EliSophie Andrée got a job as a receptionist at a physical therapy clinic in Helsingborg, Sweden. But when her boss, a woman, found out she had posted radical feminist “poetry” videos on Facebook, she told her to pack up her things and go home.

This story raises the question of whether should be able to fire someone for their opinions. On the one hand, it would be a fitting way to punish feminists for their hateful views. On the other hand, anti-feminist men have become targets as well, and at a much higher rate.

She got the boot after three shifts

EliSophie Andrée was happy about her new job at the clinic. She needed the money to go on a trip over the summer with her boyfriend. But after having worked only three shifts as a receptionist, the 19-year-old was fired. Her boss found out about her political views and decided she had to go. EliSophie told Sveriges Radio:

She called me up and told me I was fired. I partly felt trampled on in patriarchal terms [emphasis mine], but also that you step on someone as an individual. And I thought, how many has this boss done this to previously?

The clinic is privately owned, and this could not have happened if it was run by the government. EliSophie said she couldn’t understand that a female boss would do something like that. The employer, who wants to remain anonymous, defended her decision:

The reason that EliSophie did not get to continue working for me was that I think her videos violate the ethical rules and that they can offend my patients.

Whether or not you can legally fire someone for their opinions seems to be an open question, with some experts saying it isn’t normally allowed according to the law. But as I’m writing this, EliSophie is still fired and haven’t pressed charges against her former employer.

Makes “poetry” about men having small dicks


I decided to watch some of this girl’s videos to hear what she’s actually said that was so terrible. What first strikes me as I enter her Facebook page is how stereotypically feminist she looks. Blue and purple hair, chubby body, and just a weird face overall. She describes herself as a spoken word artist and poet, and she calls her videos poems.

After watching a few of her “poems” I can safely say that it’s the most obnoxious stuff I’ve ever seen. She tries hard but fails miserably at being funny. Her god-awful opinions include that men who won’t sleep with transsexuals must have small dicks, and that men who want to talk about the fact that men get raped as well, are just trying to take attention away from women’s issues.


In one video she claims she doesn’t hate men. This seems to contradict all of the videos she’s done where the one common theme is man-hating, where she lambastes men in general and makes fun of those who criticize feminism. I don’t blame her former employer for thinking that this rabid young woman is not fit for a civilized workplace.

Hateful employees are bad for business


The interesting question here is if it’s all right to fire someone for having the wrong opinions. If you asked me that without giving any particular context or example, I would’ve probably said no. I’m mostly concerned for the sake of anti-feminist men, not being able to speak their mind for fear of losing their job. Being politically incorrect shouldn’t be a sufficient reason in itself to fire a guy. Ultimately, this could be viewed as a matter of freedom of speech.

But at the same time, it’s obvious that having certain strong opinions can get in the way of you fulfilling your duties. Belief systems do matter. There are cases where some opinions should rightfully disqualify you from being hired. Hating certain groups of people makes you very unsuitable for doing jobs where you might need to deal with those people. An openly racist person isn’t fit to work at a hospital, for instance. A nurse who hates black people can definitely not be relied on to perform at her best when a black patient is in need of treatment.

Many of you probably agree with me that racist views can’t be tolerated at a place of business that serves customers of all colors. The same standard should be applied to radical feminists. Their man-hatred would ideally disqualify them from working at any place that’s open to men. You can’t count on them to treat men the same way they treat women, and chances are they’ll treat men badly. That’s not only morally wrong, but also bad for business.

In the case of EliSophie and the clinic, it was probably the right decision to let her go. But what would’ve been even better is if she had never been hired in the first place. Her Facebook videos are public, and anyone can easily do a simple background check on her. Now she’s a martyr for those who think “the patriarchy” is out to get women.

Some advice to all employers looking to hire new staff members: consider purple hair a big red flag.

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