There are two kinds of people in this world: those who can think for themselves and see the truth for what it is, and those who don’t bother to do any critical thinking, and just believe what the majority tells them to believe. To them, truth matters less than what is socially expedient.

Unfortunately, the second type outnumber the first at least 10 to 1. This ratio might be different in other countries, but I’m speaking from what I’ve experienced in Sweden. Generally, though, it seems like a rule of humanity that only some relatively few bright minds have the honesty and clarity to see things for what they are, instead of what they wish them to be.

What this means is that you likely have a lot of people around you—neighbors, friends, family, coworkers—who belong to the group that let others do their thinking for them. I know that’s the case for me. It’s not easy finding friends who agree with me on subjects like politics and ethics. Hell, it’s hard enough to find someone who will even tolerate any ideology that didn’t originate with Karl Marx.

I still like to hang out with my leftist friends, even if we have our differences. I’ve tried to change their minds, but so far without any luck. So if I can’t change it, I’ll have to learn how to live with it. Over the years, I’ve found ways to deal with the circumstance of being right-wing in a left-wing society. Below I share with you some thoughts I have on dealing with friends who have opinions that you disagree with.

1. Don’t bring up your own views without good reason


Your friend’s face when you dare to question her.

I’m not saying you should hide your opinions as if you were ashamed of them. But from my experience, having a calm, factual and productive political discussion with SJWs is nearly impossible. They get offended and emotional for the smallest things—what they call being “triggered.” If you’re not with them and their Marxism all the way, you must be a right-wing extremist bent on raping women and lynching blacks. Maybe you haven’t done those things already, but you surely have the potential to.

My conclusion is that it’s best not to bring up politics at all when you’re in the company of these kinds of friends. At best you’ll spoil the mood, at worst you’ll make them break down and run away in tears.

2. Prepare yourself with good arguments

fierce argument


If you do get into a political argument with them, make sure you have your facts straight and all of your points clear ahead of time. Watch debates on Youtube and learn from your favorite pundits. Even if you don’t have any chance of changing their minds, you’ll at least be able to stand your ground against their onslaught of stupidity.

Just before you completely crush them with your superior arguments, take the high road and give them a chance to retreat in a dignified way. Say you agree with them on some minor detail, but that you can agree to disagree on the bigger issue. Hopefully, that’ll be the end of it.

3. Don’t trust them to be loyal when shit hits the fan


Think 1984. A totalitarian government has come to power, violently suppressing every dissenting voice in the nation. You’re under constant surveillance, not only by the government but also by the people around you. Say the wrong words an they’ll report your political incorrectness to Big Brother. Imagine if something like that would happen for real. It could—we’ve already seen it in places like Russia, China and North Korea.

SJWs are cowardly collectivists. You can never really count on them to have your back. Rather, you can be sure that they’ll climb over your dead body to move further up in the hierarchy. If shit does hit the fan, you need good people close to you to fight whatever power is holding you back. Which brings me to my next and last point.

4. Find new friends


The smart thing for you to do is look around for new friends that are more reliable.The Internet has made it a lot easier to find and contact fellow thought criminals, so you should take advantage of that opportunity. Roosh V Forum is the place where fans of Roosh and Return Of Kings come together. They come from all around the world, and some of them have already organized more or less clandestine meet-ups.

Some say one should judge a man by the company he keeps. I’d say that’s true to a degree. If you don’t feel comfortable being judged by what kind of friends you have, maybe it’s time to go looking for new ones.

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