I told you what my plan is. Straight after my 21st and after he has spent £1,000 to £2,000 I’m gone… After all the s*** I’ve put up with. I will literally take my presents and the week after my 21st end it and delete him.

— Nina Paunova, texting her friend Elizabeth Gough about her intention to break up with Sam Scott after he lavished her with even more gifts.

When caught out for having financially used her boyfriend Sam Scott, the quickly dumped, 21-year-old Nina Paunova killed herself. Inasmuch as this was a sad situation for Mr. Scott, the families and (to an extent) the girl herself, the fact that she used her partner for resources is incontrovertible. The end result of suicide, though extreme, should not mask the reality that Paunova is far from an isolated case.

Women do this to men all the time, they just do not normally kill themselves after being found out. Indeed, most females doing this (and there are many) can retain plausible deniability in materially using men. Words like “I love his ambition!”, “He makes me laugh,” and “We fight, but we’re destined for one another” easily become backward rationalizations to make the relationship of convenience more palatable to both the girls themselves and outside parties looking in.

A histrionic, self-entitled woman

Sam Scott had to deal with too much from narcissistic Nina Paunova, which raises the question why he did not extricate himself from her sooner.

An inquest into Paunova’s death (a waste of resources, to be honest, considering the constantly ignored needs of the walking wounded across British society) found that Mr. Scott had:

…already spent £10,000 on jewellery and clothing, £4,500 on trips to London and Paris and at least £2,000 on holidays to Croatia and Menorca.

Paunova, who showed intense focus on things that interested her, like fashion and design, was nevertheless prone to bizarre behavior when she did not get her own way. This included threatening to jump off a balcony and kill herself prior to the events that saw her dumped. Described as “obsessed with social media,” she failed to show the same diligence in respecting her boyfriend as she did in maintaining her Instagram and other accounts for self-promotion.

Despite no evidence showing any of the same behavior from Mr. Scott (rather, the complete opposite seems to be true of him), Paunova planned to leave him after extracting some more expensive trinkets for her 21st birthday. This intention is evinced by her texts to friend Elizabeth Gough, whose boyfriend, commendably, forwarded the messages to the brat’s long-suffering boyfriend.

Following Mr. Scott’s common sense dumping of her, Paunova drove to his house, akin to a good stalker, and unsuccessfully demanded to see him. Rejected, she went to a forest and slit her wrists. And now she’s being remembered as a “victim.” Fitting, isn’t it?

Lesson #1: Don’t expect girls to tell you that you’re being taken advantage of by another female

Nina Paunova’s exploitation of Sam Scott was only undone because another man, her friend’s boyfriend, had the guts to tell him. Do not expect other unrelated women to inform you.

Ideally, you should know yourself whether a girl is taking you for a financial ride. Better still, you should habitually structure your relationships so girls cannot do this. Yet men live in an imperfect world and can become distracted or blinded by “love” (or perhaps just the girl’s calculated, seemingly well-intentioned words and “I love you”‘s!). So who will tell you when the girl in your life is using you as a cash or status cow? Well, almost certainly not girls, at least not her friends. Elizabeth Gough’s boyfriend had to break the news to Sam Scott, after all.

Unless she has a particularly well-founded sense of right and wrong, the threshold required for a third-party girl to tell you that your romantic interest is cheating on you, lying to you, or effectively taking money from you through deceit is very high. Close female friends and female family members of yours are the most likely to tell you the truth, but the girl you are dating will close to 100% ensure she does not divulge it to these people anyway.

Fundamentally, why would a girl out another girl for doing what she wants to be able to do as well? Girls obviously compete with and undermine each other in catty and bitchy ways, so this maxim is not an absolute. Generally-speaking, however, outing another girl for this sort of behavior in the name of morality forces her to interpret any similar propensity of her own as negative and unjustified. She will thus almost always avoid the likelihood of self-inflicted guilt.


Lesson #2: Calculate your return on investment with a girl and make her increase her contributions

Nina Paunova drained Sam Scott’s resources and happiness. Always know what you are giving compared to her.

