As you are all aware by now, the cancellation of the Return of Kings meet-ups was caused by a deliberate misrepresentation of our message. ROK readers were described as being pro-rape. I’ve also seen ROK readers described as a bunch of pick up artists whose only priority in life is to corrupt young virgins.

But it is not just the self-professed enemies of ROK that don’t understand the site. I’ve chatted with some men who tried reading the site but were turned off by certain articles. For these reasons, I thought it would be helpful to provide an overview of what ROK is all about. My intention is that this article will serve as a good way of introducing a friend to ROK.

Here are some things to be aware of when reading ROK:

ROK is about things that are interesting to men


If you’ve ever been part of a unit of men, whether it was a military unit or a high school football team, the content and comments that you find on ROK will not be offensive to you.

That’s because when men get together, they talk about what interests them. That might be sports, politics, weightlifting tips, or women. There’s also a lot of joking, and it’s almost always a little off-color.

In our day, men no longer have places in the real world where they can get together with other men to “shoot the shit.” The military, fire departments, and police forces used to be male bastions, but all of those institutions now include women as part of our push for equality.

Men’s clubs, country clubs, and sporting events also served as places where men could get together with other men. But the men’s clubs are gone because they were sexist. And following the dictates of “you go girl-ism” women have made sure that they attended sporting events to demonstrate that they could appreciate sports, too.

Thanks to the big push to normalize and celebrate homosexuality, straight men sometimes even feel odd going out to dinner with a group of other straight men—outsiders now just assume that it is a gaggle of gay men. That is why ROK is so popular. It is the one place where men can talk like men and not be censored by some pious ninny. The articles reflect the things that men are universally interested in.

ROK is entertaining but the ideas are often serious


The ROK writers always try to write articles in such a way that you will find them entertaining to read. We don’t write in a stodgy academic style, but don’t let the style deceive you. The articles often deal with weighty subject matter.

If you read ROK on a regular basis, you can find great advice on everything from becoming financially independent to getting in shape for a fight. But ROK is a lot more than self-improvement. ROK goes beyond the narrative that you hear in the popular media to reveal how big money is used to compromise politicians and subvert democracy.

Finally, ROK represents more than a website. It has become a movement. The attempt of the worldwide media to stop the meet-ups has had the unintended effect of making us stronger.

You need to have a sense of humor to understand many ROK articles


Political correctness has destroyed Americans’ sense of humor. In order for something to be funny, it has to poke fun at something or someone. But we’ve created so many protected groups that it is nearly impossible to tell a joke anymore.

You can see this at work in Saturday Night Live’s “mockery” of President Obama. Because Obama is black (a group one must never poke fun of), he was not a permissible target. Instead, the skits made fun of people who were around him—usually his Republican opponents. The fact that the President was off-limits made for poor comedy. All of the writers on ROK write without these politically correct filters. If you are not accustomed to this old school sense of humor, it can come across as mean.


My favorite example of this is Tuthmosis Sonofra’s legendary article 5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder. The piece evoked howls from the dour politically correct establishment. But only someone who was devoid of a sense of humor could read that article and think that it was actually encouraging eating disorders.

Not all articles on ROK are meant to be humorous, but when they are, you can be certain that no politically correct filter will be applied.

Game can be taught


One common objection to ROK that I have seen is that “real men” should have natural game. All you really need, they tell us, is to dress nicely and go up and talk to girls. These people think that all game techniques that are taught in Roosh’s books or on ROK are artificial, and therefore not useful.

My own experience tells me that this is not true.

I was one of those guys who received very little advice from his dad on women so I had to learn from trial and error—and I made a lot of mistakes. One of the most notable was to let infatuation get the best of me. By the time I finally worked up the courage to talk to a girl, I would be nervous and not confident. That lead to lots of rejections, which only further lowered my confidence. Another mistake that I used to make was entering the friend zone. While I was in college I had one girl string me along for nearly a year.

I eventually did learn from my mistakes. I learned to approach attractive girls confidently without caring too much about the outcome. And after that bad friend zone experience in college, I avoided getting stuck there ever again. I learned the hard way, but if Return Of Kings had been available back in those days, I would have been much more successful and confident as a young man.

We tend to dismiss the importance of self-confidence in young men, but there is scientific evidence that winning changes your body’s chemistry. Winners have higher levels of testosterone and other hormones that make it easier for them to win in the future—not just with girls, but in every area. If a young man learns the skills necessary to win girls over, it could change the arc of his life.

The fact that ROK can be helpful to men is obvious from your comments. I’ve read tons of testimonies from men who were able to improve their lives through the advice on ROK.

Most readers of ROK are not PUAs

Despite what you may have heard, most readers of ROK are not pick-up artists. The majority of readers have wives or girlfriends, and they have no desire to serially seduce random women.

But doesn’t ROK contain some information on how to be a PUA?

Yes, the information is here, but the same information that can help you to become a PUA can help you to find a girl to marry. The information itself is neutral. The outcome depends on how you apply it. You can think of the “game” information on ROK as a Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power. You can use the laws in the book to become a successful politician who wisely uses his power to do great good for his constituents.

On the other hand, you could also use the 48 laws to cheat your way into power, to unjustly enrich yourself, and to oppress your constituents. The knowledge of the laws is not bad in itself, what matters is how you apply the laws.


This brief introduction is not going to stop people from hating ROK or issuing malicious attacks on the ROK community. As we saw with the attacks on Roosh in response to the meet-ups, “truth” is no barrier to these unprincipled people.

However, I hope that it will be helpful to men of goodwill who may be put off by false information or to new readers. We need to keep making the ROK tribe stronger.

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