In the past, it took the power of oppressive, tyrannical governments to crush free speech. In the year 2016, we have multinational corporations doing it for us. Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared that his site would take a more active role in policing “hate speech” against the Muslim refugees streaming into Europe:

Zuckerberg pointed to efforts including funding a team to work with police to combat hate speech on Facebook. He said that learning more about German law has led the company to expand its view of “protected groups” there, and “to now include hate speech against migrants as an important part of what we just now have no tolerance for.”

According to reports, Zuckerberg has hired a 200-person censorship crew whose sole purpose will be to monitor and shut down discussion of how the refugees are tearing Europe apart. The numerous stories of how Muslim refugees are abusing the goodwill of their European hosts, such as the New Years’ Eve rape attacks in Germany, will be censored and removed from Facebook, one of the world’s largest social networking sites.

Zuckerberg’s sudden concern for the feeeeeelings of Muslim rapefugees is a cover for his true agenda. Globalist politicians and businessmen seek to use the refugee crisis to consolidate their power and destroy nationalism in Europe and in the West in general. Because the Internet enables people to circumvent the lies of the mainstream media, the globalists are now using corporate censorship to maintain their narrative.

Social Networks vs. Nationalists


The mainstream media and politicians have sought to portray the unprecedented wave of “refugees” pouring into Europe as a humanitarian crisis, claiming that Europeans are obligated to take them in. In actuality, the “refugees” are predominantly young men in search of plunder and booty. Report after report shows Muslim “refugees” starting riots, engaging in petty crime, harassing and raping European women, and generally behaving like swaggering conquerors instead of desperate paupers fleeing war.

To keep the truth from becoming public, the German government and other pro-refugee politicians have resorted to increasingly extreme measures to censor news coming out of Europe. In a particularly notable example of collusion, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was caught on mic confronting Mark Zuckerberg about the proliferation of “anti-immigrant hate posts” on Facebook. In the same conversation, Zuckerberg pledged to do a better job of curbing “hate speech” on the site.


Facebook’s censorship crusade is almost identical to a similar push by rival network Twitter. Last month, Twitter unveiled its new “Trust and Safety Council,” a tribunal dedicated to policing “hate speech” and “harassment” on the platform. The Council is headed by notorious anti-free speech feminist Anita Sarkeesian and is staffed by representatives from various left-wing organizations. Since the Council was unveiled, conservative journalist Robert Stacy McCain has been banned from Twitter, and several major personalities such as Adam Baldwin have abandoned the site.

The Elites’ End Game


As ROK publisher Roosh has stated, the central conflict of our time is between globalists and nationalists. Globalists seek to dissolve the world’s cultures into a degenerate, consumerist stew, while nationalists seek to preserve their societies in the face of these pressures. While nationalism has been dormant in the West for quite some time, the worsening global economy combined with the destruction wrought by invading Muslim “refugees” has threatened to inspire a tribalist backlash.

This is something the global elite want to prevent at all costs. Their avarice is so great that they will not even permit discussion of the horrors their policies are inflicting on the average Westerner. When they can’t use government coercion to shut us up, they’ll do an end run around free speech by conspiring with social media networks to do the job for them, branding it as “fighting hate speech” or “clamping down on racism.”

It is up to us to resist the global elite’s machinations by exposing their lies and deceit. Mark Zuckerberg may try to run his site like a digital bantustan, but no matter how much the globalists try, they cannot plug all the holes. By continuing to spread the word about Muslim refugee misbehavior and other stories the elites don’t want us to share, we can put a dent in their plans.

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