It’s no secret that much of the world is in demographic decline, with developed nations breeding below their replacement rate. To solve this problem, developed countries have spent decades buttressing their shrinking populations with hordes of culturally dissimilar, lower-IQ immigrants. What could possibly go wrong?

In the United States, millions of immigrants have been making California more and more like the shitty countries they were so eager to leave, and recently Los Angeles proudly declared itself “the northern capital of Latin America.” Meanwhile, Europeans have taken in millions of Muslims who, as it turns out, want to conquer and convert them.

Fortunately, people are finally starting to realize the devastating effects of lax immigration policies, and they’re beginning to pay attention to the underlying problem of demographic decline. Much has been written about how the progressive culture of death needs to be dismantled. However, if developed nations are to secure their future, they must also repeal the progressive laws, policies, and programs contributing to low birth rates.

1. Non-discrimination laws

Anti-discrimination laws (03)

Men work more. They work more overtime, they don’t take maternity leave, and they almost never take mid-career breaks to raise their children. Hiring a man makes more economic sense than hiring a woman, but anti-discrimination laws force companies to hire more women instead.

Firstly, this leads to more women being employed in higher-paying jobs. As a consequence, women have a greater incentive to delay marriage, to delay having children, and to have fewer children in the pursuit of their allegedly fulfilling careers.

Secondly, hiring more women in higher-paying jobs displaces the men who otherwise would have worked those jobs. These men now have a reduced earning capacity, making it harder for them to have more children.

2. Permissive divorce laws and welfare for single moms

Single Mom

When people think of unmarried mothers, they often imagine a ghetto woman with a litter of kids, demanding that the government needs to pay for them. In contrast, when people think of married women, they often imagine a middle-class woman with only one or two kids. From these stereotypes, it seems that modern marriage is a cause of demographic decline.

However, the truth is that these stereotypes are outliers, and that marriage actually leads to more children. The majority of children are born to married parents, and a married woman is likely to have more children than an unmarried woman.

This makes sense because most women want to have children with a husband for romantic and financial reasons. Welfare removes some of the immediate financial incentives for women to get married, and permissive divorce laws remove the legal barriers that keep them married. This creates a long-term disadvantage for women later on because most men don’t want to marry a woman with a kid. Even if these women do manage to find a man to marry them, they will have wasted several of their fertile years on the carousel, leaving them with less time to have more children.

3. Alimony and child support laws

Alimony (02)

Firstly, these laws remove many of the immediate financial incentives for women to get or stay married. As noted earlier, unmarried women have fewer children. They also have a harder time getting married and having more children if they already have kids when they re-enter the marriage market.

Secondly, these laws sap resources from divorced men, making them less capable providers for new children with new wives. Because of these laws, having one kid with your ex-wife, plus one kid with your current wife, is much more expensive than having two kids with your only wife.

4. Abortion



Firstly, abortion kills nascent members of society.

Secondly, it removes one of the reasons for young people getting married. Historically, young lovers who made an accidental fetus would be pressured (possibly at shotgun-point) to get married. With abortion, that same young couple can continue putting off starting a family. If they split up, the woman will burn through more of her fertile years looking for another man with whom she can finally start a family.

Lastly, abortion facilitates women pursuing their careers. For a woman, having a career leads to delaying motherhood and having only a couple of kids because she’s too busy to have more.

5. Government-backed student loans

Government Loans

Leftists want every last person to get a university education, regardless of what people study, and regardless of the burdens to society and the students themselves. However, unlike leftists’ utopian fantasy, not all education is created equal. STEM degrees and vocational certifications provide a clear benefit to both society and the individuals who earn them. Other degrees (those in arts, humanities, and many of the social sciences) do not. Government-backed student loans encourage and subsidize young people making poor educational choices.

For a man, getting a worthless degree means that he wasted several years of his life, only to end up with a reduced earning potential and massive debt. This greatly reduces his ability to provide for a family, making it harder for him to have more children.

For a woman, the situation is even worse. Just like a man, getting a worthless degree means that she’s destined for a low-paying job and massive debt. More importantly, she wastes the prime of her life by spending four or five years in school, and another two or three years trying out her career before hopefully figuring out that she screwed up and needs to start a family.

By this time, she has financial burdens which make it harder to pay for children, and she has fewer years left in which she can produce those children. Worse yet, some women never see the light, instead doubling down on the feminist dream by going to grad school or putting even more time into their careers. These poor souls will be lucky to pop out one or two kids before their ovaries close up shop for good.

6. Social security and medicare

Social Security (02)

These programs are welfare for the old. Although people like to complain about government borrowing from the Social Security trust fund, this is just a case of the government making a bad problem worse. The simple math is that the average retiree will collect more from Social Security and Medicare than what he or she put in.

These programs subsidize low birth rates because parents no longer need to rely on their children to take care of them in their old age. Historically, having a lot of children provided an economic benefit because they would work on the family farm and eventually take care of mom and dad. With socialism, parents no longer need to rely on their children to support them later in life, and so they have less incentive to have those children, all while racking up more government debt.

7. Welfare for the infirm


This includes government funding of nursing homes, adult foster homes, and special education. Traditionally, families took care of their own, including the physically and mentally infirm. This meant that someone (the wife) would have to stay at home to do the care-taking.

Even if a woman has to stay home to take care of a demented grandpa or a retarded sister, she would still have much more time to raise children than if she left home every day to work a full-time job.

The Big Picture

A free market with some common-sense regulations is so beneficial to society because it encourages the most efficient production of goods and services. However, in order for a society to sustain itself, it also needs to produce children. By interfering with the free market and destroying common-sense regulations on marriage and family, progressives have created a dangerously inefficient system of producing children.

For developed societies to regain their strength and vitality, progressive laws must be repealed and replaced with policies that encourage large, healthy families.

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