What is a slut, what is a stud—and why are they different? Why can’t a girl who is promiscuous be revered as an accomplished individual like a guy is? Women get angry at these “double standards.”

It’s a simple strategy when you start to think of the dynamics: women need a fallback to catch them once they have finished up their slutty, carousel-riding adventures during their 20s. As the end of their 20s approach, they’re running head-on into their 30s, as ugly and unwanted as they have ever been to that point in their life.

Here are four common points regarding why girls constantly argue that sluts and studs are equal, and what you must be aware of as a man.

The Skill Required

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I have a phrase I like to throw around: “A woman saying she can get sex is like me saying I can buy a girl dinner.”

While it’s an extreme example, it wouldn’t be difficult at all for me to buy a girl dinner every night of the week if I so wished. Likewise, a girl could easily go out to a bar every night of the week, and take someone home each night to have sex with her. Of course, no man wants to buy seven different girls dinner throughout the week, just as most girls would feel slutty or ashamed about having their own “perfect week.”

The reason for this is simply the levels of skill. It takes no skill or charm for a girl to get laid every night of the week. The level of thirst in today’s world is extreme, and makes it easy for them to get laid. On the other hand, for a man to have banged seven girls in seven days would take an enormous amount of skill, tolerance for rejection, and a bit of luck.

Because They Need A Fallback

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A lot of women try to argue that the most attractive women in the world are the ones who are very sexually experienced. What they don’t realize is that trying to argue that women who have been the town cum dumpster are attractive is grasping at straws. Many times, they are just trying to rationalize their own sluttiness.

Make no mistake, girls are very aware of the reality, but they have to act naive and innocent in order to put up the illusion of being a good girl. And for the record, it doesn’t matter what her intentions are with you—even if she just wants to fuck you once and be done with you, most girls will still put up this facade. The number of girls in the world who will simply say, “Yeah, I’m a slut, I love sex, and I, as the girl, just want to fuck and chuck you,” is very low.


So why do they put up this illusion? It’s simple: women want the best man they can get across all spectrums; health, wealth, power, etc. Reverse situation: men want the hottest girl they can get, who is the least amount of a pain in the ass.

Even if a girl wants to have sex with you that night, they insist on putting on the good girl facade because you might become something more down the road. What if you are a secret millionaire? What if you are going to turn into a winner in a short few years? She needs to keep you as an option because women have an inherent need to upgrade to the best model that they can obtain.

Limiting Men’s Options

Women attempt to shame men who are skilled with women because they don’t men to sleep around and discover that there are some very high-quality girls out there who blow the majority out of the water. More often than not, it’s the women who are low quality that are doing the shaming.

Women do not want men to have the same instincts to trade up that they do. The funny thing is, once you’ve really seen the true nature of women, you start to come to the conclusion that a lot of women know how dark their souls can sometimes be.

From experience I can tell you that it terrifies them. At the same time, they can’t do anything about it. It’s a complete lack of control in their own brain, which is why women are so attracted to men who are dominant and take charge. Because it relieves them from the agony of dealing with their own torment.

Women feel a need to curb men’s desire for a diverse sexual appetite in order to prevent them from straying to other women.

The Reality Of Life

Most women are not aware of the realities of the modern dating world. They think that men have as many Tinder matches and dates as they do, or that men get hit on all the time, too. The reality of the situation is that a lot of women are under the assumption that dating for men is as easy as it is for them. They think that it just falls into our laps, and are completely naive of the hard work and dedication it takes to become an advanced player of the game.

Simply put: women think the way the sexual marketplace functions is just like a Disney movie, where everything falls into place and everybody is happy. They are not aware of the struggles and pains that your modern man goes through just to get the occasional bang. Therefore, it becomes their natural inclination to simply shame men for being players, while simultaneously defending women who are slutty.

Women will shamelessly defend their own promiscuity. I had a girl last year who I was banging brag about her own “perfect week”—she managed to bang seven dudes in seven days off of Tinder. I dropped her shortly after. They will tell us to “man up” and marry the girls who threw away their best years for a nice ride on the carousel, and then pin all the responsibility on us to save them. They say that this is just “how it is.”

They’ll tell men that their biology desires are bad. They’ll throw an overblown fear of STDs into the mix for good measure (condoms do work), and use any tactic in the book to make a man feel shameful for feeling natural, biological urges. They find it far easier to deny reality than it is to accept it.

The reality of the situation is that biology always wins. Sluts and studs are not the same thing. And as long as women keep preaching that, they’re simply making the bed they have to lay in.

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