles are not native

Gigantic red flag. The local guys are in majority looking for a girlfriend or wife. This leaves the foreigners around her to satisfy her urges. She likes foreign culture, ergo she is partial to a foreign knob that is not designed to be static.

8. She is on Instagram


Useless look at me site. My life as a bartender in Subotica is not that interesting. How can I get more likes? Cleavage shots!

Their native place is not dashingly pretty. They need a pretty exotic place for the pictures. How do you reach exotic places when you are a pretty girl and poor?

9. She turns up to the date not dressed to the nines

If she is meeting you for a date and she is not dressed to impress, there is something very wrong going on. Flat shoes, t-shirts, jeans (not “jeggings” or tight, “elegant” jeans), sneakers… It could mean a few things: She does not see you as a romantic prospect, she could not be bothered, or that is her idea of a date outfit. Don’t listen to the “yes but if maybe” that your cock clings to. Hit the bricks.

10. She has traveled to Dubai

She was not there for the libraries either. If she is relatively pretty and you somehow did not hear about that phenomenon, read on.

11. She lives alone


Not with flatmates or with the family? Either career obsessed, divorced, or wants to avoid the neighbors’ questions. Unload and leave.

12. You met her at a “gringo” place

There might be the excuse that she followed a friend (“birds of a feather flock together”) for her birthday or “has not been there in a while.” See the “I only had three boyfriends” line.

13. She uses the word “player”

She calls you out for escalating, not by playfully delaying it but putting it in words in the “I know what you are doing” way. She calls you out on sleeping with local girls before, or tries to shame you on being sexual after meeting her even is she looks like the slutty type. She has been pumped and dumped before and recognizes a foreign smooth talker when she sees one. One that is not convincing enough this time.

14. She does not follow your plans for a date

Proposes a “better” one, shit tests you on your authority or cuts short to the date to “meet some friends.” She will compare your mettle to the local guys and the vast spectrum of her experiences, which can oscillate between play doh nice guys or gym rat criminal hooligan. You can pass with flying colors no doubt. But if you are not a priority, neither is a relationship with you.

15. She does not pay for a round


If she does not buy drinks or propose to do it or, for the most FSU or similar traditional places, at the very least say “thank you,” you are being played. Best case scenario, you’ll score once after considerable amount of times or investment. Worst case scenario, you are the warm-up before her local man rolls in.


16. She criticizes your home

Night is going fine. You bring her over, she overtly criticizes your above average flat. She is probably rude and you are unlikely to fuck (that night). Three of the many possible answers: 1) “The door is there if you don’t like it”, 2) “Don’t push it. 30 years ago, you would have lived in a Soviet block with no hot water”, 3) “There is no difference when the lights are off.”

17. She is not religious

She hates going to church and says it out loud. She claims to be an atheist or laughs at her grandmother for going to church every week. This is a woman that has turned her back one of the pillars of her culture. Don’t expect her to have any respect for yours.

18. She has been drunk, even once, to sickness

Finding a Western girl that has not done it a few times is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It is still a rare occurrence among EE girls, although the global free, independent thought is doing its work. Try to focus your efforts on a girl that actually dislikes the fact that the local guys get regularly smashed into oblivion.

The only acceptable level she should have ever reached is “a bit tipsy” when she wants to dance. Period

19. She watches too much television


The tube directs her life. Instead of being productive, planning ahead, cleaning her place or having interesting hobbies, she is constantly stuck on her couch, digesting what MTV sends her, such as Warsaw Shore.

19. She is not a patriot (or the other extreme, she is hanging out with the neo-nazi or hooligan scene)

There are a only few things that I hate more than a non-constructive anti-patriot. If the Croatian or Ukrainian girl you meet is not anti-multiculturalism in her country or does not have “conservative” views, she will always be bitter about the place or leave eventually. If she says that her country is shit without bringing constructive criticism, she will not want her family to grow like she did. The other extreme is no better. Alpha violent men all around. “Let’s do pure babies together” kind of trip.

20. She hangs out at high-end venues ALL THE TIME

Always cruising around the well-known local “sponsor” and apex predator spots and would not go to a normal bar to save her life. She hangs out around rich men or men of status and name-drops whenever she has the chance.

21. She is too Westernized

Her English is too good, even if she did not leave abroad. You notice “hipster elements” in her behavior, she has tattoos, she likes hip hop or has her hair dyed in a non-traditional colour

22. She speaks openly about sex


This is still a taboo in EE’s traditional milieu. During the Communist time, sex was the only source of entertainment that could be not be totally controlled by the state. Add to that the religious fabric that preceded and replaced it and you have a textbook taboo subject. It should also come up as a red flag if she uses the English terminology. She did not learn the world “squirting” in a book.

23. She does not want a family in the near future

Probably the biggest red flag of all the list. It is her nature and it is expected of her in that environment. If she winces at the view of small children and fawns when she sees kittens, you know what to do.

24. She speaks badly of her family


It is central in that culture. If she does not pay respect to the parents that baptized her in secret during the Soviet times or acknowledges that the previous generation had it much worse than her or is not thankful, just pump and dump.

25. She has condoms

The etiquette of raw dogging is different there, more present. Probably because the girls are relatively monogamous in comparison to the West. They feel safer with reason. But she might insist on you wrapping it up. No probs, until she pulls put her own stock.

26. She is repulsed by the idea of violence, manliness, or weapons

She does not understand that a man could fight for his family, enjoy masculine hobbies or knows how to shoot. She wants a progressive man that reads poetry and is not ashamed to cry. Guaranteed successful relationship.

27. She has a slutty professional past


She’s worked in the bar, stripper, promotions, glamor and entertainment, PR, HR, PA, hospitality, airline and modeling industry. Or she has visited or hails from the sex industry hotspots of the world – Oscar Zach

Add to that cruise ship employee, “exotic dancer”, hairdresser and anything related to cosmetics (such as “nail artist” whatever the fuck that is). This is especially true in EE, where money is notoriously tight. Her family would shame her into finding another job and would rather support her and have her live at home than seeing her in those professions.

28. She studied or worked abroad

By abroad, I mean the Western world. Philology in Germany? Highly likely Franz’s wurst was part of the package.

29. She has short hair


Why would a man want to have sex with something that looks like an underfed woman that got sheared just after the locals found out she slept with the occupying army? I still do not get it, but I know guys out there who would sleep with short haired girls. Girls that voluntarily cut their hair short are mocked there by men and women alike. Don’t think she will let it grow for you either.

30. She has manly hobbies


Martial arts, automotive sports, drinking… One the other masculine hobbies she probably has is sleeping with many members of the opposite sex and forgetting their names.

There you have it. Keep banging as you please but if you even remotely consider going after something else with those girls, hear my words.

If you can think of some that you witnessed firsthand, share it by all means. What are other anti-LTR signs you have spotted in Eastern European girls?

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