Last weekend I had to the opportunity to work as a brand ambassador for a company at Comic-Con in Saint Louis, Missouri. My job was simply to approach people and tell them about my company’s amazing breakthroughs in research, but in those three days I made several observations about our society that explains why America is a cuck-nation. Now I do realize that the people that go to these types of conventions are a small sample size and do not represent all Americans, but what I saw can be seen pretty much anywhere else in the country

Grown Men Getting Dressed Up As Comic Book Characters


There’s nothing super about these guys.

When I was a kid, I loved Spider-Man. Every month I would ride my bicycle to the comic book store and buy the newest issue. I watched the Spider-Man cartoons and played the Spider-Man video games. I collected entire box sets of Spider-Man cards. I was very passionate about Spider-Man. But I did all this as a kid, and eventually grew out of it all as I got older.

At Comic-Con, grown men come dressed up as their favorite comic book or movie character. I saw men in their 40s wearing capes. I witnessed a duel between one man with a Harry Potter magic wand and another man with a lightsaber. A very obese man was dressed up as Nintendo’s Mario.

I can completely understand being passionate about a certain character. But what does it say about a society where grown adult men are still playing dress up and buying toys made for children? These are basically little boys trapped in men’s bodies.

Men Are Afraid To Touch Women


The classic double hover hand

Comic-Con is a great excuse for women to wear something sexy and go get massive attention. The most popular costume was Harley Quinn (because of course women want to dress as the bad girl that dates the psychotic bad boy, Joker). Girls were also dressed as the X-Men, Poison Ivy, Jessica Rabbit, and several anime characters that I’m unfamiliar with.

As these women are walking around the convention collecting attention, men will stop them and ask to take their picture. They won’t ask to be in it though. They’re just content with getting a picture and that’s it. Several times I would butt-in and tell the guy “wouldn’t you like to be in the picture? Give me your camera.” The guy is happy to have his picture taken with a sexy girl, but then you can feel his awkwardness come out as he’s not sure what to with his hands. Most guys just keep their hands to their sides. One guy even held his hands together, as if to make sure 100% sure he would not accidentally touch the girl. Then there’s the famous “hover-hand” where the guy hovers his hand over the girl’s shoulders or side.

I’m guessing these men are playing it safe by not touching the girls. With the constant crying about rape culture and the many false rape accusations out there, men have become too scared to touch women.

The Average American Man Is Content With Being A Sad Cunt

In case you are unaware of the term “sad cunt,” it’s basically what you call a man that has no interest in self-improvement. He doesn’t work out. He doesn’t further his education. He doesn’t seek out to improve his status. Most of the men at this convention just do not care how bad they look. For them, it’s just easier to be fat than to get in shape. It’s easier to just put on a t-shirt and sweatpants than to find a nice fitted outfit. It’s easier to just stick with the job that pays $10 an hour than to try find a better paying opportunity.


So when you have men that are content with being low-status, then it’s no surprise to see the kind of women these men will be with. Low-status men will have no problem at all being with a fat woman and taking care of her bastard children. Low-status men also have no issue with their woman taking her time to talk to another man in front of him. Women will have long conversations with me while their boyfriends stand idly by the side holding her bags, the both of us just ignoring him and not include him in the conversation. There were a couple of times where I had to ask the woman if that man was with her, because he was just standing there quietly waiting for her to finish talking to me. Women have no shame; they will talk and flirt with other men in front of their own husband if he allows it.

Boys Are Groomed To Be Gay


When your parents tell you that you are a strong independent woman that don’t need no man!

I used to think homosexuals were born that way, but today I think boys are actually groomed to be queer. Several people might say this is a silly opinion, but let me explain. When I was in high school I had zero exposure to anyone that was gay. I thought being gay was some weird rare abnormality. The first time I ever met a gay guy was not until college, and it was my roommate freshman year (keep in mind I graduated high school back in 1997). Throughout my four years of attending a university in North Carolina, I did not know anyone else that was gay. It really wasn’t until I moved to California for a job in 2007 that I began to see gay people all over the place.

This weekend I encountered so many young high school boys that were very effeminate. Boys are hanging out with girls, but instead of having sex with them, they are becoming like them. I just find it strange how I went from never seeing someone that is gay, to seeing gay people everywhere every day. It’s like the cool thing now to be gay. I’m definitely going to put the blame on the liberal media, since they have constantly been on an agenda of normalizing homosexuality. What really shocked me was seeing a mom and dad walking with their two teenage sons, which were dressed as some female anime characters. Parents today encourage their boys to dress as women. My dad would have kicked my ass if I ever wore a skirt and a long pink wig.

Women Are Degenerates That Like To Dye Their Hair Unnatural Colors

I’ve said enough about the men, so let me make one final comment about several of the women that I saw. There were a lot of ugly women here, and for some reason these ugly women make themselves even uglier by dyeing their hair purple or blue, covering their bodies in tattoos, and piercing body parts that should not be pierced. One would think that an obese woman with blue hair and a pierced septum would live a lonely life, but somehow these ugly wildebeests still manage to find a man willing to do whatever she tells him.


In Conclusion

Based on my observations at Comic-Con over three days, you can see why I call America a cuck-nation. I know that the people that go to Comic-Con are just a small part of the American population, but aside from the dressing up as a superhero part, you can pretty much observe what I observed anywhere you go.

Go to the mall on Saturday and you’ll see plenty of weak men walking around with their obese wives that have some purple or blue in her hair. You can pretty much see the despair in his eyes, whenever a young slim girl walks by that he could only dream about touching, as he walks hand in hand with his 1.5/10 wife. Go to any other convention where attractive women would be at, such as a fitness expo, and be prepared to count how many “hover hands” you see. Go to a bar and try to find one woman nowadays that does not have a tattoo. This is sadly what our society has come to.

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