The United States has gone from the most powerful country in the world, one that could best the Soviet Union in military capacity whilst having living standards ten times higher, to a flimsy shell about to break at any moment. And it will only get worse in the coming quarter of a century. America’s financial situation will implode, its already fractious race relations will explode, and its external prestige and even security will be under unprecedented threat from China. Added to these massive problems will be draconian anti-male laws and political policies, plus the severe demographic crisis facilitated by illegal immigration and non-assimilation, especially in the Mexican border states, after so many years of rampant neglect.

In effect, America will cease to be America. It will be a distended mass of land and people whose continuing livelihoods (or what remains of them) will often depend more on outside countries and forces than internal factors or characteristics.

This first article on America’s very negative impending future will focus on “rape” trials, race-based crimes, and the cultural, if not political absorption of US border states by Mexico.

1. “Affirmative consent” will be enforced in the legal system, not just on college campuses

Jurisdictions such as California have already had their legislatures enact requirements for affirmative consent in any state-funded higher education institution. These states, invariably liberal ones, have ample room to change local criminal laws. Presently, the legal fraternity and civil libertarians are capable of arresting any such push, along with perhaps a majority of the population. But for how long? 2040 is looming as part of a period where such caution is thrown to wind and men can be convicted in a court of law using standards and “protections” that make the rules of a typical kangaroo court look robust.

Worse still, legal trends analogous to affirmative consent have been in operation for criminal charges of rape for a very long time. So this anticipated shift to bogus affirmative consent standards may occur well before 25 years from now, meaning that 2040 might see still worse legal biases against men. We will also continue to see disproportionate sentences handed out for rape compared to other serious crimes, such as a man maiming another man for life, putting him in a wheelchair, or giving him permanent brain damage.

As I have consistently opined, the beyond reasonable doubt standard for male-on-female sexual assault accusations is currently significantly gerrymandered. Whereas very few juries or judges will convict based on circumstantial evidence for an armed robbery, murder or a very serious (male-on-male) assault, sexual assault is a misnomer. The testimony of one woman, even after it changes multiple times or involves proven lies, is frequently used to send a man to jail for countless years. Plus, her sexual history, including any previous false or doubtful rape allegations, is generally discarded or outright banned from being raised in the courtroom. Yet his purported history, which should have no bearing on the allegation itself, is most often admissible. Expect this sad set of legal realities to become much worse over the coming years.

2. Black-on-white and Hispanic-on-white crime will explode and be tolerated like never before

Unless America’s present social trajectory is changed, attacks on whites by minorities will become nothing short of a sport. Like in 2016, 2040 will likely show that facts have zero bearing on the campaigns mounted by SJWs. Far less than 1% of blacks killed by others in modern times are killed by police. And the vast majority of those downed by law enforcement, including Ferguson thug Michael Brown, were attacking the police or third parties when they were shot, whether with weapons or without them. Yet Black Lives Matter supporters and their enablers would have us believe that 99% of black homicides are caused by police, namely because they literally devote 10,000 times less attention to blacks killing other blacks. This ignorance of the truth will have only compounded by 2040.

Meanwhile, black-on-white attacks in the early 21st century, proportionally much more common than the reverse, are perennially ignored. This is despite trends such as white flight to the suburbs and the claiming of once white-majority cities, such as Detroit, by blacks. Persistent media refusal to report on and government refusal to address the heavily racialized nature of crime in the United States has created an environment where black-on-white crimes cannot ever be racist and are even seen as “payback” for slavery and Jim Crow laws. Again, we will see this excusing of violence drag on and expand.


This vacuum of ignoring black-on-black and black-on-white crime will snowball very deleteriously in the coming decades. It is very hard for the proportion of black deaths caused by other blacks to go much higher, only because it currently rests at about 93%. But the raw numbers themselves, against both blacks and whites, will increase. Felony-inclined Hispanics will join the minority-on-white free-for-all as well. The permissive environment of failing to call out crimes against whites will lead to an even more cowering and politically correct Caucasian population. SJWs and other whites under their spell will believe they deserve what they get, no matter how atrocious the behavior.

Aside from just impacting whites, this climate of sanctioned violence will relegate yet another generation of blacks and Hispanics to poverty created by the bad elements within their own communities. A cross-section of blacks and Hispanics will ruin life for the majority who are law-abiding and simply want a good life and harmonious relations with their neighbors, whether they are white, black, Hispanic, or Asian. All we need is 5-10% of one of the main ethnic populations to go haywire and everyone else of all races is left to pick up the pieces.

3. Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and southern Texas will be de facto states of Mexico

2040 will have proven fear-inducing forecasts about Mexico and illegal immigration from a number of paleo-conservative and other genuine rightwing pundits. For example, Pat Buchanan, former Presidential advisor and Republican and Reform Party Presidential candidate, warned years ago in his books State of Emergency and The Death of the West that immigration and internal demographic trends were going to destroy the US as we know it. He pointed to the massive changes wrought by the extension of citizenship and multiculturalism in the Roman Empire and how every society that has gone down America’s path has eventually disintegrated. The first places to disintegrate in the US will be those that have borne the brunt of the illegal immigration pandemic: California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

For years, Mexican illegal immigrants, enabled by even nominal conservatives like Ronald Reagan, have been allowed to pour across the United States, obtain over-generous offers of amnesty, or maintain de facto residence courtesy of having anchor babies. Promises to stop the lunacy of amnesties and other concessions are only followed by an even greater set of privileges given to more illegals five to ten years later. This has sent a clear message that very serious US laws are either not going to be enforced or cannot be enforced, which is reflected in the free hand Mexican drug cartels have in many parts of the southeastern United States.

Because of all this, 2040 will see majority Hispanic populations from Los Angeles to El Paso. Most Hispanic-Americans will either have comparable loyalties to foreign countries like Mexico, or weak American identities susceptible to switching when local populations begin to express a clear Hispanic majority. And with superior Hispanic birthrates, major cities will express decisive Hispanic majorities.

If southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and southern Texas are not politically dictated to by Mexico in a direct sense, they will be massively influenced indirectly. Crime levels currently seen in areas controlled by Mexican drug cartels, such as Tijuana, will push ever further into the US itself, bringing governmental havoc, unprecedented violence, horrendous rates of drug addiction, and in many places endemic political corruption.

Get out or be prepared to ride the storm

If you are in your teens, twenties or thirties and either plan to have children or already have young ones, now is the time to be setting yourself up for an almost certainly bad and probably very bad future for the United States. For those of you who are older, you need to expect the worst also. This applies to men of all races. The SJW ideology is particularly pernicious to white males, but the color of your skin will not protect you from the continued decline and then collapse of the once unchallengeable USA.

Return Of Kings is an outlet that unapologetically strives to help you get the best out of yourself. We believe in optimism and the ability to fight back against a corrosive and cancerous cultural narrative. Nevertheless, we are not starry-eyed fools. We should never mollycoddle ourselves or each other about the very harsh social and political realities that await us, both now and in the future.

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