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If you’re a regular Return of Kings reader then Ukrainian born sexologist Elena Pellicano will be no stranger to you. You may remember previous contributions in which she offered her opinions on why European women make excellent wives and how men can use their natural scents to attract women – a true cannot-miss!

Today however Elena is turning her expert eye over the importance of two key skills that every man should be well aware of if he wants to truly satisfy a woman in bed; Foreplay Massage and Oral Sex.

For today we are just going to focus on foreplay massage. She will explore the topic of oral sex, also known as cunnilingus, in the short video clip below and will go into more details in a future article.

Let’s get something clear first, however—just because you’re good at foreplay, or oral for that matter, does not a happy relationship make! This isn’t about how to have a happy relationship as that’s a topic with unique and complex considerations of its own.

This article is related to our baser animal instincts that unite pretty much all of us and the feeding of which we mostly cannot ignore. There is something to say about being ‘good’ at both foreplay and wider bedroom business increasing your confidence and the amount of worth you are viewed with by others, but that is not to be the goal.

So what actually is foreplay? You can’t be good at it unless you know what it is!

Broadly speaking, foreplay is defined as any pre-sex ritual designed to further ignite the intimacy between the two partners and prepares both male and female properly for sex—thus increasing the pleasure and satisfaction felt by both parties.

If there is one thing that you need to consider in your quest for better foreplay it’s this; it is her pleasure that should be your focus, not yours!

While there is much evidence to suggest that in the bedroom, the more you give then the more you get, that cannot be your goal. If you are doing this for selfish ends, then ultimately the whole experience is going to just become very awkward and it’s a deeply un-gentlemanly way to behave.


Foreplay massage and regular massage are ultimately different—regular massage is generally aimed at muscle relaxation and stress relief, where foreplay is to encourage the body to become ready for pleasurable sex. However one may lead into the other as if your lady has had a long and tough day at work, you will almost certainly need to relax her properly so she can abandon all the stress of the day and settle into a happy evening.

Avoiding eye contact is, in this case, beneficial (which I will elaborate more on in the video) so encourage her to lie on her stomach. Start your massage on her legs – only start on her back if you need to first alleviate the stresses of the day, then move to the legs.

Move your hands slowly and confidently along her legs and buttocks, encouraging blood flow to her most intimate of areas – the more blood that flows to her vaginal area the more intense her sensations, sensitivity, lubrication and ultimate satisfaction will be.

If you want to really set the mood, burning candles and natural massage oils packed with ingredients designed to stimulate her blood flow and warm her body are perfect.

Don’t use something cheap that resembles synthetic jelly and smells more like the plastic container its packaged in. It will do nothing physiologically beneficial for either of you. Essential oils are used because of their ability to promote positive reactions in the body in terms of stress relief, calming nerves, relaxing muscles, igniting sexual awareness and alleviating a busy mind so she is more accepting of bedroom activities.

Elena, constantly impressed with the positive effects of essential oils, has used her considerable expertise to create her very own range of handmade and entirely natural products designed to attract women and amplify love making, which you can find here.

If you’re not yet convinced of using oil to massage, think of your hands. Many men have rough, coarse hands—especially if you work with them or lead a very active lifestyle.

While many women may love the feel of holding a rough hand while you’re walking down the street, it’s going to do little to alleviate her stress after a long day and prepare her for a sensational night.

So, please consider the art of foreplay massage, there really is no secret to it – since any man can learn it.   Learn the rules and methods once, and you’ll be set for life. Remember; her pleasure is always the focus!

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