We live in a violent world. We have always lived in a violent world. We are a violent species. This is not bad or good, it is a fact. Facts, unlike opinions, have consequences when ignored. Like thinking that getting an education will provide you with a stable income or that treating your spouse with respect will keep her attached to you. Facts override opinion, reality overrides delusions and illusions.

Not understanding how to defend yourself in a violent world has consequences. Consequences that can often be far worse than not knowing game or understanding personal finance. Many in the Western world believe that we are headed towards a violence-free world. That human nature can be molded and changed. That our violent past is just that…in the past. Unfortunately this is far from the truth. America is an empire in the state of decline. A shooting star on the descent.

What does this mean for us? That we must prepare for the future. Regardless of whether we seek to rebuild Western civilization from the ashes or to simply “enjoy the decline.” Either way we must be prepared for what is coming.

Learning self-defense was something that humans have had to do since the beginning of time. Something necessary for survival. There was no choice in the matter. Either learn to kill or be killed. That was the rule. We live in a time where we can ignore rules for a limited time. But like stated before reality will reassert itself and often with overwhelming force. Like a dam breaking. Let’s take a look at our future.

1. Increased Racial Tensions

RoK - Black Lives Matter Riot

Humans are a tribal species. People will always trust others who are like them. Whether this is in political or religious beliefs or even more powerfully a person’s ethnic makeup. Despite all the “progress” that has been made between races it has done little to quell the unrest between different races. Now, as individuals we can ignore this and be friends with whomever we want, but on a societal level it doesn’t work this way.

You may not care about what a person’s race is, but that will not stop that other person from judging you by your race, and you may be a target of violence because of it. This is only going to increase in the future. We are headed into an even more marginalized society thanks in large part to the progressive policies of the West.

2. Governmental Oppression

Ruby Ridge

Ruby Ridge

In states of unrest, such as that of a declining empire, the governing authorities often push harder to maintain control. We see this in censorship, “safe spaces,” and other policies designed to subvert dissent.

However, dissent can only be pushed down for so long before it blows over. Right now we are seeing “soft” measures of population control but we will soon see the harder measures coming out. And not only will these measures be used on rioting goons, but also on anyone who doesn’t agree with whatever the puppet master’s current narrative is.

A populace of the American founding fathers, Leonidas’s Spartans, or Alexander’s Greek army would spell death for the power structure of modern day Western society. Force can only be met with force.

3. Empire In Decline

RoK - Collapsing America Ship


America is on its way out with Western society close behind it. The vandals and goths are already among us. The barbarians have already taken the gate and are sacking the city.

The only way to survive in the midst of barbarians is to be a tougher barbarian. The only reason hardened street thugs listen to police officers is because the police officers have more force than then thugs do. Which generally means better weapons, better training, and the law on their side. The law would be meaningless without the batons and firearms.

As a matter of fact the only reason anyone listens to anyone is because of force. Ultimately all control is maintained through force. The only reasons feminists and other crazies can say and do the things they do is because the governing structure that defends them has men with guns who will ultimately uphold its power.

4. Corrupt Justice System

RoK - Cry Rape Get Out of Jail Free Card

There is no such thing as a fair trial. The great thinkers of the West devised a trial system that got us close but now that system has been turned on its head. Example: You are attacked on the street, you press charges, but because of the perp’s background you are painted as the bad guy. You get a slap on the wrist for having the gall to dare demand justice against an “oppressed” class.

You cannot rely on the justice system for justice. Now understand you must still act under the law, but do expect the law to mete out justice. You must take justice into your own hands. This doesn’t mean become a vigilante.

Remember you must operate under the law.

Let’s say you wake up one morning and have to go into work early. You hurry out to your car and as you place your hands on the car door you feel some at the back of your neck. A man orders you to give him the keys. He pulls you back, keeping his knife at your throat.

You have two options.

Option A – Let him get away and hope that the police can locate your car and the man who held a knife to your throat. Then pray that he isn’t a protected class so that justice can be meted out.

Option B – Pull out your Glock, blow him away, and then inform the police. Sleep like a baby that night.

5. Personal Responsibility

RoK - We dont call 911

You are responsible for what happens to you in life. This goes against what we are told day in and day out but it is the truth. You’re a kid who gets bullied. It’s your own fault for not being tougher. You’re a twenty-five year old virgin. It’s your fault for not learning game.

At first this seems cruel and harsh. However it is anything but. You see when it’s your responsibility than you can change it. The ball is in your court, you are now empowered. Self-defense is no different. Now while even the best of us can get caught off guard from time to time. This doesn’t negate the factor that preparation and training can make a world of difference.

I have heard people say that violence is so chaotic that training won’t have much of an effect, and I call bullshit. If it didn’t have much of an effect then why has every military group that has ever existed trained, and continues to do so? Why do the Marines have Parris Island, LEOs the police academy, Spartans the agoge. Don’t listen to these jackasses.

Training can mean the difference between life and death. Between peace of mind and a shattered psyche. Between sleeping in peace or waking up with night terrors. Do yourself a favor and learn how to inflict harm on another human being should the situation call for it. Learn a martial art, learn how to handle a firearm, and most importantly of all learn the correct mindset to be able to do all of these things when the time comes.

The human race hasn’t changed in a very long time and we are not going to. Violence is a fundamental part of our nature. Embrace it, channel it, and be ready to use it on those who wish to use it on you.

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