So, you think white-knighting part-time isn’t enough and you want to be a full-time male feminist fighting for “equality”? Here is the only guide you’ll ever need to get started on your journey to becoming a feminist patsy.

1. Be a total loser

That’s too extreme; try castration instead.

First, before you even embark on your quest for self-degradation, be sure that you’re a total loser. A confident and self-respecting man reminds feminists of the patriarchy, so you must shed yourself of all masculinity and be a sniveling and groveling man-child to ensure that the feminists feel safe around you.

Remember: men who are drawn to feminism are human garbage by their nature. They don’t work out, they get bitchy and whiny, they’re poisoned with envy, they do nothing to improve themselves, women avoid them like rapists, they don’t ever accomplish anything worthwhile, they find glory in being friendzoned, and they have absolutely no value to the world. Deep inside, they themselves know that they’re low-grade shits, which is why they need to compensate for their worthlessness by seeking female approval.

Oh, sure there are few famous entertainers who pretend to be feminists to virtue signal, but you’re better than that. You’re not like them (of course you’re not, you’re a loser); instead, you want to be a genuine and humble every-day male feminist, right?

So, be sure to complete this step before moving onto the next. It’s mandatory.

2. Supplicate to women

All good feminist boys know that their very existence contributes to rape culture.

Now that you’ve established yourself as a loser, you must prove yourself worthy of being both a male and a feminist by supplicating to the womankind. You see, as a cis-scum and a potential rapist, you’re not welcomed in their terrorist movement. You must go below and beyond in your efforts to debase yourself to show that you’re not like those rapey, sexist men. No, you’re one of the “good” guys who does everything that women tell him to do, sort of like how a little boy does everything to win his mommy’s approval.

So, always do as women say and not as they do. Failure to accept women’s contradictory nature will lead to your failure as a male feminist.

3. Bash other men

Is this: A) Room full of women willing to date you for your valiant efforts, or, B) Room full of men you’ve converted to the feminist cause by bashing them?

Since women are clearly above men and completely free from criticism regardless of what they do (remember: any criticism of female behaviour is sexist), you have no one else to feel superior to than the other men. But since you’re a loser how can you compensate for this and feel good about yourself? It’s simple: bash other men for not being a good feminist dog like you.

It doesn’t matter how accomplished and decent another man is and how many women they are able to attract (unlike you), if they do not submit to the feminist dogma, you must shame and attack them with the same pitiful envy that you’ve adopted from your feminazi masters.

Are they giving tips on how to attract women? Call them losers and rapists (remember, projection is your weapon). Are they exposing feminist lies and double-standards? Avoid facts and just call them “misogynists.” Sure, you might piss them off and encourage more of them to hate feminism, but your goal is to earn female approval, right? Not to actually help women’s cause.

Perhaps you can even start your own blog and trawl through all the sexist manosphere websites like a stalker to look for all the mean things that are said (after all, you’re a loser who doesn’t have anything better to do with your time). Be careful though, try avoid reading all the self-improvement materials that are offered lest you accidentally improve yourself and reverse your loserdom (remember, you can’t be a male feminist without being a loser). Do your best to ignore those and cherry-pick all the things that make you feel good about yourself. You accomplished nothing in your life, so you might as well celebrate not being a “misogynist.”


4. Submit to your feminist overlords

Meet your feminist master. Maybe you can make the world a better place by volunteering to be her first victim.

Once you’ve completed the first three steps, you are now ready to present yourself as a useful pawn for the feminists. Always keep in mind that feminism is based on three principles: ignorance, lies, and double standards. You can’t call yourself a feminist unless you master those three principles, so practice them daily: Stay ignorant to the realities of sex relationships and the nature of women; continue spreading baseless claims of “rape culture,” wage gap, and other brainless hysteria; pretend to be tough and ridicule your opponents when faced with facts; and last, ignore all the double standards of feminism no matter how often they are brought up. Feminists can’t be sexists because they’re oppressed.

Also, remember that it’s not enough to simply show your support for feminism, you must completely submit your existence to it. For example, it wasn’t enough for Jian Ghomeshi to openly support feminism with his status, he was back-stabbed regardless because he didn’t give into the female imperative. And don’t try something stupid like questioning why the feminists are such hateful garbage that they are, because they will not hesitate to eat their own for heresy. You are to simply shut up and continue playing your role of the useful idiot.

5. Keep your faith guarded

Don’t bother being a male feminist unless you hate yourself and all other men this much.

In a dangerously patriarchal world like ours, it is imperative for you to guard your faith against the truth. Today, less and less women are identifying themselves as feminists as they are starting to realize how idiotic the entire lunatic movement is, and many are even openly opposing it. But you cannot lose hope!

Sure, the other sexist men of manosphere may be building businesses, traveling the world, broadening their wisdom, giving self-improvement tips to help other men, and actually dating and having sex with women (unlike you), but none of that stuff matters. YOU are the good guy in this war even though you do absolutely nothing to improve the lives of others (or yourself for that matter). You’re not some white knight who fights for female love, you do it for nothing like a pawn!

Self-deception is the key to maintaining your sanity and your sanctimonious sense of moral superiority. You have to constantly lie to yourself that you’re better than the other men even as you waste your life away trolling and spewing your hate for them all over the internet, knowing full well that you’re no match for them in real life. If you’re a loser, the best thing you can do is to attack other men who are more accomplished than you are.

6. Go reap your reward

A man who was finally awarded for being a good feminist dog. You can be like him too if you only try harder!

If you’ve been a good boy for a long enough time, you just might get rewarded with what you’ve been seeking the whole time: female acceptance. Heck, one of the fat and aesthetically challenged ones might even want to marry you once she’s done sleeping around with all the sexist bastards. You can then be her personal bitch-boy who serves her like a slave only to be cuckolded later on. But of course, it’s your job to continue being a faithful husband while she is free to experiment and “embrace herself” all she wants. Equality, right?


Being a self-loathing cuck with no self-esteem is not an easy task. You have to juggle between having the audacity to attack your own sex while putting yourself down far enough to get a pat on the head from the feminists. But, in spite of all the difficulties, I urge you to continue on. The feminists may get their fragile egos temporarily bolstered up by your undying support, but in the long-run, your efforts will expose exactly what those harpies have in store for us men. Both men and women of today will be disgusted by your toady efforts to spread the toxic ideology and be repulsed by it, thereby slowly killing the cancer that is feminism. You know, the same movement that is supposedly led by independent women who don’t need some lowly cis-gendered man like you.

So, please, continue being a miserable simp while the rest of us live our lives.

Have fun!

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