One of the upcoming negative effects of feminism that has yet to take hold in the United States is the increasing prevalence of the unmotivated, single man in the workplace. Since he has no family to support, a man of modest appetites does not need a high-powered career. Taken to an extreme, a man who is a social recluse can exist happily with an income near the poverty level based on the following expenses.

Although my income is currently nowhere near the poverty level, for a good chunk of years I lived in a simple apartment with a short commute to work and supported only myself. I was an avid Warcraft gamer, and was fat and did not go anywhere usually other than work and to see relatives. We’ll use numbers from my past for this exercise.



The apartment I lived in during the time of this discussion cost $600 US per month, and that included water and heat, both of which I could have all I wanted. The apartment complex went Section 8 about halfway through my time here, but I have not been bothered and I felt safe, except for one time there was a fire.

Not my building, but in the same complex, about 5 years ago. Girls smoking and doing yoga; caught the mat on fire. Section 8 for the win.


Power ranged from $20in the winter to $100 in the summer to run the air-conditioners. The internet connection and cable has averaged $75, so we will say $150 a month for utilities.


I usually ate two meals a day at the plant for under $10 total, and would often have fast food in the evening, which made me very overweight. $20 a day did it for food, so say $600 a month.

Not me, but I DID love the Taco Bell, multiple nights a week.


I drove five miles each way to work, and WalMart is practically on the way. Although that is way less than one tank of gas a month, let’s say I did other things and at $4 per gallon, too, so $160 per month for gasoline.


That game costs fifteen dollars a month and your soul.

This one was mine.


So far, we are running a yearly total of $18,300. Yes, it was an ideal situation—I had enough clothes, and no car payment on a reliable car. I had a good computer upon which to waste my life in Azeroth, and a short commute to work. While I did make mad money during this time, I was just living, but not having a life.

Minimum Income

Tacking on 15% taxes to the $18,300 gives us $21,045 gross income, which is 177% of the $11,880 that the federal government considers poverty level for a single person. So I need me $21k in income. What’s a simple job I can do around here that requires no ambition or real skill?


Any of these would work for a slacker with a gaming addiction.

Wal Mart

Says here I can make $10 an hour minimum working at Wal Mart. That is 2,104 hours of work over the year which puts me at just over 40 hours a week and a week’s vacation. Might even make some overtime.


This tells me I can get $9 an hour working for Ronald. This would mean I would have to work 45 hours a week all year long, but it’s still certainly doable.

AutoZone lists the base job at AutoZone at $9 an hour, so it’s the same setup as working at the burger joint, just with a better set of duties, in my opinion. 45 hour work weeks here.

Jobs Abound

Those are three jobs within less than a mile of me as I write this. I guarantee Walmart is hiring, since they have their shingle out every time I go in there. There have got to be more jobs for similar income around as well.


I’ve never been on welfare, but some quick googling shows me that if I go Section 8 and get free housing, that would put me down to needing only $9300 per year. Cut gas down to just going to work and that’s down to $7740. Eat cheaper and I’m down to $5940. If I get $200 dollars in SNAP food stamps a month, and $300 in TANF allowances, that puts me right at $6000. It’s doable, barely, on welfare.

Work has to have a point

What women don’t get in the feminism movement is that there has to be a point for men to hold down a job. I work as an engineer because I like having money. Sure, there’s a bit of prestige that comes with the job, but I only put in the long hours of tedium and dealing with people with high school educations or worse trying to tell me that I’m wrong because I want a paycheck.

I like making the money I do because I like nice things, and I like having my surplus income make more income on its own so that I can retire sooner. Some married guys I know make the money they do to provide for their wives and kids. I live in a very conservative area of the USA where this is still a little normal.

But what if you don’t have a family and don’t need or want nice things? Are you going to pursue a high stress career just because you can? Women certainly seem to think so. Many of the female engineers I know define their success at their career as their success at life, and will do anything, and I mean anything, to advance it. They won’t learn until near the end that their career is a means to an end, and not the end in itself.

If you’re a guy with no family and no real ambition, a ten dollar an hour job will suit you right down to the ground, and a fifteen dollar an hour job might even allow you to get a retirement going, once the left passes those minimum wage laws they want.

Satire, but extremely accurate.

It’s all going to come crashing down

The feminists’ tragic flaw is that they assume that they are the only ones changing their game. They expect that they can sleep around in their 20s and get their power career going, marry a perfect man in their mid 30s, then have perfect children in their early 40s once their career is set for good.

We’ve seen here at ROK that the babies are not perfect when the mother is in her forties, and that the men who will marry a 35 year old post-wall carousel rider are far from perfect as well. We know that they are wrong on those.

We also know that they are wrong on substituting the corporation for a husband; it has no loyalty to you, you can’t sleep with it, and you’re going to die alone if you take that path.

But now, we also know that feminism, by making men realize there is no longer any point to having a high powered career, will replace men with women in those careers, as the men will no longer pursue those positions. By removing our obligations to society, they’ve freed us from the need for these careers. Once they harness up the yoke over their shoulders that was formerly ours, they may then finally learn that they are wrong in this, too.

Until that point, equality means I don’t have to help and you can carry that load all on your own, sweetheart.

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