We are seven months from America’s presidential elections. While as recently as last week, major media outlets were claiming that a Trump Republican candidacy was close to inevitable, and with Bernie Sanders winning seven of the past eight state elections, the establishment power brokers have gone into red alert and are scrambling to stop the anti-establishment candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. They will stop at nothing, including lying, manipulating, changing rules, stealing elections, and running alternative candidates at the primary. On April 10, 2016, three massive frauds occurred:

Election cancelled in Colorado; Cruz declared winner

This past weekend, Colorado awarded all of its electoral votes to Ted Cruz, after deciding to cancel elections there, and leave the decision up to the Republican party power brokers. Donald Trump recently warned that millions will follow the example set by angry Colorado voters, who are burning their Republican party registrations, saying “To hell with the Republican party.” Colorado is a forward-thinking state, with legalized gambling and marijuana, a strong economy, and is in the top 10 “nonreligious” states in the nation—making it a natural hotbed of support for Donald Trump and an unlikely place where theo-conservative Ted Cruz would gain much support. But a Republican executive committee panel, along with the state’s elected politicians, decided to award all 37 electoral votes to Ted Cruz, voters be damned.

Election stolen from Sanders; more votes given to the loser Clinton

Sanders has strong grassroots support, but only among voters

Sanders has strong grassroots support, but only among voters

On the same day, voters in Wyoming gave Bernie Sanders an impressive victory—56-44 over Hillary Clinton. However, Clinton walks away with 11 delegates and Sanders only 7. Why? Due to special caucus rules, the two candidates split 14 of the votes 7/7 and Clinton is awarded an additional 4 superdelegates, who have pledged to vote for the loser, Clinton, instead of the winner, Sanders.

Superdelegates are delegates who can ignore the voter’s choice and cast a ballot in the official party primary for whatever candidate they want. And almost all of these superdelegates (over 93% so far) have pledged to support Clinton. Despite winning seven of the last eight elections in a row, turning out tens of thousands of grassroots protesters, and funding an entire campaign on small individual contributions, Bernie Sanders is trailing Clinton 1068 to 1756 (due mostly to the 469 superdelegates pledged to Clinton).

Paul Ryan Launching His Own Cuckpaign


What business does an American legislator have meeting abroad with a foreign head of state?

On the same day as Trump’s and Sanders’ votes were being stolen, the NY Times reported that cuckservative Paul Ryan visited the Israeli Prime Minister to obtain his blessing in waging his own stealth campaign for president. While Ryan is not campaigning alongside his rivals Cruz and Trump, he is quietly assembling the machinery needed to become a candidate at the Republican convention in July.  Ryan is raising funds, writing position papers, and working behind the scenes to ensure the important people—the delegates, not the voters—will support him in July.


Dirty Tricks To Come

What can we predict for the future? The main goal of the Republicans will be first: to ensure that Trump does not earn the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the candidacy outright. In that case, the decision would be made at the Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio in July. So, for the remaining three months of primary voting (16 states remain), expect more dirty tricks, lies, and outright theft. The establishment would love to repeat the tactics in Colorado where voters are not even given the chance to cast ballots, although I expect they are more likely to give voters the appearance of power, by letting them go to a voting box and marking a piece of paper, and then trashing the ballots and completely ignoring the votes at the July convention.

After ensuring there is a contested primary with no clear winner, they must also make sure that Trump does not win the first vote taken by delegates at the Cleveland convention. Rules for many delegates for them to vote for the person their voting base elected, but only on the first vote; if there is still no winner, they are free to vote for whoever they damn well please on any votes thereafter. So again, expect more dirty tricks, protests, distractions, obscure procedural rules, and lies which prevent Trump from winning the first ballot, so that his delegates can vote for Cruz, or Ryan, or whatever figurehead the party bosses pick. Another wild card is will Kasich remain in the race, and if not, who will he endorse?

Is Ryan running to win? Is he running only to split votes and prevent Trump from winning the first vote, so that delegates can later vote for a non-Trump candidate? Or does he plan to surprise everyone and walk away with the crown, without having to ever campaign or debate?

For the Democrats, their technique is more simple–just rely on the fraudulent superdelegates, who can vote for Clinton no matter what the voters say. Clinton needs only 626 more delegates, and there are 243 remaining superdelegates, which are almost assuredly going to vote for her. New York alone, where she was elected Senator, can award her 247 delegates, leaving only 136 delegates in the remaining 19 state or territory elections. We probably won’t know who wins until the Democratic primary, but barring any huge protests or backlash, Clinton will be crowned leader in July at her convention.

Important Dates to Watch

April 19 – New York Primary (Proportional) 95 delegates

New York is Trump’s home turf. Ted Cruz has made public statements attacking “New York values”. If there is anything but an overwhelming Trump victory here, it’s a clear sign of massive fraud.

April 26 – Pennsylvania Primary (Winner Take All) 71 delegates

Trump currently leading 42.8% to 27% Cruz and 24% Kasich

May 3 – Indiana Primary (Winner Take All) 57 delegates

June 7 – California (Winner Take All) 172 delegates plus 4 other states
This is the final primary, and includes Trump strongholds of New Jersey and California.  The independent minded and non-religious states of Montana, New Mexico, and South Dakota seem unlikely to vote for Cruz.

July 18 – Republican Convention Cleveland, OH

July 25 – Democratic Convention Philadelphia, PA

Tuesday November 8- Presidential Election

A good place to track the delegate count, along with poll numbers for upcoming votes is here (R) and here (D).

How Will The People React?

Full length portrait of young men and women holding cellphone

Are we too lazy to care?

With massive theft and fraud, including outright denial of all Coloradans to place a vote for president, except for between the two-sides-of-the-same-coin Democratic and Republican boss’s picks in November, will there be massive outrage and protests? Will the public accept the fraudulent candidates of Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz, or will they fight back? Will more theft and fraud be allowed to continue? One thing is sure. We will keep you informed on any suspicious activity and we will be out in force in July at the Republican convention!

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