For young men today, the obstacles continue to increase for anyone who wants to enter a relationship. Attention whoring is at an all time high, women are addicted to their smart phones, and corporations are conspiring to redirect women’s attention away from love and toward a career.

While writers have reviewed the ways a man can identify whether an accusation is false, this article will discuss the reasons underlying why a woman would falsely accuse a man of rape. Among false accusations of any crime, it appears to be among the highest. For instance, we rarely hear of a person being falsely accused of theft, murder, or arson. Yet the rape card is pulled with regularity. Let’s explore why.

Accusation Is A Weapon Of Power

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The first reason is that it is used as a weapon. In the infamous mattress girl case at Columbia University, it slowly became clear that Emma Sulkowicz falsely accused Paul Nungesser of rape. Why did she do this? It seems that she felt abandoned by him. Nungesser made the rookie mistake of hooking up with a mentally unstable girl and thinking, hey, it’s college, we can hook up and move on. But this is not what happened.

A key message she sent to Nungesser after the alleged “rape” shines a light on her motives to use a false accusation as a weapon: “I feel like we need to have some real time where we can talk about life and thingz because we still haven’t really had a paul-emma chill sesh since summmmerrrr.”

For Sulkowicz, she decided to take her revenge by accusing him of rape in order to show him that he should never have neglected her. Today, if a girl feels that a man in any way has mistreated her, revenge is merely a phone call away. If a female student decides one morning that she is mad at a former sexual partner, she can simply have him removed by going to the campus authorities and claiming rape.

This is likely what happened to the basketball captain who was recently expelled under mysterious circumstances purportedly connected to a sexual assault at Yale. He hooked up with a girl, she got mad, and decided to accuse him of rape to remove him from campus. And even if a campus review board decides that the male student is innocent, he now has the stigma of “rapist” attached to him for the rest of his student life. In that case, it may be in his best interest to leave campus anyway. It’s win-win for the female accuser.

Accusations Give A Girl Instant Attention

Sveta Bylialova, 1 of the many EE instagram attention seeker when not busy getting shat on in Dubai


Girls today crave attention at unprecedented levels. Being a victim fulfills that desire. In the era of social media and topless selfies by female celebrity icons, it is getting harder for a girl to generate the amount of attention she feels she deserves. To that end, one way to reliably receive positive attention, accolades, and praise like “hero,” “courageous,” and “role model” is to claim victimhood status.

While being a female gives a girl a small amount of claim to victimhood status, claiming to be a “rape survivor” bumps her up to the next level. Once a girl claims that she has been raped, all of her friends and family will give her their full attention, campus administrators must listen to her very word, and anything she posts on social media will instantly garner 1000 “likes.” I hesitate to even write this because it may give some female readers bad ideas to achieve mini-celebrity status and get a full page spread in Rolling Stone magazine.

Falsely Accusing A Man Of Rape Instantly Boosts A Woman’s Social Status

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In the current political climate, the more “oppressed” and “underprivileged” a person is, the more status they are conferred. For many privileged middle class girls, they are acutely aware that they occupy a tenuous position among the oppressed classes. Many privileged girls are jealous that racial minorities and transsexuals are receiving more attention than them.

If a girl wants to leap forward in the Victimhood Olympics and gain social points, she can falsely accuse a man of rape. Nobody is higher status on a college campus than a rape survivor. As soon as a girl claims that she has been raped, every word from her mouth must be treated as though it came from God himself. Nothing she says can be questioned, and everything she says must be treated with awe and reverence.

Avoid Being Called A Slut

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This is the standard regret angle of false rape accusations. Many girls drink too much, hook up with a guy, and regret their actions the next morning. Because we can’t expect girls to be held accountable for their actions, especially on a college campus where it is well known that 1 in 4 women are assaulted every second, girls must be afforded the option to signal to the world that they are not sluts.

In these cases, girls are able to have all the fun of parting, drinking, and hooking up with none of the social repercussions or guilt. What seems more appealing to a girl: Getting drunk, hooking up, and being called a slut, or getting drunk, saying she was raped, and then being called a hero?

Moreover, while our degenerate culture has done its best to scrub the guilt of being a slut from the minds of girls, they still feel this innate guilt when sleeping around. They then reconcile their guilt and desires by projecting it onto a man and claiming that he forced her to do something she did not want to do.

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In sum, multiple incentives exist for girls to use the tool of a false rape accusation. First, they can use it as a weapon to ruin a man’s life if they feel he deserves it. Second, they can use it as a method to garner large amounts of attention. Third, they can make a false rape accusation to boost their social status in an era of victimhood culture. And finally, they can avoid feeling like a slut by claiming that a man made them do something they didn’t want.

The rewards of a false rape accusation for women show no signs of disappearing, so stay vigilant.

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