Last week, the already Jerry Springer-esque presidential campaign descended to another level of inanity. The National Enquirer reported that Republican presidential candidate and Texas Senator Ted Cruz has cheated on his wife with no less than five women, three of whom—CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter, Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, and former Carly Fiorina presidential campaign manager Sarah Isgur Flores—have already been identified.

This story—and the Cruz campaign’s response to it—completely changes the dynamic of the presidential race. Allegations of voter fraud in Iowa and Utah aside, Cruz has remained competitive with Trump by marshaling support among evangelical Christians, who are uneasy with the Donald’s outspokenness and supermodel wife. In cheating on his wife, Cruz has revealed himself to be a naked hypocrite and risks losing his remaining supporters.

Why Won’t Cruz Tell The Truth?

While Cruz and his supporters have attacked the National Enquirer story, Cruz has not actually denied that he cheated on his wife. As attorney Mike Cernovich has pointed out, Cruz’s slowness to react to the story and his refusal to outright state that he hasn’t cheated on his wife and/or sue the National Enquirer for libel indicate that he has something to hide. As a lawyer himself, Cruz is an expert in manipulating language and wording statements to minimize his legal liability.

Furthermore, one of his accused mistresses, Amanda Carpenter, is also behaving in ways that point to her guilt. An analysis of her Tweets show that not only was Carpenter sexually attracted to Cruz, she quit his presidential campaign under suspicious circumstances and also tried to blacklist Trump supporters out of the conservative media. Like Cruz, Carpenter has not denied that she was involved in a sleazy affair.

Beyond the fact that Cruz’s infidelity undermines his credibility with his conservative Christian base, his affairs may land him in federal prison. As mentioned above, one of Cruz’s accused paramours, Sarah Isgur Flores, formerly served as Carly Fiorina’s campaign manager. Last summer, the pro-Cruz super PAC Keep The Promise donated $500,000 to Fiorina’s campaign, a move so suspicious it caught the attention of the FEC. Additionally, Fiorina endorsed Cruz following the end of her campaign and has been stumping for him for the past month.


Back in 2008, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards saw his political career implode when it was revealed that he had used campaign funds to cover up an affair with staffer Rielle Hunter, at the same time his wife Elizabeth was dying of cancer. If Keep The Promise’s $500,000 donation to Fiorina turns out to be hush money for Flores, it would spell the end of not only Cruz’s presidential campaign, but his political career in general.

While Cruz fanboys have attempted to blame the National Enquirer story on Donald Trump, the fact that Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson is one of Cruz’s alleged mistresses makes it unlikely he was involved. Indeed, the Cruz sex scandal was created by supporters of Marco Rubio, who sought to use it to force Cruz from the race. Prior to the Florida primary on March 15, Rubio surrogate Rick Wilson had teased a Cruz scandal he called “The Thing,” but following Rubio’s exit from the race, the story was killed out of fear that it would help Trump.

Lyin’ Ted: CheaTED, DefeaTED

For opponents of Donald Trump, the Ted Cruz sex scandal couldn’t have come at a worse time. Cuckservatives and establishment power brokers had sought to leverage Cruz’s campaign to deny Trump a majority of delegates in the presidential primary, forcing a brokered convention and allowing them to steal the nomination. However, in revealing himself to be a liar and an adulterer, Cruz has destroyed his support among conservative Christians, his primary voter bloc.

The Wisconsin primary next week has been touted as Cuckster’s Last Stand, the last chance Trump haters have to prevent him from getting the nomination. Beyond having a large number of evangelical voters (similar to Iowa), Wisconsin is home to both House Speaker Paul Ryan and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, both of whom publicly oppose Donald Trump. The Cruz sex scandal will make it difficult—if not impossible—for Cruz to win Wisconsin or Priebus to steal it for him.

Finally, with revelations that everyone from the Washington Times to Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari knew about Cruz’s infidelity but refused to expose it, the corruption of the conservative media has become evident. Were it not for independent journalists such as Mike Cernovich and Ricky Vaughn, the Cruz scandal would have never gotten traction. Given the uselessness of the conservative media, it’s time for us to push it off a cliff.

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