Transgender people, the latest of the trendy sexualities, have been pushing for accommodation of their ways recently, most noticeably in the use of public bathrooms.  Usually at schools, and other places where young girls will be in a state of nakedness, the obvious downside of this can be seen by any sane man, and this article will outline some talking points you can use to keep the boys out of the girls’ room.

This debate has moved fully out of the physical, real world, where what you are is what you are, and into SJW bizarro-world where how you feel dictates your position in your world. The only way to win these illogical arguments is to use your opponent’s strength against her and spin her arguments around, quickly step out of the way, and watch them collide together in sparks of cognitive dissonance.

With Target‘s recent decision to allow transgenders to use their preferred bathroom, and North Carolina signing a law mandating that they use the one for the sex on their birth certificate, things are heating up.

Probably the most accurate icons out there.

All Men Are Potential Rapists

This is one of the classic SJW arguments, and usually comes along with the “1 in 5 college women have been raped” false claim. While it is insulting to imply that a man could rape a woman simply because he has a penis, and although it smacks of the gun control argument of “If they HAVE guns, they have a greater chance of using them illegally than if they DON’T,” we can ignore the fact that this argument dismisses a man’s ability to discern right from wrong, and simply go straight to the “dick=rapist” core of the matter.

Just like any other argument against them, the chinks in the SJW armors lie in their hypocrisies. If a woman should be allowed her safe space from any man that she feels is “creepy,” then this should go double for when she is in the bathroom being naked.

Although it does happen, female-on-male rape is less common than male-on-female, and the anatomical differences should explain why, since a man has to get it up for rape to happen, and the woman just needs to be there (although I did hear a story about four Navy chicks giving some poor seaman an artificial erection via a pencil insertion. Perhaps a trigger warning would have been useful there.)

Point being, if you have a penis, you are capable of raping women, and should not be in the girl’s room, regardless of your mental state or identity. Bathrooms are used based on your sex and plumbing, not your gender identity or mental illness, which brings us to the next point.

One Mental Illness Over Another

The SJWs like to cite that homosexuality, having been removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) by the American Psychiatric Association in 1973, is not a mental illness.  Assuming the shrinks know what they are talking about, and that the point isn’t a fallacious argument to authority, there is enough conflict over how it went down to lend credence to it being a politically expedient decision, as opposed to scientific.


I mention the above because it is one of the first acts of SJW politics and influence based, rather than science based, medical policy changes in the US. Fast forward forty some years, and we are in the same area with transgendered people. Politics and The Feels are pushing an agenda which, in no way, is backed up by medicine but the APA removed it anyway a few years ago.

When there is no medical consensus, and an objective observer with a critical mind can tell that one person’s “it just feels right” is the rest of us’s “nah, dude, you’re just crazy,” it becomes an issue of trading one mental problem for another. Forcing sexual congress on a woman simply because a man wants to is a crime, and behavior stemming from a mental disorder (psychopathic, sociopathic, etc). Believing you are a woman even though your entire body is male is simply another disorder.

The problem is that you can’t tell what some guy ducking into the girls’ room is thinking. Is he going to rape some 15-year-old or is he going to go sit to pee, hating his-her pre-op dick that is still there? Mental illness is mental illness, and, although the treatments are different, people with them are suspect until proven otherwise.

A Question Of Commitment

Since the presence of a penis is a declaration of being a potential rapist, and since you can’t tell, can’t ask, and even can’t be sure of the truthfulness of the answer you receive regarding the mental state of a man going into a girl’s room, there is only one way to be sure.

Take off and nuke the entire site from orbit by chopping off your dick and growing a pair of tits.


Physically altering your body to resemble a woman not only removes your ability to rape women, it proves you are positive about changing genders. It also makes you look like an (ugly) woman, and you can dress like one so you don’t alarm people going into the girls’ room.

Maybe Obama and his Welfare Kingdom can offer taxpayer funded castration as a starting point for those trannies who are too poor to get the “operation” right now. (Side note, back in my white knight days, I went with a girl to a lecture done by a tranny, and he-she claimed it cost the price of a small car, so figure $15k.)

My Kid’s Safety > You Not Being Offended

Last argument you can pull out to defeat the SJW feels is that children are the priority, and that you will do anything to protect yours even if it offends some people of alternate identity or mental disorder. Remember, the SJW and liberal cause absolutely loves children, except for abortion rallies.

It’s ok, that’s a woman.

SJW causes often have competing victims. If you can cast the young girls as the potential victims (they’re kids, there’s more of them, and they’re not possessed of a mental disorder) over the transsexuals, then it becomes a choice of the Greater Good.


All men are potential rapists, you can’t tell whether a man is a pre-op transsexual or a rapist, anyone who wants to be transgender should be encouraged to go ahead and lop it off, or at least get snipped to show their commitment towards their choice and the safety of others, and that the safety of the kids come first should provide you with enough ammo to shame some SJWs into at least temporary silence.

Offer a temporary solution of a porta-potty if they feel like neither bathroom is appropriate.

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