Leftists tell us that feminism started in the 1960s as a way of achieving the liberal code word “equality.” What initially sounded like a noble venture has led to disastrous results. Even so, Marxists are nowhere near achieving their ultimate goal of either figuratively or literally neutering the entire population. The Transgenders and Toilets or Great Bathroom Debate, which effectively means people have been confused as to which bathroom to use in America by 0.3% of the population that identifies as transgender and a compliant, Marxist media are only pieces of a larger puzzle these lunatics are trying to put together. It helps to reference what the definition of Cultural Marxism is:

The gradual process of destroying all traditions, languages, religions, individuality, government, family, law and order in order to re-assemble society in the future as a communist utopia. This Utopia will have no notion of gender, traditions, morality, god or even family or the state.

For the purposes of this piece, we will focus on the liberal Utopian dream of no gender. Feminism is the first volley in this assault on the biological, psychological, and anatomical realities of gender. Feminism has been trying to masculinize women and feminize men for 50 years. It has yielded results that encourage the Marxists to push even harder towards their ultimate goal of an androgynous, sexless society. Men are becoming softer spoken, meeker, and we have even seen the rise of cuckoldry as a mainstream sexual fetish when in the past men would have killed another man who was banging their wife. The leftist rag The Daily Beast even ran an article praising it as the fetish of intellectuals:

Cuckoldry is defined as a wife’s infidelity. Chaucer and Shakespeare characterized it as the ultimate shame. So perhaps it’s no surprise that today it’s developed into a fairly popular fetish. The Internet is rife with husbands enthusiastically soliciting other men—often larger, hotter, sexier men than themselves—to have sex with their wives while they watch.

Once a month, Drs. Paul and Sally Pines, a pair of New York City-area Ph.D.s who have been married 25 years, check into a hotel suite with another man. As Paul looks on, Sally and the man snuggle up together on the couch like lovebirds. Soon their clothes are off, and before long, she’s wailing in ecstasy as the man has aggressive, passionate sex with her. Paul, helpless, can only watch and suffer. Afterward, Paul serves lunch to his wife and the man in the suite’s dining area; they eat in the nude before launching into another long, loud, sweaty session.

Beyond weird fetishes that turn men into eunuchs, on the other side women have become man-jawier, less fertile, career-obsessed, and manlier in the Anglo world. The fact this is happening is not an accident. Blogger Christina Laila wrote about these trends fulfilling part of a plan:

Gender inequality became the focus to breakdown Western culture. The strong family unit became a target. At the time, families consisted of a father who worked and provided for the family, while the mother stayed at home and reared children (often times elderly grandparents also lived in the home). In order to get the people to acquiesce and become part of the fodder, the leaders knew that they had to remove the father from the home and get women in the workforce. The ‘think tank’, Critical Theory was formed and so began the introduction to feminism and the idea that the two sexes are merely a ‘social construct’.

Marxists literally believe they can put an end to sex. As we are about to see, this idea will lead to a nightmare if brought to its conclusion.

Androgynous pods are the way of the future to far leftists

Androgynous pods are the way of the future to far leftists


Realizing the goal of eliminating the “concept” of man and woman would mean no more traditional sex roles, and it would mean that males and females would become androgynous corporate and government-serving pods. After all, to use Huxley’s term, viviparous reproduction will become a primitive relic once the New World Communist Order enlightens us all.

For you must remember that in those days of gross viviparous reproduction, children were always brought up by their parents and not in State Conditioning Centres.

“Human beings used to be …” he hesitated; the blood rushed to his cheeks. “Well, they used to be viviparous.”

“Quite right.” The Director nodded approvingly.

“And when the babies were decanted …”

“‘Born,'” came the correction.

“Well, then they were the parents—I mean, not the babies, of course; the other ones.”

The poor boy was overwhelmed with confusion.


“In brief,” the Director summed up, “the parents were the father and the mother.” The smut that was really science fell with a crash into the boys’ eye-avoiding silence. “Mother,” he repeated loudly rubbing in the science; and, leaning back in his chair, “These,” he said gravely, “are unpleasant facts; I know it. But then most historical facts are unpleasant.”

This concept of a sexless society was also dealt with a quarter of a century ago in a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode called The Outcast. The parallels between this episode and the path feminism and Marxism are taking us down is chilling:

According to their official doctrine, the J’naii had evolved beyond gender and thus view the idea of male/female sexuality as primitive. Those among the J’naii who view themselves as possessing gender are ridiculed, outcast, and forced to undergo “psychotectic therapy” – a form of therapy meant to remediate gender-specificity [essentially neutering people] and allow acceptance back into J’naii society. Soren [who feels like a woman] is essentially put on trial where she passionately defends herself and expresses her outrage at what their society does to those who are different. J’naii diplomats force Soren to undergo this therapy, citing reformed citizens’ newfound happiness and desire to be normal.

Traditional gender roles are already seen as “primitive” by Marxists, even though studies consistently show both men and women are happier when they conform to roles that have evolved in diverse societies all over the world and been a part of history for thousands of generations.

It does not require a huge leap of the imagination to think men and women who want to live their lives with traditional sex roles, have sex with each other, and reproduce through pregnancy will be taken to a State re-education camp, much in the same say Soren was.

Man trying to become a machine in search of Utopia was predicted by none other than Oswald Spengler

Man trying to become a machine in search of Utopia was predicted by none other than Oswald Spengler

Machine Culture

Drilling down to a more philosophical level, this strange sex and gender problem the West finds itself in the middle of is an offshoot of what Spengler called the spread of the Final World Sentiment of Western culture. He predicted the Final World Sentiment for Western culture would be Socialism and Communism from the year 1900, which is the culture’s innate desire to fulfill the promise of its Prime Symbol Infinity. To achieve an infinity of prosperity, heaven on earth in other words, Spengler said Western culture fundamentally believes man must not only design machines in search of this goal but one day become a machine.

From The New Modern Man article The Last Act: The Rise and End of the Machine Culture:

As the Final World Sentiment of Western man spreads (which Spengler said was the quest for a Socialist Utopia from the year 1900 onward) the Socialist longing develops into a desire to become God. This is a profound commentary on anti-religious Marxists of today and what they really want to accomplish by removing all biology from man. Cultural Marxism’s goal of stripping man of all traditions, individuality, religion, family, and even his gender – making both sexes androgynous as the sickness of feminism is attempting to do with disastrous results – represents Western man’s longing to achieve infinity: He must become a machine himself in order to become God.

This ultimately leads to catastrophe, which Spengler explained in Man and Technics is the engine that either causes a species to go extinct or for a mutation to spread throughout it. Scientifically, this fact is defined as punctuated equilibrium. Indeed the cycles of history show no deviation from a civilization ultimately sterilizing itself demographically, and often the last chapter of a civilization ends in catastrophe. The West might end up sterilizing itself not only demographically, but literally.

It is reasonable to think the West’s long arc through history could end in a catastrophe as it tries to figuratively or literally neuter the entire world to get rid of the “primitive” notion of men, women and sex. Beyond proving Freud’s penis envy theory correct, feminism and Marxism could be catastrophes that put the very survival of the human species into question.

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