Sam Scott’s family is wealthy and he can evidently afford to have spent at least £16,500 on her, just for clothes, jewellery and holidays. This figure does not count the birthday presents Nina Paunova wanted (and for which Mr. Scott may have already spent money) and all the other outlays I am sure occurred, many of them long-forgotten by him. Yet, to be totally blunt, wouldn’t he have been better off spending all this money on decent-looking prostitutes or Tinder-orchestrated “coffee” dates? He would have gotten more sex with more girls and without the spoiled brat factor.

In the end, Nina Paunova got her comeuppance. Her petulant, “it’s all about me” attitude led to her death. That said, Mr. Scott would have been blessed if he had never gotten involved with her. Fifteen minutes and a sheet of paper detailing her contributions and his to the relationship could have made it crystal clear that he had the raw end of the deal. Realizing this, it would have been time for him to move on and find a small town English girl who did not alternately stick the pineapple she posed with up her ass to make herself unbearable to others.

Less realistically, Mr. Scott could have figured out a way for Paunova to increase her investment in the relationship. It was far too late when he discovered what she had been texting to her friend, but before then getting more from her was at a minimum a possibility, remote as it was.

Lesson #3: Expect that other girls conceal this sort of behavior one hundred times better than Paunova

99.5% of the time, gold digging and its variants are not like this. The scamming girl can be the same age or thereabouts as her “boyfriend,” among other less obvious aspects.

The instant gratification society makes people crave would have us believe that poor antics from women only exist when we see it in front of our faces. Or, if not, it is always revealed without a shadow of a doubt, such as when Elizabeth Gough’s boyfriend showed Sam Scott what was really going on. Needless to say, you need to be much more inquisitive to protect your interests.

I am not advocating for paranoia or a constant questioning of someone’s motives. That leads to a miserable existence. The line between a life of wisdom, recognizing people’s ability to be blood-sucking vipers, and one constantly looking over your shoulder with anxiety is a blurry one. But much more happens beneath the surface and behind your back than others’ words and immediate actions will tell you.

Plus, even Nina Paunova was planning to get rid of her boyfriend the week after she had received her obligatory birthday gifts. Notwithstanding their impaired capacity for being discreet compared to other girls, the most shameless women can maintain part of the instinct to carefully package the end of their relationship so as to avoid accusations of gold digging and other schemes. They are then much freer to find the next man who will indulge them, without the baggage of being known as what they really are.

In a sense, Nina Paunova was unlucky, not that she deserved Mr. Scott not finding out. Plenty of women’s confidantes would either never tell their boyfriend that their friend is using their male partner or would keep their text messages so secret that the news would not have the chance to go public. Just know that so much can not only happen under your nose, but also beyond your “sense of smell” entirely. Be wary.

So much common female behavior needs to be hidden to keep the feminine lie going

Paunova’s manipulative behavior is reminiscent of Kristen Schroder’s. Schroder shit-tested boyfriend Paul Rossington by pretending to want to jump off a cruise liner. She fell off and both died after Rossington tried to save her.

The panic Nina Paunova felt after being exposed as a gold digger (or one of its less vile, male resource-consuming cousins) is the sort that every woman who engages in the practice will feel when outed. If every woman doing it were to be identified, the sexual prospects of many girls would be ruined. It would additionally shatter the illusion so many men, resource-endowed or not, have of women as sweet creatures prone to emotions only because they have tender hearts. More than anything else, such a worldwide revelation would draw more men to the red pill and Neomasculinity than perhaps any other event.

Learn to strip latent feelings of sentimentality from cases such as Nina Paunova’s suicide. Wisdom in life, notably about women, will not come from either strong emotions or pangs of lust from your penis. Search for the meaning behind everything, even when it involves the trials and tribulations of other men. You may not always be right when you seek and get initial answers. What you want ultimately is to have the space and time to find buried truths, which the words of most women and the pronouncements of society will never dig up for you.

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