Anybody reasonable knows American universities have been deteriorating to the point where academia has lost all logical reasoning, having given in to the intellectual savages better known as the progressive left. This concept was reinforced a week ago at the DePaul debate against the college Republicans, Democrats, and socialists. Unsurprisingly, the mob of green-haired, tattoo-ridden slobs with cat yoga pants came out in full force, aptly demonstrating the tyrannical mob mentality has a stranglehold on academia. There was no chance real meaningful discussion, but I would like to share some key points from the event, reaffirming long held beliefs in our community.


Typical Feminist/Socialist in attendance: Resisting The Urge To Puke Hawt/You Go Girl!

1. Socialists are the laziest, most unprofessional degenerates of society

Observing the three groups of debaters, I saw the Democrats and Republicans as punctual, well dressed, and relatively competent individuals; however, when observing socialists, they were late (news flash: if they had real jobs, they would have learned punctuality matters), and were unkempt, disgusting human beings. The woman debater had ridiculously unprofessional hair and was chubby. In addition, the man showed up in scruffy jeans, an undone and unbuttoned wrinkled shirt, and an undershirt with letters. Along with his horrid attire, he had one of those God forsaken pseudo-60’s hippie shaves, making sure not to conform to the evil capitalist patriarchy. In essence, their appearance represented their laziness, just like every other disgusting land whale on the left.


Also the DePaul Socialist debate prep consultant.

In addition to their questionable (read: nauseating) attire, there are a few things I found out a few things about the debaters for the socialists. The male debater was a 29-year-old University of Chicago Graduate working at a bookstore. The fact that this societal leech decided to debate college students he didn’t go to school with, as well as being seven years their elder, is pathetic. The fact that he works at a bookstore is even more laughable. He decided not to do anything useful with his degree, showing the depths of his worthlessness: in essence, he’s an overgrown schoolyard bully that was held back seven years.

These last two paragraphs shed light on one main truth about socialists in America: all of the far left’s acolytes are typically worthless outcasts of society. These idiots cannot thrive in a meritocracy that requires competency and hard work. Instead of blaming themselves for their incompetence and getting their asess to work, they decide to blame their environment and everybody else for their shortcomings.


Newsflash: Would be above average for socialists at DePaul.

In addition, just like in real life, the more people there are in a group working on something (i.e. collectivism), the easier it is to obscure individual responsibility, regardless of how poorly individuals perform. This is in part why movements such as the planned USSR economy and Socialist Venezuela failed; there is no accountability for results, and with no accountability, there is no responsibility. Lack of personal responsibility deludes incentives for individuals to help themselves, which deludes production, invention, and culture.

Even Bernie Sanders, the socialist cult’s most prominent member, is an incompetent loser who got off welfare solely because he makes a living off promising other losers hardworking people’s things, taken by government force and coercion. In order to survive, he had to champion causes of the perpetually dependent to protect himself.

2. College students have become perfectly inculcated to ideology


Sadly, the ratio of radicals to reasonable people was what you’d expect. It is obvious that college students cannot think anymore despite the fact that this is exactly what individuals go to college for. I saw this when one of the Republican debaters plainly said African Americans commit crimes disproportionately to their percentage of the population. For just saying this, he was screamed at, despite his statement being purely factual. He was forced to explain his rationale afterwards, despite his statistical accuracy.

It is sad that students cannot take facts at face value anymore; in addition, when that same Republican debater said “calling us sexist bigots will not promote the discussion,” members of the audience promptly yelled “but you are,” followed by laughs and jeers. Despite their supposed pursuit of diversity, these cretins have no problem trampling ideological diversity.

Aside from the intolerance of intellectual diversity among leftists, this is indicative of the greater trend of the American socialists who are easily influenced to whatever dumb idea is predominant among their political clout, be it safe-spaces, trigger warnings, intersectionality, or any other bullshit terminology that could only be conceived in the back offices of a gender studies department.

