Much has been made of the drag social media has become on the dating market. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become inundated with “attention whores”, turning into mere tools for the provision of a never-ending stream of validation for girls. Some tire of this (rightfully so), but I feel few of us really and truly dig at the source of the problem: the simp.

While the conscious attention whoring of certain females can be annoying, it wouldn’t be nearly as prevalent without an army of extraordinarily thirsty men prepared to do whatever it takes to prove their undying loyalty to a pretty female they’ve never even met.

So, how do simps make life harder for you?

1. They build up female egos.

This is obvious, but it isn’t hard to turn a normal 8 into an 8 with an attitude befitting Athena herself if you throw enough praise and unrelenting worship at her.


After she has had a number of men insist that even her excrement is worthy of applause, you can bet that her standards will become harder for you to meet upon your own approach.


2. They build up female bitch shields.

While a lot of women will let the attention go to their heads, most also despise thirsty men. In their rush to avoid stalking threats and put permanent distance between themselves and these pathetic examples of masculinity, some women will become more guarded around all men, and more difficult to approach. They become increasingly convinced that men of worth who lack absurd amounts of thirst and aren’t pathetically easy for them to control are rare enough that they need not bother much with guys at all.


Any male concerned with self-improvement, of course, would work to break through this barrier by standing out from the thristier hordes. The efforts of the simp, however, make this a much more challenging endeavor than it needs to be, and with the rise of Facebook and Instagram the simp can do more damage than he ever could before.

3. They raise the price of the game.

Dating is an expensive prospect in the western world, and it is the simp that has driven much of the price increase. This isn’t hard to understand from the perspective of the female: when a guy is offering you thousands of dollars just for the chance of making sexual contact with you, why not take it?


If men are willing to essentially bankroll your lifestyle simply because you look nice, why not take advantage? With enough offers, it isn’t long before significant personal/financial sacrifice becomes the standard price of admission for some attractive (and savvy) women.



I could spend quite a bit of time writing on this topic, but I think some of the photographic evidence below will speak for itself. Though cringeworthy, the photos are worth viewing: one must always know their enemy, and the thirsty simp is the biggest enemy any red-pill male.













These men do more harm to other males than any feminist could. Their weakness is an embarrassment to the entire gender, and a hindrance to any improvement in male-female relations. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have become their strongholds, aiding in the constant expression of their thirst.

As annoying as social media has become, it can still play a role in helping a red-pill male move forward by showing him precisely what NOT to emulate in his conduct with women. Pathetic and troublesome as they may be, the thirsty simp can still serve a useful function as fuel for your growth. Examine their weakness, avoid their mistakes, and improve yourself accordingly.

If you find yourself in any way resembling this guy in your conduct with women, you’ll know it is time for a change:


For more cringeworthy displays of thirst, check out this link.

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