Growing up in the west, especially in America, one is taught that you live in the most glorious time ever—the most wonderful, wealthy, stable, free, and best place on the planet. As one accepts the red pill, many of these assumptions are questioned. And while many of these truths may have proven true in the past, the excesses of modern liberal democracy have created weak men, shrill, out of shape, and damaged women, a decrepit culture, and declining values. America indeed has the *potential* to be great, but the western culture today destroys everything it touches. Here are a few examples:

1. Asians


The famous stewardesses of Singapore Airlines

Asians are naturally thin, petite, and healthy—IN ASIA. The country with the longest lifespan is Japan, which is one of the most isolated Asian nations, physically, culturally, and economically. The average Japanese person lives until age 80 for males and 87 for females (America is ranked #34). However, when Asians move to the west and adopt our culture, diet, and lifestyle, they become overweight, slutty, and often mutilate their bodies and experiment with gender fluidity.


Typical Asian American, 2016

2. Public Outings

Tompkins Sq. Park

Tompkins Square Park, 1967

The other day I met a girl at the park. The idea for this article hit me after seeing the number of people there, with a partner of the opposite sex, on a beautiful day, in a pleasant atmosphere, ignoring all of this for to play on their smartphones. The result is a lack of physical and emotional intimacy, save for the actual moment of banging your partner.

texting at park

Millennial couple on a typical date, 2016

3. Dancing


Square Dancing, 1950s

Dancing used to be a social skill, a fun activity to do in free time, a great way to meet women, and a way to perpetuate a history or culture, with many ethic groups like Italians, Irish, Russians, Jews, and others learning traditional dance moves in traditional clothing. Today, all sense of history or culture is lost, and modern dance has become at best the uncoordinated Elaine Benice “poke your hands” move, and at worst free form sexual gyrating and twerking.


Miley Cyrus—such an easy target, yes, but she is merely an example of “talent” today

4. Career


In the 60s, studying science and engineering could lead to a lifelong career at NASA; today, we can’t even shoot a rocket to the moon

For centuries, civilizations around the world developed and fostered a pride and honor in working. Regimented trade orders would train protégés in a skill, which they would finely hone for years, under the supervision of mentors, until they developed the necessary skill set to be proficient at a skill that they turned into a lifetime career. Tailors mended old clothing and created custom fits that accentuated the style and body type of the wearer. Shoemakers patched and re-soled leather shoes that were made to last decades. Butchers were more than just meat slicers, but would cut special cuts of various thickness of unprocessed meat on demand, offer aged and premium cuts of various types, and ensured their product was fresh and tasty.


Men could raise a family of four on one salary alone, often affording a nice house, car, and family vacations. Fast forward to 2016 and the profit-at-all-costs fascist system of today believes that producing at the lowest cost is the only metric of importance. Can Mexicans assemble a car for a quarter the cost of Detroit workers? Then it must be a good idea. Can Indians answer telephones and read scripts in a poor attempt at recreating actual customer service? Then let’s shut down the local call center and open up abroad. Most young people today don’t anticipate having the same job for more than five years, which is good, because it probably won’t last that long.


Modern Detroit, after “downsizing”

5. Men


Typical guys from the 60s: Happy, social, masculine, outdoors

American Millennial men are some of the most insufferable beings I come across, second only to millennial women. They are shallow, silly, weak, vapid, directionless, and boring. This isn’t because they are somehow inferior people than prior generations. It’s simply that living in the modern Western liberal democracy creates and fosters this type of person. In a sane, traditional society, men today could be just as happy, interesting, masculine, and satisfied as their fathers.


Typical 20-something in 2016

6. Women


Sorority Girls, 1973: Note how all are smiling, thin, with long hair, in skirts or dresses with heels

This hardly needs mentioning here, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking. We all know that the quality of women offered today in the West is abysmal. If you haven’t been abroad within the last year, plan a trip now, if for no other reason than to see what is possible. We do not have to accept the low quality females we are being offered here.

Murica! Note how she cannot even reach her crotch to wipe

Murica! Note how she cannot even reach her crotch to wipe

Ignore, Withdraw, or Leave

This isn’t to say that America is a bad place, or that it is intrinsically evil; if anything, it has the potential to become one of the greatest, wealthiest, happiest, successful civilizations on the planet. But the current system of liberal democracy destroys all potential for this success. It angers me every time I see a fat Asian, because I know how difficult it is for Asians to work against their biology to become fat. And it angers me when I see a thin, kind, young woman who has pierced and mutilated her body with graffiti and shrapnel, and has taken up the cause for feminism. Without a strong, patriarchal system to guide her, she becomes an enemy of civilization itself.

So what options do those of us still living in the west have? There are three:

1. Do your best to ignore it, stacking currency and saving for trips abroad where one can appreciate an ordered, traditional culture with morals, priorities, and feminine women.

2. Leave the city and find a way to live as a hermit, remaining in America but interacting as little as possible with others.

3. Find greener pastures abroad. Relocate to a more traditional, simple society.

But I must reiterate one point. If you have not traveled abroad within the last year, plan a trip now. Airfares are as low as $300 round trip to Central America, and under $800 to Asia. Prices have never been lower. Go, experience another culture, realize there is an alternative to your lifestyle, and make a plan to do one of the three above. Because if you don’t, the above serves as powerful and damning evidence of how Western culture can destroy greatness. Are you strong enough to resist it?

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