Because college students cannot think, they are easily manipulated by corporations, maintaining their socialist ideology while buying iPhones and getting shipments from Amazon, despite both entities being against everything these mongrels were inculcated to believe.


The hate mail I am going to get from this one will be beautiful.

3. The college media, like its mainstream counterpart, lies for ideological reasons

It was obvious that The DePaulia, the school’s newspaper, was going to slam the college Republicans. Granted, they don’t just call them racists like usual, but they were smart enough to belittle them and beat around the bush to demean them; however, even though it was a change of style, the idiocy was transparent. The writer that covered the event, Emma Krupp, displayed her hard-hitting intellectual firepower with this excerpt:

…it’s a common stereotype, to be sure, that Republicans are a political minority on DePaul’s campus. Whether or not that will ever be statistically proven remains to be seen.

Krupp goes on to smear the Republicans, calling them meek, while praising the Democrats. Krupp and The DePaulia represent a large segment of the media that thinks tantamount to the zombified students on universities. The only difference is that these children actually get big-boy jobs, though sadly without ever learning basic lessons of journalistic integrity. Most media outlets cannot even grasp objectivity or professionalism anymore, which has given rise to the mainstream media, outright lying to slander and libel conservatives in any way possible.

4. The race card is a free card in political discussions with liberals


Thank God with Monopoly money you cannot go into debt, because if so, race card debt at DePaul would be worse than our national debt.

One of the debate topics that night happened to be on race, and as you can possibly guess, the one black debater played the race card, pointing out that he had a different skin color than every other debater, all for political points. When one of the Republican debaters suggested actually following the debate rules and taking turns to speak, the Democrat interrupted saying: “I’m black, I’m going to speak up,” even though he had already used his speaking time. A heart-throbbing story followed about how he couldn’t play with toy guns as a toddler because of barbaric police shooting black youth, referencing Tamir Rice. According to the left, it is the cops’ fault 100% of the time.

The race card is all too prominent these days, and it is the lowest form of argument intellectually, because it censors, rather than promotes, discussion. Additionally, the race card is often paired with the fictional “White Privilege.”


Synopsis of syllabus of every REQUIRED Multiculturalism class at DePaul

In reality, white privilege is a term devised by leftists to silence dissent against their radical, racist agenda.

5. Male academics are blue pill, effeminate, and spineless

And finally, one of the more embarrassing moments of the night was the Republicans constantly being interrupted without pause, and the moderator, Dr. Joseph Mello did nothing. When one of the debaters asked the moderator to enforce the debate rules, his response to not enforcing them was: “passions are high.” I say it is shocking because Mello’s academic focuses are law and courts.

One would think that studies in law and courts would have helped Mello understand concepts such as tyranny of the majority and the rule of law, but obviously not. If laws were established, and subsequently thrown away due to the whims of “passions,” our society couldn’t function, so it is obvious that when passions and feelings trumped debate rules, the entire night was regrettably ruined.

Now, I am not sure if Mello was either a spineless pussy, bent over for the mobocracy (which is a possibility looking at his feeble body), or if he maliciously disregarded the rules, or both. Either way, it shows what feminized Marxist academia does to male academics.


Being a conservative transgender individual, it is a toss up as to who has more balls, Dr. Mello or Caitlyn Jenner?

It is a catch 22 for conservatives in academia, a perfect system that has decapitated ideological diversity. It leads me to my last insight; the progressive and feminist movement work from the inside, creating such toxic environments for the remaining minorities, that it is impossible for our movements to work in the same fashion.


In the end, the mob won and discussion lost; however, there is hope. The conservative movement is strong at DePaul and throughout the country. The second decade of the twenty-first century is the 60’s of the conservative movement. We are working at building our base internationally, and when the red pill community and its allies have a strong enough backing to end feminism, the victory will be quick and decisive.

This is because strong convictions are bred from a strong base: moral philosophy, conviction, faith, and will power, all of which the progressive movement lacks. We are the stronger power on a foundational basis, and it is a matter of time until feminism decays. The power vacuum will create itself. The night is darkest before the dawn, and dawn is nearing.

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