A great disparity of wealth exists amongst the Western nations and it begs for resolution. A select few, through no direct doing of their own, possess greater wealth than all others combined, and recklessly spend it without regard for those that have it not.

While it is, indeed, sad to contemplate the uneven distribution of financial wherewithal, it is far, far worse to consider the uneven distribution of the wealth of aesthetic beauty of the human form amongst the human inhabitants of the planet today and how it affects the very lives of us all.

Like our Most Excellent Leader, B.H. Obama opined recently, “That body isn’t yours. You didn’t build it,” thus implying that those with physical beauty owe it to those of us without to share their aesthetic glory for the benefit of us all, as their beauty belongs to the People.

American Sexual Socialism

The finest progressive minds have developed a new government agency that will enable the efficient distribution of the benefits of human beauty, the Department of Aesthetic Transfer. The DAT, as it is commonly abbreviated, will have multiple mandates, the primary being a two-tier program simply called American Sexual Socialism. It is the belief of this administration that DAT ASS, when properly implemented, will redistribute the benefits of beauty equally in society.

Tier One of ASS

The ASS program focuses entirely on women, as the Selective Service focuses entirely on men, in a gesture of equality for all. Upon reaching the age of 18, all American women must register with ASS and undergo a physical to receive an ASS rating. Women who are above a certain obesity level are classified below the standards of the program, placed on inactive status, and penalized into a higher tax bracket to encourage them to eat less and lose weight, enabling them to raise their ASS rating into higher level.

Women deemed acceptable in ASS are placed in active status. Similar to the National Guard, their duties of ASS will require one weekend a month of their time, which is an acceptable penance for their good fortune of aesthetics. Duties shall include modeling for nude photography and video, live performance of exotic dancing at certified DAT facilities, and escort-only services for men in need of dating partners.

Tier One ASS Participant

An American female of active ASS rating will have completed her Tier One obligations upon her 25th birthday, or upon marriage, whichever is sooner. It is the desire of the DAT to promote marriage, and the preservation of virginity until marriage, thus Tier One is designed to, while undoubtedly uncomfortable for the woman, cause no actual mental or physical harm nor cause the end of the ASS participant’s virginity, and provide an incentive to marry by ending Tier One obligations early.

Tier Two of ASS

However, the administration and the DAT understand that marriage is, regrettably, not important to some American women and that various photographic, video, and live nude performances are things that they may do already of their own volition and time, albeit, we are certain, to an unfair distribution of recipients, so the second tier of American Sexual Socialism has been created for these women who have so much more to give.

Tier 2 ASS obligations begin upon a woman’s 25 birthday, and continue, like Selective Service, until her 35th birthday. In an effort towards compassion, Tier 2 obligations can end earlier upon the descent of the participant’s ASS rating below the minimum, commonly referred to as “The Wall.” Once past the wall, the woman is released from the program, as her beauty has been fully distributed.


The DAT regards the 25th birthday to be a hallmark of the unmarried American woman’s selfish refusal to commit her assets to marriage and continuance of the American Way, and has designed Tier 2 to take advantage of those same assets despite her refusal.

Coming soon to your town and government sponsored, too!

With similar one weekend per month duties as Tier 1, the Tier 2 participant will check into her assigned local DAT facility and work several shifts over the course of that duty as a sex worker of government employ. As she is not compensated nor the patrons charged, prostitution laws are technically non-applicable. Tier 2 ASS participants shall receive the benefit of free health exams, birth control, and the knowledge that all of her assignments will also be screened via health exam as well as certain deviant sex acts being prohibited.

While the DAT acknowledges that sex with multiple random men does indeed disrupt the pair-bonding psychology of women, the justification lies in the fact that a woman who is not married by the age of 25 is not married for a reason, and will probably not enter into a successful marriage at that point or any time further.

Beneficiaries of DAT ASS

In an effort to recognize the contributions of American men to the economic stability of the United States and in an attempt to undo the wreckage wrought by the misguided feminist movements, all employed American men age 18 or older are eligible to receive benefits of ASS Tier One, as it is a man’s right to visually appreciate the beauty of women that his labor has benefited.

This man is ready for his ASS benefits.

Tier 2 benefits are extended to all unmarried, employed American men age 18 or older, as they are paying taxes for the upkeep of American women, yet have not claimed one as their own. The ASS is designed to promote happy marriage via new divorce laws allowing men to divorce with no financial repercussions due to “frigidity” and “lack of sexual enthusiasm,” among several other new causes, all of which are designed to ensure that employed American men are rewarded for their efforts with sexual encounters of at least an acceptable level of performance and enthusiasm, either through marriage to a loving wife, or via ASS. Divorced, pre-wall women are, of course, required to re-enroll in the appropriate ASS Tier.

In Summary

She’s doing her duty to her country.

The DAT and the Obama administration would like to thank you for taking the time to read this brief description of the upcoming ASS program. It is our hope that the imbalance of aesthetic wealth and obligations of the two sexes in this country can be resolved via careful implementation of Tier 1 and Tier 2 ASS.

The DAT would also like to solicit opinions from the American public who will be eligible for benefits of ASS in the above sections as to specifics of duties required in Tiers 1 and 2 as well as general inquiries and feedback on the program. All correspondence regarding suggestions of what else to put in DAT ASS can be directed to the email of [email protected]

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