I’ve heard of many men being accused of rape, but few which explain the situation in detail. This is a true story and it was shortly after this that I started exploring the internet for answers, which lead me to the manosphere. I’ve been careful not to leave anything important out so you can see just how this milestone in my life unfolded.

A Quick Intro

About two years ago,  a good friend of mine lived in a prime location town house, in the middle of an upper-class suburban area on the west coast of Canada. Liquor and convenience stores nearby made this two-story mini bachelor pad a hot-spot for throwing parties full of college girls.

It was basically a dream house for a group of young men, but if you’ve ever lived in a suburban area in Canada, you know how easy it is to get noise complaints and how quick police are to impede on your gatherings. For some reason, our get-togethers would go undetected, either because there were good neighbors, or the place was good at muffling noise.

My friends and I controlled this environment with efficiency and girls would flock to our place every weekend. Here I learned the importance of logistics for attracting women and what types of girls are more pleasant to keep around. Latin women were our main focus (Brazilians, Mexicans etc.) as there were many of them around, and were eager to make Canadian friends while they were studying abroad.

Canadian girls quickly disappeared off the guest list, a combination of obnoxious and boring attitudes along with their jealousy and aggressiveness towards the Latina girls.  We’d mix them in every now and then, but there were definitely much less of them near the end.

Unfortunately, my friend was forced to move out due to financial strain.


The Rising Action

One of the last nights the house was in operation, the place was packed with thirsty co-eds and everyone was enjoying themselves. The Latinas had gone home (since it was the end of the school year), so we were left with self-entitled university sluts to suffice. No matter, all was well and nothing had broken yet.

Late in the night,  two Canadian girls who were looking fairly DTF were expressing their interest in a hookup with my friend and I.  The girl my friend was with (lets call her Bethany), had double d’s and pierced nipples. It was a sight to behold. She was a famed “easy lay” around the neighborhood and I was sure my turn would come later on.

My girl (lets call her Taryn) was average looking and a feminist type. Half Japanese and half-witted, I was aware this girl would lead me to the Bethany Show, so I swallowed my pride and took one for the team. We quickly found a bedroom and proceeded to coitus with tweedle-hoe and tweedle-skank.

Things soon started getting hot and heavy and the girls started stripping. The double d’s already had her top off and I could barely keep my eyes off those warlocks. At one point I stopped just to grab them, and admire for a few moments, before diving back into the sloppy make-out underneath me.

Then Taryn got up aggressively from the bed and started pushing a desk in front of the door. The desk legs snap and the desk collapsed on the ground, barricading us in the room. We were all a bit shocked she had done this. This piece of furniture had just been ruined in front of our eyes, and this girl didn’t seem to care at all.

There was subtle knock on the door and Taryn screams: “Get the fuck out!”

At this point I’m thinking “wow this girl is going to rape me.

The Abrupt Decline

Our session continued and I started to use some digital foreplay. It looked like she was loving it by her moans, by now she had her shirt off and I’m waiting for our make-out to progress further. This continued for about 10 minutes and I found myself on top of her.

Suddenly, her “hot and bothered” look turned to “I think I lost my car keys.” She said she needed to go. I couldn’t believe she would go from hot to cold so quickly and for no reason, so I tried to convince her to stay. She mentioned something about having to call her mom, which I didn’t believe for a second. Meanwhile beside me, Bethany and my friend seem to have stopped theirs to watch our conversation unfold.


“I seriously have to go”, she said now with more angst in her voice.

I was on top of her and so she was waiting for me to get off, so I finally did and I moved the broken desk for her so she could leave. Looking back, this girl wasn’t deserving of that act of kindness by my part, but I assumed the role of man and moved a heavy object for the weaker person. She left and shortly after, Bethany left as well. Me and my friend sat on the bed for a bit laughing, realizing the humor in the situation, then we left too.

The Accusation

I had gone out for a smoke on the patio with some members of my tribe, so I wasn’t aware of what was happening inside. It wasn’t until I went back in to get more drinks did I see Taryn sobbing in the corner and her mother hen friend beside her giving me a death glare. I didn’t know why this was, but I didn’t give it too much thought. Dr. Dre’s “Bitches ain’t shit (but hoes and tricks)” was playing, which I found quite entertaining.

When I looked over again, a small crowd had formed around Taryn and looks of concern clouded their faces. I pulled another Corona out of the fridge and walked over to see what was the matter. I assumed she was just emotional from the being drunk, alcohol can be a real tear-jerker, especially for women.

As I got nearer and the mother-hen friend came over and said: “I’m going to kill you, fucking rapist! You are so done!” I was shocked to hear this, so I nervously laughed and asked her, “What do you mean?”

More yelling and finger-pointing occurred, but I denied everything and tried to look like I was concerned and innocent, which I was. I went over and apologized, but she was too busy sobbing to hear me. Her friend then says: “I’m calling the police.”

At this point it really started to sink in that I could potentially get screwed over by these people. Things like witnesses and alibis started entering my thoughts. I was legitimately scared so I evacuated the building and took a walk outside with my friend to discuss the event and recollect my thoughts.

I calmed down, and when I got back inside, I found myself witnessing a catfight in between the sobbing accuser and another chick. The frail, hurt girl who had just been “raped,” had now dropped the gloves and was getting her Sarah Kaufman on.

My relief that the cops were never called and that the attention was now off me quickly turned to anger. How did this even happen? The fact that I was put into this corner so easily was a really disconcerting thought. It took about a half hour to clear everyone out and I was left with my friends to pick up the bottles, and pick up the pieces of the night.

Some Afterthoughts

To this day I am still dumbfounded by the sheer audacity you’d have to posses to falsely accuse someone of something  like rape. Now that I am somewhat educated with red pill knowledge, I can look back and see that this girl was a typical delusional feminist.

It’s my theory that she did this because she realized that I was more interested in the large chested girl than her, and she reacted out of anger. It must have hit her, mid rape, that I was not there for her, but for her more attractive friend and this infuriated her.

It seems these women who think they can use the law in their favor, are using their power far too often than they should be. I’m sure you are familiar with the story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, and this is very much like that. When an actual rapist comes around, their cries will be ignored.

My message to you readers is, careful with who you share a bed with, because you might not be as lucky as I was. My situation could have easily escalated into something much, much uglier. Rape accusers are all around, especially rampant in North America.

If you’re wondering if I’ve seen this girl since, I have. A few times actually. I look her straight in the eye, but she looks away or to the floor, as if ashamed. I wonder how many other dudes shes pointed the rape finger at since?

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