From prom queen to dumpster slut. Seriously I didn’t think it was possible, but I guess meth really can ruin your life;  or having a lack of motivation as well possibly. Having your parents money could also contribute I suppose. Either way this is a great case of what the fucking fuck.

Below is someone I will name as “Ashley.” The photo’s are all real, but I’ve decided to change the name. More for protection of my own identity rather than hers. I could care less about this piece of garbage ever having her real identity discovered. This my friends, is a cautionary example of what direction the American female race is heading in.

Here is a picture of Ashley:


She was homecoming queen for sure, and was probably prom queen once as well. My interaction in life with her was pretty limited. She was a friend of a friend who had relocated. She came to visit with that said friend once, and I think we hung out for only two days. She was a cool, cute, young woman, and she did admittedly have a crush on me, which made me feel great when she pointed it out to an ex who had broken up with me.  This was when I had zero game so that’s the sad ending of the story. Mikael got zero ass out of it.

Here is Ashley now:



Yes, she looks like a dumpster slut. I’d assume her parents pay for her phone as she bums around the country, since she’s always posting pictures on Facebook. All of her bum friends somehow have smart phones as well. The rest of her family is relatively normal. She’s often home to attend family events in which she’s clearly the black sheep of the family. The appalling part is the simple fact that she doesn’t need to be. She was and has the potential to be attractive but refuses. So the question is why?

Option A is that she uses drugs. And well she probably does, but she still has all her teeth so I’m guessing its nothing more serious than weed.  And weed isn’t a drug, it’s a plant. So in my opinion that option is out the window.

Option B is feminism. I’m going with that because she fits the perfect build of a feminist. She was told she can do whatever she want to do and she has. She’s selected a man whom she can have sex with whenever she chooses. This said man will not question her authority, will do her bidding, and live with any consequences she has revolving her body. Her man is not Ryan Gosling, but he is the perfect slave according to what feminists desire. Just look below.


So this is the direction our women are now heading. From homecoming queens to dumpster sluts. Good job feminism. This is the direction you have lead our country. You lie in filth like the sheep you are.

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