There is much fear within the manosphere regarding the potential for the spread of American style feminism to other parts of the world. Many have voiced concerns that soon there will be “no escape” from this ideology because it will have taken hold in every society around the globe, “polluting” every culture.

This, I contend, is not a realistic scenario, a fact that becomes clearer when you analyze the reasons for the rise of this ideology.

The Necessary Condition

The primary roadblock to the expansion of American style feminism beyond a trivial level in many cultures is that other men simply do not put up with the kind of things that their American counterparts are willing to tolerate. This is important because men must agree to accept feminist imperatives before they can take hold.

The women who brought about the major shift towards the feminine imperative that we saw here in the USA during the latter half of the 20th century were not able to do this because of their physical strength or social dominance. It was their men (who controlled all major political, economic and social structures in American society) who allowed their aims to come into law and gain social legitimacy, and have largely allowed for this legitimacy to grow in recent decades.

The feminine imperative absolutely requires male acquiescence to start making headway. Put simply, men have to be willing to listen to its proponents and then allow their desires to come to fruition.

The Acquiescence of the American Male

In the USA, this is all a given because men here worship their women and define themselves in the context of their ability to satisfy the feminine imperative. American men allow their women to badmouth them in public with no consequences, flake with no consequences, and cheat/cuckold their men with no consequences.

They emasculate themselves in the media and in their personal lives in order to amuse their women. When women here behave/dress/speak in a more masculine manner or plump up, men here accept it and excuse it. When women here begin shaming men for being men and try to force them to adhere to the feminine imperative (example: talking down a guy in his mid-30’s for seeing a woman in her early-mid 20’s), men here capitulate and accept it, and even occasionally begin shaming one another for failing to do the same.

Women here know they can basically behave in any way they please and still have reasonably decent men willing to get with them and even praise them, while the legal system (still run largely by men while its laws are enforced primarily by men) enables much of that behavior. Men are desperate to please them, and will go to war for the right to white knight for an even moderately attractive woman.


As much as some men here complain about some of the effects of feminism, the reality is that American women are doing only as much as they are allowed. When they are aware of the fact that any complaint they make (no matter how trivial) will be taken seriously on a social level and likely even given some legitimacy in the eyes of the law, what incentive is there for them to be more reasonable? If you could request anything and stand a reasonable chance of getting it, wouldn’t you do so confidently?

When they know they have an army of white knights ready to grant any wish they make, what incentive is there for them not to make the wish?

This is why the Anglosphere is so much worse when it comes to gender dynamics than other parts of the world, at least from a male perspective. It is in these societies that women have the least incentive not to step on male toes, and it is also in these societies that men voluntarily cater the most to the feminine imperative.


The rest of the world simply doesn’t have that tolerance. Several Slavic societies are well known for this, but even in parts of Western Europe you do not find the willing acceptance of female obesity and masculinity you see in the USA. In Italy a noted senior-citizen playboy who made little attempt to hide his dalliances with much younger women held onto the Prime Minister’s seat for over a decade. Could you imagine Americans electing a similar character who so openly and shamelessly flaunts his masculinity? A mere blowjob was enough to get Clinton in serious trouble and JFK (probably the closest thing to a modern American Berlusconi we’ve seen) had to keep his affairs under wraps.

Deep down, there isn’t any substantive difference between women here and elsewhere (those who migrate and grow up in the Anglosphere generally prove this by behaving similarly to natives), but in their cultures they simply aren’t allowed to get away with the things their Anglo peers can. Why? Men won’t put up with it. You just rarely see Africans, Caribbeans, many South/West Asians, Slavs, some Mediterraneans or Latinos supplicating en masse in the way that men reliably do in many Anglo nations (particularly the USA). They simply refuse to be shamed and aren’t willing to constantly apologize for being male.

You can’t have American feminism as we know it without extremely apologetic men who are ready to roll over.

The best defense against the kind of anti-male feminism that dominates here in the USA will come from men stepping up, ceasing to roll over and then actually being men, not lap dogs. Women simply won’t respect anything else. Male populations that already do this have little to fear from American feminism so long as they continue. Male populations that fail to do this are their own worst enemy.

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